Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sorrow is Fuel for Prayer

I've felt such a sorrow and heaviness for days now. Some of this has to do with personal stresses. Some has to do with sorrow about things I've seen in the spiritual. I've really been hurt with a recent altercation with a close friend. My heightened skepticism and discernment isn't something that is easy for others to always handle.

I was praying. I repented for my sin and the wrong I've been doing in every are of my life. I prayed God would cleanse me from all of my unrighteousness. I began then to praise the Lord. I was 'MOVED' to praise God profoundly for some time.

I began to feel the sorrows within; the heaviness and pain regarding our world. I asked the Lord to speak to me and show me what to do. I felt Jesus come very close to me. I immediately felt the comfort of His presence. I then felt the joy that is also with/in His presence. I said, 'I feel so sad. The sorrow is so heavy.'

He said, 'I know. I know.' And the scripture came to my mind 'a man of many sorrows'
He said, 'It's ok. It's ok.' He smiled. I could feel His immense joy. But I just felt this heavy sorrow in me.

He said, 'The sorrow is fuel for prayer. It is energy for you for prayer. Pray. It's ok. It's ok.' He smiles and I begin to pray and I begin to feel this sorrow rising up from within. I prayed in the spirit and in English. And I feel the heaviness getting lighter.

There is also a power in praise. When I am 'MOVED' into praise, it is by the Spirit of God for I know of no joy like it. It is not something I feel in and of myself to worship God in such a way. It is the spirit man that has been raised; that belongs with God and longs for God. Praise tears down darkness. It is a weapon of great power.

For those who are afraid of the last days, if you know the Lord Jesus, know this; when you praise Him, you tear down darkness and it is a weapon. When you pray, it is a weapon that cannot be taken from you for you can pray under your breath. If you belong to God, He is the miracle worker and He is able to show you and to do amazing things.

Do not fear. Trust in God.

Antichrist Divides the Church/Warning/Instruction

It gets darker. The times we live in get darker and everything is falling more into place. 

I do believe the time is coming when the churches are going to have to make choices and it is going to be difficult. It will cause splits and sorrow and heartbreak. Some will come to see the truth. Others will not. And many believers will no longer be able to sit in church buildings and worship God. They will be out cast. Many of them will suffer persecution.

A lot of evil is going to come through the evangelical churches; the non denominational churches that have very large congregations and have very positive messages. I am a member of such a church. I do not  know what choices my church may have to face. I will make no judgement. There is no need. When the day comes and I truly believe it will, choices will be made. I've had several dreams that lead me to believe that not only does my family choose to walk away (for a deep corruption will have come, through government forcing our choosing), but others so also. I see we go through trying times. But my heart is encouraged by what I see and who I see.

I know I am in the church I should be in. But I also know there will come a time when things will change. Many think I should leave the church now! Many have left the organized church prematurely. They have left places where they can be fed and nurtured and prepared for what lies ahead. It is not time yet. But the time will come.  





Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Vision: Jesus' Golden Sash

As I was praying this morning I had this experience.

I was praying and weeping in thanks for all of His goodness to me. I was praying that He would show me His will concerning some things for I had strayed from His will, though He had protected me from any real harm.

As I prayed, I began to feel the Lord just drenching my spirit with life. As this experience came, I could only praise Him. This experience is not uncommon for many Christians. Father God is my source of life, deep rest and hope. Also when this happens, I am moved to speak in a spiritual language or in tongues. Usually, I interpret what I am saying and most of the time it is praise to God.

This was happening when I began to see above me Christ dressed in white and a golden sash across the front of His waist. It was not fastened around His back but extended out to His left and His right. I could see angels to the left and to the right of Him.  I often begin to see spiritual things when I am worshiping God. I wanted to continue basking in this very intimate time with Father God so I focused on this. But soon the Father made it clear He wanted me to focus on what was manifesting above and before me with Christ. So, I did.

The sash was like a pure golden ribbon and it began to extend further and further out from the east to the west. I began to understand as the words 'east to west' entered my mind this was likely regarding the second coming of Christ. I continued to pray in tongues but my language changed twice. One language that is for the lost, specifically and another language that I only speak when I have been in the presence of God for a long period of time and pray for the needs of other Christians.

As the ribbon/sash continued to extend, I began to feel Christ further above me and the length of the sash being astronomically long. Soon I was brought up into the stars and saw Earth, Christ and the angels. The sash of bright gold now surrounded the Earth.

For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.-Matthew 24:27

This scripture came to mind and I was certain this is what I was being shown. I then asked God, 'Why are you showing me this?'

I then saw a trumpet. Then again, I saw the  beauty of space and Earth and Christ, the sash and the angels. To the left of the planet I heard and 'felt' the voice of God.


I don't think I can explain that experience in words. Everything vibrated. The entire earth shook. Everything shook. I shook. My body felt the vibration. I lost my bearings for a moment. This was the might of the Living God.

Then He softly said, 'The world is full of sin and my people are full of error.'

The vision ended and I was trembling and weeping. I was so humbled I just knelt for a while praising God. I cannot say that I was 'afraid'. But I can say that I felt and knew that God is mighty and powerful and I will revere Him. I will obey His command.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

7 Cultural Mountains is Antichrist Theology

Sometimes things are obvious. For example, I began a study and posted about the New Apostolic Reformation that has goals that I believe are antiChristian. I began to try to understand what they mean when they speak of the '7 mountains' they must 'take' or 'own'. First, I found that the idea originated from something separate.

In 1975 a few Christians discussed their concerns about America and growing immorality. They both began to feel Christians needed to infiltrate 7 different areas of our culture. Their belief is that culture is where the battle exists for righteousness in our nation.  Later a Christian author later wrote a book about it which brought it to the forefront again.

The 7 cultural mountains are:

1. Arts and Entertainment
2. Business
3. Education
4. Family
5. Government
6. Media
7. Religion

With the belief that these areas are the battlefield, there are needed  'change agents' to scale these mountains to 'restore' America back to God.

I BELIEVE THIS IS BIBLICLY WRONG. Christ is our example and He did not change the culture. He preached the TRUTH. He instructed us to preach the gospel; to share the truth of Christ. We are not called to change the world or to make a nation righteous. We are called to bear witness to Christ, just as the disciples did. We are called to sacrifice EVERYTHING so that others can know Jesus. And as they come to know Jesus, most likely a change in culture will follow. BUT IT BEGINS WITH JESUS. HE HAS THE POWER, NOT MAN.

The New Apostolic Reformation has taken it a step further into evil by believing they can usher in the return of Christ as they gain the wealth of the land.

ALL OF THIS IS ANTICHRIST. And most evangelical churches are following one or more aspects of these demonic doctrines.

But back to what I said. Some things are just obvious. Though the scripture basis regarding the 7 cultural mountains is Isaiah 2:2 which says:

And it shall come to pass in the last of the days or times, that the mountain of the LORD's house shall be confirmed as the head of the mountains and shall be exalted above the hills; and all the Gentiles shall flow unto it.

