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Vision 11/26/16: Jesus and His Garden

As I was worshiping the Lord and praying, the Lord began to show me the following:

I saw Jesus (as I have seen Him for well over a year) standing on a hill looking over a garden that has few flowers. It has always had few flowers or plants growing in it. I have believed this was representative of my life and walk with Him and the 'fruit' that manifests itself as I follow Him. He showed me today that I have been very wrong about this garden.

This garden is representative of His people in this nation, America. When I came to see this, I was a bit horrified. 'Are there not more of us, Lord?'

When I first saw the Lord Jesus here on this hill over the garden, I noticed the sky was very cloudy. And it began to rain. I saw Jesus not as the King here but as the Son of Man. He was not crowned as I have seen Him in past times. Jesus looked up to the sky as if to take note of the weather and think on it. It seemed as though He was looking to His Father and seeking Him (in ways as those who believe in Christ seek the Father). As I said, He looked very human and though I know He is the King of kings, He shows Himself to me in this form and the reasons are in line with the scriptures and His prayers to the Father regarding us before He was arrested, tried and crucified in John 17:6-26. Please read this passage to gain better understanding.

I see the Lord Jesus looking down upon the garden carefully as I have seen Him do for so many months. The rain is falling. I see so few plants here. Some are tall but brown and leaning over. There majority of plants are smaller plants that seem thicker (almost like small trees) but I see no leaves on them. When I take notice of the lack of leaves, it is communicated to me, spiritually that it is Autumn/Fall. I do not believe this is about the physical season of Fall. I believe it represents the times we are living in. Winter is not yet here. Fall is here and there are no leaves and the roots will now begin to go deeper so they may have greater stamina as the days pass.

I see the rains falling down. And I sense the rain is about to fall harder. I see a row of plants on the left and I see a row of plants on the right (not a full garden, as I said but rather sparse). I notice some of the soil being washed away by the rains. I see the Lord take His hand and bring in soil where it was washed away and pat it down firmly.

The Lord then takes a spade and pushes it into the ground surrounding a plant on the left side. As He does this, He is careful to not cut into the larger roots but He does sever some of the tiny web like roots when He does this. He then takes the plant and carefully plants it in the right row. On the right, I am seeing a greater number of these small thicker plants. As I am seeing these things, I am praying for God's people all over the nation; that their roots will be deep in Him and that He would bring us together for this will strengthen us. I see Him using this spade for different plants as He positions them where He wants them.

I know the meaning to all of this. The rain represents the judgement of God on America. He uses the spade and is relocating many of His children at this time. The smaller, web-like roots that he severs has pain in the severing but these are representative of each believer's connections in the region they are being moved from, which brings some sorrow, of course. The first one I see, I believe truly represents a friend of mine and her family. They have been 'transplanted' to a region where there are more plants, similar to her.

I am taken down to see the plants closer. As I get close to one of them, I see my pastor and a number of people with him. I begin to understand that a plant doesn't necessarily mean only one believer but can mean a number of believers clustered together. This relieves me some because I was so sad and disappointed to see so few plants in this garden. I notice how sickly a lot of these plants look. I see the Lord Jesus take one of the plants in His hands (that He is moving) and I see that what He sees in the plant is not what I see. I feel His great love, hope and joy regarding this poor little plant. Perhaps He sees the plant's potential or merely the 'spirit' within each of us without all the trappings that exist with us outwardly as we live in a fallen world.

He continues to do this work and patting the soil down and the rains get harder. I begin to see streams of water pouring through the garden now. I know the greater rain means greater judgement, harder times. But the Lord's eye IS ALWAYS ON THIS GARDEN WITH PRECISION AND GREAT CARE.

It is at this point I realize why the garden is on the hill. Though erosion is an issue, flooding and greater ability to receive sunlight is important. I also see something very interesting. I see roots of the plants closer together connecting to one another.

I turn my eyes to The Father in Heaven. As I look to Him for what He is doing in all of this, I immediately see this beautiful power just being poured out on the garden. It is a very interesting dynamic. I see His power being poured out but the power in His judgement comes with the power of His supply. The judgement feels, at this moment, pleasant but only in the spirit of believers for they serve the True Living God and His Judgement is His truth (which all believers are pleased when He bears witness to His children). For those who do not know Him and will not seek Him, His power is going to be horrible. For those who know Him and seek Him, though they are in the midst and affected by the power of judgement, HIS POWER IS FELT IN HIS JUDGEMENT FOR THEM SPECIFICALLY WHICH MEANS GREAT POWER TO BENEFIT THEM. This is VERY important to see. God judges as One God. So, within the one outpouring is judgement for all of America (those who serve Him and those who don't).

I also see an outpouring of sunlight upon this garden. To the righteous, it will be nourishing light. To the unrighteous, it will be not be seen for they have chosen to live in darkness, so darkness is what their judgement is.

At some point, the rain lightens some. I see insects traveling like an army. What is interesting about these insects is that more of them move toward where there is a greater concentration of the plants. They pan out everywhere but more are drawn where there is a greater number of plants.

These insects represent the enemy; the demonic. Now, I see them as insects moving quickly and in great numbers in this garden. Christ Jesus does not eradicate them. But He watches a lot. And I am watching and I see these tiny insects trying to take down these plants that are much bigger than them. It looks almost humorous to me. The insects look so weak next to the plants. But I know it is not a funny situation. But I believe the Lord is encouraging me (and all who read this) letting me see how little power they truly have against God's people. Yet I humbly pray, 'Lord God, we are like dust and a vapor. We need Your Spirit and Your Presence and Your Help.'

From time to time, I see the Lord swipe off a great number of these insects coming against the plants. At times, I see water washing some of them away. The Lord does not eradicate them but at the NEEDED TIMES, WITH A SIMPLE MOVE OF ONE HAND, HE WILL REMOVE NUMBERS OF THEM.

The Lord steers my attention to plants that are more remote plants. The Lord speaks to me and says some will not be brought together with others. I sense there are numerous reasons for this; many that only Jesus can know for He knows the hearts of each believer. Some reasons aren't good and not by His design. Some reasons are good and by His design. Either way, these plants are in the garden and He is caring for all of them.

The Lord shows me the tall plants that were thin and bending over (wilting) represent SOME WITH BIG MINISTRIES THAT HAVE ROOTS THAT AREN'T DEEP AND WILL NOT WITHSTAND OR ENDURE THE JUDGEMENT OF AMERICA. I then see one of these continuing to wilt but then drying out and closing in on itself and dying.

I continue to see the Lord work against the erosion, putting more soil down and patting it firmly. I notice the rains are strong. I then see lightening in the sky. I know the times are getting worse. But I know Jesus is with us and His eye is always on us.

As an intercessor, I was allowed to pray throughout this vision for His people. We ALL must pray.

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