But I don't believe this scripture is a good basis for this agenda. There is one God. There is one mountain. And Isaiah is talking about the Gentiles being grafted into the vine (with the Jews). I don't think he is saying that the world will revere Him as God of all for we live in a fallen world, that is if Isaiah's prophecy isn't about Christ's thousand year reign.

I would encourage people to look to Revelation 17 and the reference to the 7 mountains (not the one as in Isaiah).

Revelation 17

AND there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:
2 With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.
3 So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I SAW A WOMAN SIT upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.
4 And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:
And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.
7 And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns.
9 And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are SEVEN MOUNTAINS, ON WHICH THE WOMAN SITTETH.
15 And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.
18 And THE WOMAN which thou sawest IS THAT GREAT CITY, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

I know there are a lot of people who believe the 7 mountains are the 7 hills or Rome. Perhaps they are the 7 cultural mountains Christians are being encouraged to scale and rule over.

I found another article regarding those who support 7 mountain 'theology'. It was titled 'BEYOND SALVATION IS OCCUPATION.'

It's wrong. And I fear it is going to lead us to some terrible times in this country and for the world.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Dominionism/End of Time Transfer of Wealth

Some evangelical Christian churches began talking about an 'end time transfer of wealth' to Christians (as spoken in a proverb in Proverbs). They began talking about man taking Dominion (as God spoke to Adam and Eve). And this is all supposed to usher in the return of Christ. Because the wealth will help rebuild the temple. 

1. Money doesn't build the temple; the decision to does. 
2. We cannot do ANYTHING to 'usher' in the return of Christ. If we could, then we would be God. 

So, this view is antiChrist. Rafael Cruz (father of presidential candidate Ted Cruz) and many other spirit filled, evangelical church pastors believe this, preach this and teach this. They are responsible also for bringing Christianity into the Republican party.


Read Matthew 24 if you want to understand things about the end times. It will give you insight. 

I have said for a long time, based on the things God has shown me, that I do believe that at some point, true Christians will no longer be a part of the 'organized' church. Perhaps it will be for a time. Or perhaps it will precede the coming of Christ.

After reading the intentions and goals of the New Apostolic Reformation, I am beginning to see that the danger and the deception of antiChrist is going to truly be in the places we least expect to see it. In the kind of church I go to.  Yes, evangelical, charismatic churches is where this NAS' agenda exists. Things are making so much more sense and many pieces are coming together quickly for me now. 

Dream: Animals/Nations Fighting

In 2013 I had a very unusual dream. Syria and Egypt were on my mind and in my prayers at the time. So many things were going there at the time.

In the dream, there was a massive sinkhole. As I looked upon it, I began to notice different animals fighting within the sinkhole.

I saw a lion with no mane and it had the face of a human man. I saw a well groomed black dog with a red bow about its neck. I saw a hippopotamus. I saw a large brown bear. I also saw a panda bear.

They fought intensely, though I saw no blood.

I went into my home and I saw the animals again. The lion did not fight but all other animals did.

I believe these animals represent nations. The brown bear represents Russia, the panda China. I believe the lion represents the U.S. and the black dog, England. The hippo is a mystery to me but I have thought it represents Africa and perhaps more specifically Egypt.

This dream could have been about what was going on in late summer 2013. But I have not been given full interpretation for the dream. I believe I am supposed to post this at this time. I believe it will have further meaning. end


In late Summer of 2013, God began showing me a complex series of visions regarding angels, soldiers, a sturdy wall of protection, political leaders and demons. I chose not to post all of that. It is very complex. I am simply posting the warnings I felt God told me to give people. I know we are near the end of 2015. Are the warnings a little late? Maybe. I did give the warnings to the public at the time of receiving them. For some time, God has been telling me to go back and read the series of visions. Here are the warnings.

‘The battle draws near. The time comes soon.’
 ‘The wall will soon break.’ 
‘Tell my people to prepare. Tell them to remember my Word. Tell them to seek Me. The words of my Son will sustain them. They alone will sustain them.’

"It is early yet."

I believe it was just after Obama was elected president for a second term when I was praying and I had a vision and various spiritual experiences. In them I saw a sadness and stress; concern in Obama's eyes. I had not seen this in him before. An angel was there and I remember making a remark about how Obama did not look sorrowful and the angel responded saying, 'IT IS EARLY YET.'

As time has passed, I still had not seen this troubling look. Here it is nearly the end of 2015 and now I see problems in the world that are more complex than I can recall ever seeing. But it isn't only these problems that have me concerned. The world climate is different. 

Will we be able to find good answers to solve the problems our world faces? Where will refugees go? Can ISIS and other terrorist groups be stopped? Will there be another world war? Are we already in another world war without calling it that?  Muslim extremist groups like ISIS and IS fight for religious reasons. It is a religious war for them. Will Christians extremists rise up and fight Muslims?

Dear God, what is to come? Will Christians fight against Christians? Will an evil man rise up and become a leader over the entire northern hemisphere; possibly the world?

I think Obama will be wearing that look that I could not imagine him wearing. To be honest, I couldn't imagine a scenario being that difficult. I can't explain what I felt in the vision I suppose. Perhaps, I didn't WANT to imagine such a scenario. 

All the things I've been shown. . . they begin to flow together like waters gathering for a great river. The water moves rapidly over rocks and eventually free falls and crashes down violently. There is fear but it does not over power me. It is mild. I trust my life in God's hands. I have faith in Him.

We cannot allow the great sadness turn us to depression. We cannot despair. The sadness must be a fuel to pray and to love others as much as possible.

We cannot allow injustice to cause us to strike out in criminal rage. Let our anger drive us to serve the poor and rejected. Let our anger become our fuel to defy evil. And if the day comes when it is criminal to refuse doing evil, then let us become criminals by doing good. What men think doesn't matter. What God thinks does.

We must continue to be light. We must continue to be good. We must always pray, read and know the gospel. We must remain humble and serve others. We can't let anything extinguish our kindness, hope and love. 

Most big problems in the world don't need many big answers. They simply need all these small ones. We must endure. Love God. Love our neighbor. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

France and the New Testament Prophet

I haven't posted in a while. But what has happened in Paris has me thinking in several directions. So, I'm posting.

If there's something I've learned in the 25 years of having dreams, visions and words from God, it is that no human being is perfect. This seems blatantly obvious. But when it comes to people who are prophets and prophetesses, people believe this myth that these specific people are not capable of being wrong. Especially in what they hear from God and share as from God.

It's a big responsibility, in my opinion to assign God's voice to what we hear, dream or experience. This is something that has never changed through the years. I have a healthy fear about being right or wrong about what I am hearing in my spiritual life. At times, the fear has been so strong that I keep much to myself, remaining the intense skeptic I truly am. Recently, I came to a deeper understanding about the relationship a child of God has with God, their Father. This helped me but if that fear of assigning dreams, visions and experiences to God leaves me, then I pray God will make me mute, deaf and take away the use of my hands.

Over the last 12 years, I finally opened up publicly, sharing what was in my journal. It was a big step but it felt right. I've prayed and always pray about what to share, where to share and to whom to share what I believe God has shown me. In taking this step, I came to know a great many who have also had prophetic experiences. There are more out there than people probably realize. Not many have 'followings'. But there were a few I did find that had many followers. I came to know some pretty amazing people. Christians from all over the world. I also came to know some religious and insane people. These were at times amusing, I will admit. Most likely these had unknown psychiatric and physical diagnoses. Yet, I loved them all.

Two prophets stood out to me. These two were those who had great followings. One was from Canada and the other is a Mexican man who lives in California. Were these guys perfect? No. And it goes deeper than just every day living. No one is perfect. But, even in some of the things they shared, I was not or am not certain that they came in line with the Word of God. The American (like 99% of prophets I've encountered in America) was influenced by his political views. Sadly, Satan has successfully found a way to knit together political views and spirituality together. This is a big problem for Americans. I even had to do deep self examination about myself regarding my own political views 'influencing' my interpretation of what I see, hear, dream. We can be wrong in this. We can affect what we experience with God with our own views. Therefore, what we share isn't always pure. Was it from God? In my experience, yes. But it may not be pure.

I think the problem people have when they view prophets and prophetesses, is they revert back to the Old Testament prophets. Those guys could not be wrong. If they were found wrong in anything they prophesied, they were killed. Even prophets who were correct like Isaiah and Zechariah were killed and labeled false prophets by religious people (not spiritual). John The Baptist is the first prophet killed in the New Testament. But I want to talk a moment about Old Testament prophets. It is hard for many Christians to make the distinctions between God in the Old Testament and people living under the Law and God in the New Testament, people living under Grace. Prophecy is not going to be the same now. We are under a different covenant. Grace. We are saved by grace and not by our obedience. We are now viewed as children of God, through the pure blood of Christ Jesus (God in the flesh). Joel prophesied of this as well as David, Isaiah, Daniel and others. God's Spirit now resides within us, following conversion. The Holy Spirit of God in the Old Testament is something very different and very hard for people of this day and time to fathom. The presence of God, the Spirit of God worked in different parameters, based on some elements of the Abrahamic covenant as well as the Law, given to Moses. All of the operations of believers now exist only within the knowledge and faith of Christ and His sacrifice. He gave us the Holy Spirit. And throughout the book of John, we are told the purpose of the Holy Spirit.

'We know in part so we prophesy in part' said the Apostle Paul. This is a very revealing scripture. Even as we prophesy, we are always going to be limited by our knowledge (which can only be the sum of our experiences which means in one life time, we come to know a very small percentage of all there is to know). I began to see that one of the more popular prophets I came to know was correct in many aspects. There are other things that I am undecided on and then others that I basically discount as being from God. I can't be the black and white thinker following the Law of Moses in the Old Testament and all the guidelines given regarding prophets. God can use people in amazing ways. I rarely completely count someone as a false prophet. Perhaps they have false prophesies. But I also find they have true prophesies.

As I've taken in and read many dreams, visions and experiences from many people through the years, many of them have stayed with me, heavily. I don't have a good memory in general. I have a great memory when it comes to things I've experienced spiritually myself and others' too.

When this happened in Paris, it came fully back to my mind what this strange man in California had seen on several occasions. It was about Paris burning and France experiencing great turmoil and evil. I couldn't help but wonder, 'has this come to pass finally?' I hope this is the end of it. I hope there will not be more horror in France.

I'm not really a strong person. I've learned this about myself. I am overly sensitive to suffering and horrors that go on in the world. I don't watch the news. For the most part, I've stopped reading prophecies and dreams of others. Darkness being reported by media makes me physically sick, weak and really depressed. I have come to find most American prophecy to be biased and based often in their political views so that just brings me down. But there is another reason I put myself in greater seclusion. That reason is that I don't want my own experiences to be affected and be biased. I want what God is showing me to come to me as pure as possible. If I want to know about something going on in the world, I can look it up. The same goes with 'prophets' and 'prophetesses.'

I've been shown so many horrible things to come in this world. It is an interesting thing. I am not a strong person. Maybe this is why He shows me terrible things. In my weakness, His strength is made perfect.

So many things have happened that God said would happen. And many things have happened that others' have shared would happen. There is more to come. I have no timelines or dates. I have become more a scribe; just writing it down as it comes to me, without thinking much about it and then praying about it.

I am extremely sad most of the time. It is all too easy to focus on the darkness and the pain that comes with evil things coming to pass. With every thing that happens, I am faced with the reality that if these things have happened, then most likely, all other things will happen too. In my generation or the next or so on.

I try to find my joy. The world is full of God's joy, love and hope. Some times are harder than others. But I do find joy. There are many dark chapters in the book of time, from beginning to end. Equally, there is great joy, freedom and victory. It's not fairy tale. It is reality that can have a happily ever after. That comes if we will give our lives to Christ and live for Him.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

God's Instruction as The Darkness Comes

Here is what God has shown me to do and to share with others to do as the darkness continues to come over the world. Many think the 'take over' has happened already, but not quite. The dark leader has not come yet. A one world order has not happened yet. The great persecution of Christians and those who defend the poor has not come yet. Our technology, resources and money are not yet fully in the hands of the evil; serving a god but not THE God, Jehovah Yaweh (whom we know by our faith in Christ Jesus, His Son). 

God has shown me the focus is not to be on the things of the world. For the things of the world will not save you in any way. Just as God fed the Hebrews in the desert with manna and gave them water from the rock and just as God fed hopeless Elijah by ravens, He will provide for His children, who hear His voice. Yes, food, clothing and shelter are important but in the future a time will come when we will have to choose between God and these things. Seek first the Kingdom of God. . . 

So, God has shown me that we must prepare SPIRITUALLY for He will provide what we will need PHYSICALLY.

(develop relationship with him so we are near Him- we must know the Shepherd's voice) 

2. STAY IN THE WORD (I've been told that the word of God will 'literally' save our lives at some point)

3. TRUST GOD (God's angels are more numerous than the human population and they are an army that is on our side. The Holy Spirit is also with us, thanks to the work of Christ Jesus and He will not abandon His people. Miracles, supply and safety are promises of God) 

4. TAKE COMMUNION (this is the one physical command that Christ gave us to do-involving the tangible, physical elements. It's not hokey. This is something Christ did and He commanded us to do this in rememberance of Him. This is also something Christ told me would 'literally' save our lives at some point) 


If we do these things, we will have  endured and fought the good fight. Will all the things I've seen in visions and dreams happen in my life time? I don't know. I only know that they will happen. So, let's be ready. And if a day comes generations from now, where life and death choices are facing them, regarding their faith in Christ vrs. faith in their god, I PRAY THESE WORDS WILL FIND THEM

Sunday, October 18, 2015


I have only had 2 dreams about Barack Obama. I have had two visions that were associated with his presidency. I have had two visions of Obama.

I am unable to locate the two dreams at this time so I will not post them.

In 2008, it was revealed to me by the Lord that Barack Obama would be our next president.  Shortly after the election, I had the second vision.

Vision: I saw a coin that looked as though it were wrapped in some type of paper. I saw the coin ascend toward the sky but I did not see how high it went. I saw the coin descend but it did not hit the ground.
Interpretation:  The coin looking as though it is wrapped in paper symbolizes the facade we live in regarding the actual money the nation has. This vision is about the economy while Obama will be president. The coin ascending but it not going far up means our economy will improve but not a great deal. The coin descending but not hitting the ground means our economy will suffer but it will not utterly collapse.

The second vision I had was in 2009. It was about the healthcare bill. It had not yet passed.

Vision:I saw a friend of mine, a community organizer who works to help people get affordable healthcare in our state, fall to the ground. Flames surrounded her. The flames began to burn her. I also heard these words: THE RIGHT WILL STRIKE HARD.'
Interpretation:  This vision  shows that whether the healthcare bill passed or not there would be a great conflict regarding the Affordable Healthcare Act/Obamacare which would result in it being ineffective and further dividing our nation. The words I heard mean that the right wing politicians will strike hard against this bill for they disagree with it. The problems America has with the sick and having access to affordable and good health care will continue to be a serious problem. end

I have never been told that President Barack Obama is evil, a Muslim nor that he is the or an antiChrist. I was shown that Obama had a caring heart for people.

The actual visions I've had with Obama in them occurred in 2009-2013.

Recurring Vision:  I see Obama and he is sad, troubled and unhappy. At one time, I question the Lord. 'I don't see that this man is experiencing this.' He said, 'It is early yet.'

Vision 2013:  I saw a time when America is not suffering so greatly as I believed it would be. I asked the Lord, 'But you have shown me the president with great sorrow. How is it that the times I see in this vision are not darker?'  The Lord said to me, 'It is early yet.'

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Assassination of President Bush

We must be patient and careful as we see and dream things of God. We must pray and always be aware that interpretation and meaning may be something far different than what we can even imagine! We know in part. We prophesy in part. So, we must be very careful and cautious regarding prophecy.

Years ago, when George W. Bush was our president, I had a dream. It was very detailed and intense. I'm not even going to paste it in because my focus on this post does not warrant it. When I woke from the dream, I had a vision immediately. I saw Heaven and a silence existed and then a sigh of astonishment. I was praying immediately. As I prayed, God told me 'something very significant is happening this day.'

I got up and throughout the day, I watched news and searched the internet regarding any significant event happening that day or on that date in the past. The only thing that came to light regarded Mahmoud Abbas. On the day he was appointed the prime minister of the Palestinian National Authority. When I saw this man, Abbas, on the television screen I became faint and weak.

Five years later, Abbas became the president of the State of Palestine. Indeed, this man has been very significant throughout the years in regard to Muslim extremists.

The dream I had that morning was not about Abbas. I began to pray for meaning because I was moved by an overwhelming feeling of urgency. After a few weeks of studying and fasting, the meaning was finally given to me. I had two visions:

Visions:  I see President Bush leaning over a desk. He is not breathing. He has a bullet hole in his head. He was dead in the White House. I heard a voice say, 'His death will come by one of his own. It will be made to look as though a foreigner, an enemy has done this but he will be killed by one of his own.''

After this information came to me, I went into deep intercession with tears, praying our president would not be killed. It would be disastrous for a nation who experienced serious terrorist attacks just a few years before and was at war with two nations.

I shared this meaning with a good number of friends. I then learned that a few other people had dreamed or had visions of President Bush's death. Interestingly enough, I also came across visions people were having about elephants.

The elephant is the logo for the Republican Party. The dreams and visions involved elephants that were thin and frail, dying or being mortally wounded. I couldn't really ignore how many people were seeing the same things in their prayer times especially since they came from people all over America and all over the world. And not only elephants but also regarding the assassination of George W. Bush.

So many of us, including me, believed Bush was going to be assassinated. He was not. And honestly, I don't know that he will be. This brought me into a place of great learning. I began to gain an understanding of the scripture: I Corinthians 13:9-12

For we know in part and we prophesy in part, 10 but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears. 11 When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. 12 For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror;then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

The meaning of symbols in dreams and visions can truly seem to be one thing yet, it is another. I had to ask myself, 'Am I a false prophetess? For this did not come to pass.' The Lord began to show me how there is a difference between a false prophet and misinterpreting the meaning He gives us to what we see.
He began to take me to passages in the Old Testament about the Messiah that was to come. Daniel, Isaiah, David and many more. The Lord pointed out how the prophecies were right but many religious people did not recognize Messiah when He came. Jesus even pointed out to them many times how they misinterpreted them. He even told them they were not the children of Abraham or else they would know who He was. He also spoke of the blood of the prophets being on their hands. These prophets He spoke of included Isaiah, Isaiah's wife,and Zechariah.  These prophets weren't WRONG. Their meanings were not seen by the religious. The only severe prophetic word Jesus spoke in the gospel of Matthew 23 is spoken over the Pharisees, who rejected him and would later arrest, torture and kill Him.
As God showed me these things, I began to find the answer to the dream and the visions and words I and others were given about Bush. I was wrong in regard to the interpretation. My emotions got in the way of the meaning. It were as though I stopped short of truly getting the meaning. Unlike the Pharisees, those who came to believe Christ was the prophesied Messiah, Peter, John and other disciples began to reassess what the Messianic prophecies meant. 
I'm sure many were dismayed by what I interpreted and how it didn't come true, as I understood it. I'm sure all the others experienced dismay and rejection also due to what we  had all seen. 
Four or five years later, I saw something that stopped me in my tracks. I was waiting to see a doctor and I saw a Time magazine. On the cover was a dreary picture of an elephant. This caught my attention. Above this picture read something like, 'Can the Republican Party be Resurrected?' My stomach sank. Here was the real meaning of mine and others' dreams and visions. It wasn't long before I found several other magazines with similar titles and pictures on them.
I'm glad I wasn't like the Pharisees but more like Peter and others. I reassessed what God showed me and others. 
The prophecies were about the Republican Party and its struggle as the election of 2008 came upon us.
As I looked through my journals, I also found many visions of the letter, 'T'. It happened so many times and I had no clue what it meant. Since then I've learned it symbolized the Tea Party.
So, the meaning of it all is as follows:
The Republican Party will suffer a mortal wound. Many will believe the wound was made by an enemy but the the party will be mortally wounded by one of its own. The Tea Party is an extremist part of the Republican Party. Since it has formed, the affects on the Republican Party has continued to be devastating. 
We must be patient and careful as we see and dream things. We must pray and always be aware that interpretation and meaning may be something far different than what we can even imagine! We know in part. We prophesy in part. So, we must be very careful and cautious regarding prophecy.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Jesus Christ and Politics

Through the years, there are times I have voiced my political and social views very openly and wasn't bothered by having discussions (even heated ones) with those who disagree with me. As a Christian, though, the ultimate goal is to be Christ-like in your behavior. I interpret the actions of Christ to be those of love, sacrifice and true meekness. Jesus was also courageous. He never had a problem with saying something controversial in the presence of the Pharisees (the most knowledgeable of religion). When they questioned them, He answered them honestly, often tripping them up in their own hypocrisy.
As I have grown in Christ, I began to look at Christ's actions in context of different settings. And I began to see things I never had before about Him. As I looked very closely at how he handled politics. In Jesus' time, the Roman Empire was at its absolute height. The Jewish people were lorded over by this Empire. This caused so much political heat among the Jews. In fact, we are told a little about the Zealots, who believed in overthrowing Rome.
There were temples set up where Roman gods and goddesses could be worshiped. And I try to imagine how hard that would be for followers of Yaweh, Jehovah God. It had to be miserable. I imagine I would want 'the anointed one' or 'Messiah' to come and take a throne here on Earth and get rid of the Roman rule, their idol worship and end the mistreatment of all my Jewish brothers and sisters.
But how does Jesus respond to the zealous people and the political and social issues of that time? I imagine it was confusing and disappointing to even his inner circle, the 12 disciples. Jesus never took His focus off His Father. When anyone would try to engage Him in discussions of politics, He ALWAYS steered them back to what the Father wants and the Kingdom that was NOT of this world. There is no doubt that He would've seen the Jews mistreated at the hands of Rome. If you know history, there were horrible riots, blood baths and so many crucifixions that occurred as Jews fought for their land and leadership and Rome executed great and cruel punishment. Yet, Jesus did not stop these things from happening.
The two most political and social things Jesus ever addressed (in my studies thus far) were in regard to paying taxes to Caesar (Rome) and Peter's defense of His Lord, Jesus by cutting off the ear of Malchus. The second occurred when Jesus was arrested. And Christ confused Peter by healing Malchus and chastising Peter in love, reminding him of the dangers of being violent. Here, He did not resist nor instruct any of his disciples to take up arms and try to overthrow the Jews and Romans who were involved in His arrest, trial and crucifixion.
I must back track to the first social/political stand Christ took that I am learning from. When asked by religious leaders who to pay tribute to, God or Caesar, Christ stated 'Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and give to God what is God's.' This seems strangely passive and could even be viewed as submissive toward the Romans. But actually, I believe Christ's words here speak of His authority and how the Roman rule is not important enough to address, though He could. Later, Jesus has Peter go fishing and take the fish he catches and open it up and take the coins out of it and go pay. This again, is a powerful demonstration of the authority of Christ. Nothing was too difficult for Him. But He came for a specific reason. And none of it had to do with social issues or politics. He came to share His Father's views; to fulfill the Law and become the King of a nation that does not exist in an earthen nation. The Kingdom of God is a nation comprised of followers of Christ and that Kingdom exists inside of these believers and has just one requirement. . . faith.
So, I look at what Jesus did. He did what His Father showed Him to do, every step of His ministry and time on Earth. It has become clear that though I have political views and opinions, it is not productive to voice them nor God's way in dealing with ANY problem. What am I to proclaim? Christ, crucified for all; our atonement and source of all things good and the door into the Kingdom of God.
God's way of fighting the wrongs of this world aren't from the outside in. Since the grace covenant that began with Abraham and was fulfilled in Christ Jesus, the way to defeat the evil is from the inside out. What does this mean? If the Kingdom of God exists within us, Christ dwells within us, the Holy Spirit dwells within us then by prayer, many gifts, power and above all FAITH, lives can be changed. As souls are won for the Kingdom, their values will change. If each Christian reached one lost person our laws in America for homosexuality and abortion would become meaningless. Why? Because the Living Truth (who is Christ) transforms people's lives. Their values, views and choices change.
So, Christ is my example. I'll only strongly profess Christ and will only proclaim Him. Obama, Trump, Carson, Bush. . . . I refuse to defend them or deny them. It's just not what Christ teaches me to do. Will I make a whip and drive out the money changers as Christ did in defense of the Father's temple? Perhaps something akin to that. I pray that I will have the faith to proclaim His holy name if the time comes when people are forced to deny His Lordship. I humbly pray I will please God regardless of consequences.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

False Doctrines: Leave The Organized Church, It is Evil.

There have been several deceptive views circulating in Christian communities. I've encountered time and again for the last 15 years. I will post one of these deceptions per blog post.

Let me first say that I have no desire to tell anyone how to think or believe. This is never my goal. In fact, I am deeply troubled when people tell me to do something or believe something and they cannot give me true reasons for what they say. Especially if they are Christians. Do not come to me and tell me to do something or to believe something without Biblical basis for it. And this applies to EVERY Christian I know, even those in leadership positions.

God gave us everything we need to know whether something is true or false; from God or not; a false prophet or from a true prophet.

I have dreams, visions, words, experiences with God. I share them on this blog. I believe what I experience is from God but I am following God to the best of my ability with what He gives me. Each person who reads these writings are responsible for their own soul and convictions. Do not believe things I say without praying, discerning and searching with scripture for yourself. You will not offend me if you disagree with me. If you believe you have found something I post or say in error, by all means, please let me know. I will truthfully pray about it.

A sure way to discern if a prophet is false is they will insist they are right at all costs. They will push their ideas on you. When you ask them for scriptural back up, they will not give you much and if they do give you something, by discernment, you will discover whether it is being twisted to meet their own views and tends to operate in Old Testament Law rather than New Testament grace (The fulfilled law that began before Moses, with Abraham).

There are false prophets EVERYWHERE. It actually makes me really sad that I find so few. It hurts my soul deeply. In the Old Testament, they would be dealt with differently. Under grace, they can find forgiveness, deliverance and help. This is my prayer for the false prophets I've encountered.

Here is the first false doctrine circulating and damaging and dividing the Bride of Christ, the Church:

1.  Don't go to church in a building. Get out of the organized church. It's defiled and deceived. 'Come out from among them'. It's in the Bible

This is probably the biggest one I've come in contact with for about 20 years now. About 10 years ago, I was so distraught by my church experiences that I truly began to believe something close to this. But I wanted to be sure to follow God. I prayed about this. God gave me two dreams. Both confirmed that Christians should not stop meeting together in buildings or of denominations (organized church). Now, let me say this. God has probably shown me more about the error in the Church than anything else. In fact, God says a lot to me about problems of the American church, specifically. But even in all these things, God has made it clear to me that we are not to stop going to church. We will see the error. When we see it, we must operate as the Word directs us to with hope and prayer that repentance and restoration will occur. I have not found anything in the Bible that says we are to 'come out from among' other believers in Christ Jesus. In 2 Corinthians 6 Paul is referring to an Old Testament scripture (2 Samuel, I believe). But he uses it properly when he tells Christians to separate from unbelievers (non-Christians). The problem with using this scripture as a basis for separating and no longer having church with a group of people (whether outside or in a building) is what you would have to be saying. You would have to be saying EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO GOES TO CHURCH that he/she is NOT a Christian.  This is severe judgment that is wrong. 

God knows the sheep from the goats and He will separate them BUT NOT UNTIL CHRIST RETURNS (Matthew 25:31-46).

I've NEVER experienced being in any church group (online or in a building) that did not have true believers within them. To place a blanket judgment like this is so wrong according to scripture, I'm not sure where to even begin!

And to think it matters a great deal whether you meet outdoors or indoors is straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel. It's just a religious ideals. It's devoid of the Spirit. And there is no scripture to back up this belief that no Christians met in buildings. In fact, what remains of early churches can be found in the parts of Europe and Asia. These were not homes. They were buildings dedicated fully to meeting together to have communion, pray and read letters or hear sermons from apostles and many ministers as the church grew vastly.

Those who spread this demonic doctrine increase division in the body of Christ. They are enticing people away.  The enemy uses them to weaken the church. This is the last thing we need to happen. These false prophets tend to spend inordinate amounts of time persuading people THEY are right. You should believe them because 'God told me so.' Most of their information is NOT brought to you from the Bible but through various news organizations or secular (worldly) ideals (Illuminati, etc.) The Biblical is usually based more in Old Testament law. The problem with this is that since Christ Jesus ascended and sent us the Holy Spirit, we no longer live nor operate under the law. The law has been fulfilled in Christ. We live in a covenant of grace that dates back to Abraham.

I will add this. I think there is a good possibility, in the future that true Christians will be 'forced out' of the organized church in America. I cannot say this is for the entire world. But from many things God has shown me, we will be forced out. This isn't something that has been outright prophesied in the Bible. Just as what is happening in China and Christianity is not a detail that is shared. True Christians HAVE been forced out of churches that become run by GOVERNMENT. It will happen here when Separation of Church and State has dissolved. From what God's shown me, I believe it will happen when a very evil man becomes leader over the entire northern hemisphere. Christians will be forced out by way of persecution (supporting the true Christ and supporting the care for the poor, specifically). This is political and geographically based. It does not include the entire Bride of Christ worldwide.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

God Speaks to Me About Islam

It is very  interesting that a 9th grade boy in Texas named Ahmed Mohamed was arrested because he brought a clock that he built to school. Many at the school assumed it was a bomb. The charges were dropped. I've heard some very unkind things have still been said to and about him despite the truth being as benign as it is. I was VERY upset that this happened to this boy who honestly looked like he was about the size of my 11 year old son, Benjamin.

The reason I say it is interesting is because for years God has been giving me a heart for Muslim women and Christian women living in Muslim nations.This actually began when George Bush was president when the Persian Gulf War was being fought. I was very young. God gave me several dreams that involved Muslims. I do not have the full meaning of the dreams. I have received partial meanings to one (which I will share another time, perhaps). The dream that stayed with me in a very powerful way, involved me being in my kitchen. These two women were wearing head scarves and  came through my back door, very humbly. I immediately felt a kindness and a love with them. I was afraid at first but soon realized they meant me no harm. They were so humble that they took out my trash. The dream ended as they left my home, peacefully.

The dream changed me. I hadn't realize it until recently. This dream had such an impact on me. The strong emotions of love and humility caused me to be much more open minded and less afraid of those who practice Islam or live in a culture where Islam is the main religion. The only meaning God has given me about this dream is simply the impact of it. Why they are taking out my trash, as a kind gesture, I am not certain. If I need to know, I will know and I will know when God wants me to know. I don't fret over dreams I don't have meaning to. It's God's business. He gave them to me. He will reveal reason for them if He chooses, when the time is right. I just pray.

In the last few months God brought a Christian women who is Pakistani into my life. She runs a home for children there. God told me when I was praying one night, 'I'm taking you to a nation that is far away,'. It was very strange but I've learned not to discount nor avoid such messages when I pray. I believe this is happening online.I teach the children once a week by way of Skype. I cannot tell you the impact these Christians have had on me, my heart and my views. Being a Christian in a country who has rule by the Taliban is no easy thing. And yet, I have met this beautiful woman who devotes all her time to running a home for Christian children and sharing Christ with any woman who will listen. She often wears a head scarf. Very beautiful and always reminds me of my dream. God can take us to far away lands now, thanks to technology.

A few weeks ago, I went with some other Christians (from my church) to visit elderly, pray with the sick and hurting and share God's love with them. It was an amazing experience. We prayed. We wrote down things God showed us for we asked the Father to show us where to go and who needs Him. I saw a little girl with a pony tail and a pink shirt on. Me, my nephew and a dear friend all saw different things. We drove into a park and I saw a little girl with a pink shirt on and a pony tail. We went to two women who were standing nearby (assuming one of them was the mother). One of the women explained to me that the child belonged to someone else. She pointed toward the back of the park with a touch of disdain that actually bothered me. The woman was Muslim. We went to speak with her. She knew very little English. I've prayed for her so much.

At church on a Wednesday night after this event, one of my friends at church gave me a book. A very kind gesture and one of love. It was a book about reaching Muslims for Christ.

It is clear by the timeline that God is speaking to me about praying and ministering to women in Muslim cultures whether Christian or Muslim. My heart bursts with a love for them. It is God's love.

I usually don't watch all the documentaries regarding September 11, 2001. I am a sensitive person. I have learned when watching something benefits me and when it just brings me down. This year, I felt the 'need' to watch a few documentaries. I needed to grieve, mourn and pray. I needed to go back. Details I'd forgotten of that day came back to me quite fresh. For me, it wasn't a political watch. Though I have my passions regarding politics, they reside beneath my passion for Christ Jesus and my relationship with Him and my love for my neighbor. I noticed something I hadn't seen before. Muslim women weeping and running along with Americans in New York that day. I learned that out of the 2,996 people killed, 60 were Muslim (in the attack on the World Trade Center). And 1,632 were unidentified. There could have been more.

I also learned that after the attacks, many American Muslims lost their jobs, were evicted from their homes and were outcast in many ways JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE BROWN AND PRACTICED ISLAM. Children were bullied.

I sit and think on things. I am the kind of person that marinates and meditates. I try to look at all sides of  an issue. I realize people were very afraid. I took a moment and was very honest with myself. Would I respond similarly? I can honestly say I would probably be a little afraid but I would not be unkind toward them. I am also nonviolent. Some people call me a pacifist, as though it is an insult. It's not an insult to me. Jesus was a pacifist not matter how Christian extremists try to make Him a sword wielding warrior.

I admit that I have gotten nervous when I see Middle Easterners on flights I've taken. I think most Americans would feel this way. But my respite, comfort and solution to this is to pray. And rest in faith that I would respond to a 'hijacker' event in the most productive, pro-life way possible, as this is my desire as a Christian.

I never thought God would bring something like this into my life. I don't know where He will lead and use me with this love. I know this can be a dangerous thing. I would be ignorant and a liar if I did not acknowledge that. There are several truths I will point out here:

1.  I believe Islam is a deceptive path of spirituality
2.  I believe the majority of Muslims that are kind
3.  I believe some Muslims become violent out of fear
4.  I hope all of those Muslim extremists who attacked our nation pay for their crimes
5.  I will stand up for Muslims or people from Muslim nations who now live in America that are         arrested or mistreated where no evidence of terrorism is presented.

It is a very dangerous thing to reach out to Muslims with the truth of Jesus Christ. Most Christian persecution occurs in Muslim nations. True, the most Christian persecution occurs in North Korea and Islam is not the dominant religion. At one time it was Buddhism and there was a minority of Christians. Now, it is predominantly atheist. Atheism is promoted. Another nation that is high on the list is China. It is not an Islamic nation. Even in Kenya, where Christianity is most commonly practiced has experienced recent persecution. I know this because friends recently went on a mission trip to Kenya but were not allowed to enter the country due to violent persecution.

I apologize for going on and on. I suppose I'd like to express that I realize how dangerous things are at this time. I live here in a wonderful country where I do not have to be so concerned about the danger. But I do have a 'knowing' within that I am in more danger than I can logically see. But I am not afraid. It causes me to be more aware and to pray for discernment and direction in a new way.

Who knows? Perhaps God will have me go on the next missions trip to the Philippines (with our church). Perhaps I will get the opportunity to visit Pakistan. Not if my husband has anything to do with it. All will be revealed. All will be known. I trust God in all things.

Matthew 10:28- "Don't be afraid of those who want to kill your body; they cannot touch your soul. Fear only God, who can destroy both soul and body in hell.
Psalm 56:11- In God have I put my trust: I will not be afraid what man can do unto me.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

What's Happening to America?

The reason I gave this post this title is because I am asking this question to myself. I'm not asking it as though I'm disgusted or disturbed. I am asking this sincerely. What's happening? I can have visions and dreams and words that come from the Lord God, as others do.  But I will only know in part (1 Cor. 13:9-12). What I know is that things are not looking good. The details? The sequence? It remains to be seen. God knows. Can we have an impact? I believe we can or else God would not show me to pray as He is showing me!

I heard about this woman going to jail because she wouldn't abide by American law to legally wed gay couples. Is the beginning of some new persecution? I've asked myself many questions about this.

I knew when gay marriage was ruled legal by the Supreme Court that this marked a turning point. For America, this is a significant move. I do not have the traditional conservative Christian view of what has transpired. And I am not ashamed of my that. We are all responsible for searching our own souls, praying and fasting with fear and trembling and living a Christian life based on this effort.

I think the reason legalized gay marriage will become a serious problem in America is because the Christian community will make it a point of focus. They choose to see this as something to fight about, legislate and argue for. In their eyes, our nation is a Christian nation so this is the right thing to do. If I had a dime for every time I heard, 'Let's bring America back to the Godly values she once had' I would be very wealthy. Until I gave it all away to the poor.

Gay marriage will be a problem if Christians make it a problem. I know this is hard for people to hear. But I do not think America is a Christian nation. I believe many Christians live here. More live here than in any other nation (except Vatican City- by percentage). I believe many ancestors came here and Christianity has been the main religion our forefathers practiced by percentage. I also know that Separation of Church and State was very important to our forefathers. They saw the disasters of bringing government and church together up close.They saw how it made Christianity hollow and void of life; for it became rule rather than relationship with God.

The Bill of Rights is NOT Biblical not by a long shot! I say this because as Christians, we are to forfeit everything for Christ. We are to turn the other cheek. We are too give up our rights for Christ gave up His throne and title in Heaven to be killed by the people He created and formed.

Though America has had a 'theme' of Christianity, she is not and was never a Christian nation. If it were a Christian nation we would not have freedom of religion and our forefathers wouldn't have supported Muslims' rights to worship and practice Islam. I am not making this up. It's true.

So gay marriage is legalized. Christians who have already been upset and riled up by media sources are really getting heated. Media get a thrill out of causing one to fear. And when people fear, their primitive recourse takes over. This means people throw logic out the window and begin to operate out of emotion. And that is a very dangerous thing. Very.

What would Jesus say about gay marriage being legalized? He wouldn't abolish the law made for He did not ever abolish any law made by Rome (who ruled over Israel in His day). So what should our position be?

I take the position of LOVE. What does this mean? I'm just going to keep loving all people, sharing the gospel, help the poor, pray and fast for the church and for the lost. I'm going to give my life to God on an even deeper level. I will serve. I'm going to do what Jesus did. To the best of my ability. I'm keeping my religious views out of politics to the best of my ability and I will encourage others to do so. I honor my forefathers by doing this also.

Bottom line is we live in a fallen world. America is an Earthen nation. It is not God's kingdom. If a person is opposed to marrying gay people, then by all means, they have the right to oppose it. But the way to oppose it is to find a job where you would not have to wed homosexuals.  Christians are going to MAKE this a major issue. And because of that I fear it will bring us to darker places as a nation. For many years God has shown me that a division has been growing greater and greater in the church (those who profess Jesus as Christ and God). This is an opportunity for the church to become more divided.

I feel sorrow in the heart of God when I pray. My only desire is to bring relief to my God in His sorrow. He tells me 'things must happen,' and He tells me,'pray for My people' with a love, pain and concern that is very heavy.

Ultimately, our focus needs to be on Jesus and the Great Commission. Are we Americans first? Or are we Christians first? We are citizens of God's Kingdom FIRST. America will always be second. The two are not the same at all. We, who are not believing Jews have been grafted into Israel by the work of Christ Jesus. I don't speak of the Earthen nation Israel. No. I'm talking about God's Kingdom and the covenant that God made with Abram/Abraham with his son Isaac. It was fulfilled and brought into fruition by Christ's work on the cross (death, resurrection, ascension and sending the Holy Spirit, thereafter). We are a spiritual nation. So, we need to be about the Father's business. 

If we are serving God by sharing the gospel, praying, fasting, visiting the imprisoned, tending to the sick, helping the poor, serving in various areas of the local church we are called to serve it, we will have more impact on this nation that any law can. This is how America becomes a Christian nation. One soul at a time. By loving others as we love ourselves. By sacrificing all in service to Christ. For they will know us by our love for one another (John 13:35).

Stay in the Word of God. Stay in prayer. Fast every week. Serve God in every way you can. If we are to do this, I don't think laws of America will be of much consequence. Laws of the land can become pointless if we do the work God told us to do. Perhaps that is too hard. It is easier to have flags, bumper stickers, sign petitions, legislate and post (often with sick pride) what we don't like in America because it isn't Christ-like.

Be Christ-like. Humble yourselves before God. Pray with faith and you will see mountains move! Be about the work of God.

I truly believe with all that God has told me in visions and dreams, that this is what the future of America hinges on. What's happening to America? With all the rights and opportunities we have in this great nation, a lot of great things can be happening in America. But only if we do things God's way. If we keep trying to do it man's way, then history repeats itself. The Crusades and blood that has been shed by leaders like Queen Mary of Scots (Bloody Mary) is what results. Could it get to this point? I truly did not believe that was a possibility until God showed me otherwise!

Please, please be obedient to God under His covenant of grace through Christ Jesus.

Monday, August 24, 2015

America, Water Disasters/NYC

I am very busy now with teaching my three sons at home. I don't have the time to type in all the specifics of things God has shown me recently. I will share, loosely.

When I pray for the church in the U.S.A, I am seeing so much that has to do with NYC. I am also seeing water EVERYWHERE in my visions. I have no doubt that one or more natural disasters are to come to the U.S.

Why do I share things like this? To show that I am awesome to get visions and dreams from God? I am not awesome to get these from God. I am awesome because He pursued me and rescued me out of the darkness I lived in. My righteousness is as filthy rags. The only righteous is God.

Why do I share things like this? To frighten and freak people out? No. I have no desire to frighten people. There is a goodness in fear drawing one to the loving and safety of Father God's arms. But He prefers to draw people with His love.

This isn't about me. This is about God and our enemy. This is very practical.

Why do I share things like this? TO ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO PRAY. It is that simple.

Pray. Fast. Stay in the Word of God. Enter into God's presence daily. His presence is your refuge!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Praying Has Changed Me

When God told me to pray for the lost for an hour a day, I didn't question it. I just started doing it. Day after day, I made time to pray for at least one hour ONLY for the lost. As an intercessor, God began opening my eyes up to more and more things regarding the lost. It is strange how God can open your eyes to so much, through prayer. The Lord led me to pray for things I never thought of! With this prayer time, I came to know God's sorrows much more. I did not pray out of a ritualistic mindset. That's religious. That's empty. I prayed because I love Jesus. I want to obey God. I want to bring joy to His heart and lessen, in some way, His sorrow. I'm in a relationship with God. So, I pray because I love Him and trust Him and also because I love the lost.

The more I prayed about the lost, the more God began to show me how lazy the church is (In America). As the church, we should be showing the love of God, testifying of Jesus Christ by action and word so that we may reach the lost. But in America, we take our great right of religious freedom for granted. We rarely operate in TRUE faith. The harvest is so ripe but who's willing to do the work? We end up being witnesses of our capitalistic nation. We don't see how bad it is. I pray God will remove the blinders over our eyes so that we see the truth about our conduct, example, behavior and many teachings that are WRONG. 

After 53 days of praying for the lost, the Lord told me to start praying for the church (Christians) for an hour a day. I'm into the 20th day of praying for 'the' Church. God continues to show me these wrong areas in my life that I had not known existed. As I see these areas, I begin to pray for others who do not see areas. As God shows me things about myself, I am able to pray that God shows other Christians such things.

I've been brought to a place of transformation. God has given me a passion for the lost that is insatiable. God is showing me that in all my years of praying and studying the Word, how little I know. He is showing me that in America, because of our wealth and our rights, we are fat, lethargic, ungrateful, spoiled and we TRULY RARELY OPERATE IN FAITH. What does that mean?

The amount of faith required to get a good parking spot at work or money to buy a new outfit is small. Let me move on further. The amount of faith it takes to pray for healing for loved ones and the sick is a little greater but it is still asks little of the one praying. In America, we have such comfort that most of us find ourselves living a life that exercises the smallest amounts of faith; that require little sacrifice.. I'm not discounting prayers for such things. I'm simply trying to help others see what God has helped me see. Let me expound.

I had a very painful experience with a loved one last week. I actually let it get the best of me. My faith weakened. I prayed less. I reveled in my anger and became distant from God. God was very gracious to me. He brought into my life a woman in Pakistan. Shazia messaged me on Facebook late one night with a sweet blessing. We began messaging. I learned about the persecution and poverty she and other women and girls endure in Pakistan. My heart began to melt. She sweetly and humbly shared stories and asked for me to help. One story she shared was about a girl who was poisoned by her parents because Shazia gave her a bible. Soon, my struggles paled in comparison. Her request for my help was humbling for me. In my personal life, I was being negative, unforgiving and angry. But my loved one wasn't dead. I began to cry. God began to break away the stones I put around my heart. I asked Shazia what she needed prayer for. When she said, 'food', I was even more humbled.

God has given me a heart for Pakistan. I am praying for Shazia, her home and sewing classes daily. God got my attention and I chose to pull it together and seek to restore my relationship with God.

I share this because a deeper transformation is happening from this point. I've researched the conditions that Christian women live in. I've researched much about Pakistan, as a nation. I've been brought into a world where faith is TRULY exercised. Sharing Jesus with others, as Shazia does, requires faith we rarely operate in here in the U.S. She literally puts her well being, even her life on the line daily just by sharing Jesus with others. 

I've been asked to teach the girls and women at Shazia's home (by way of Skype). As I start to pray about what to teach, a new world of concepts fill my mind. What do you teach to women and girls who experience abuse often because they believe in Jesus? I mean. . . when you live in a world where you experience beatings, sexual abuse and even death because you have faith in Jesus, it brings a challenge to this American Christian teacher that I've never experienced.

I live in a blessed nation. I'm so thankful I was born in America. But America has become complacent in most respects. A good portion of the sermons preached from America on television (about physical blessings) make no sense to those living in poverty and persecution for their faith. Literally, I've heard of people from several Asian countries share that the teachings on TV did not make sense. The reality is that there is the American gospel and then there is THE gospel. It is simply the truth. 

I have been floored. I have been brought to my knees as I enter this new world, the world of Pakistan. The nation that is listed as the 8th most Christian persecuted nation by the WWL. A nation that has imprisoned a Christian and plan to execute her because her declaration of her faith in Christ was counted as the crime of Blasphemy.

God is changing me. I can't sit in this little space in my comfortable American life where I do not endure persecution and be comfortable about it any longer. I can't take for granted my rights. I need to get up and take these wonderful opportunities to help those who do not have them!!! I have been transformed.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Ted Cruz

The Lord showed me on August 17th that Republican Senator (and presidential hopeful) Ted Cruz is doing something major for his campaign.  We will see soon enough what this will be on the news, etc.  God has shown me that this man is not to be trusted. God began telling me about the dark leader who will rule the world for several years before Cruz became a senator. I do not think Ted Cruz is THE dark leader but he is STRONGLY associated with the dark leader. It remains a mystery to me at this time. So be it. God knows all. He will show me what He wants me to know. And I will pray and share as He tells me to. My devotion is to God and to no other.

I did some research about him and learned that his father is in a Christian group who follow false doctrine about wealth and worldly prosperity.

I truly do NOT like talking about politics. That is something I rarely speak of publicly, for a few years now. But I will post when God shows me something specific about a political figure. When God shows me things about world/national leaders I pray for full objectivity. I am learning to distance myself from ALL news. I would rather be shut away in my closet and praying for God to show me what I need to see regarding America and the world.

Look closely at politicians who use God's name for a vote. Look and pray and listen. Most are wolves in sheep's clothing. They take God's name in vain. They take God's name and use the nation Israel in effort to gain power. This is evil.

Christian Persecution

I don't think I can write things here as I'd like to. I'm not feeling well. It isn't just Fibromyalgia and arthritis. Emotionally, I am suffering. It is not depression. It is weight and pain of things God is showing me. He has been taking me into the future and He has me pray. For several nights I am taken to places where an evil ruler of the Western Hemisphere persecutes the Church (Christians). He has also taken me to see the Queen who 'kills Christians in God's name'. It has been very difficult for me.

But I pray and I speak scriptures. I know I'm not time traveling. But God is able to bring us to a time and allow us to see what He wants us to see for the purpose of prayers and warfare. It has been more intense than usual. At times like this I wonder what prophets meant when they say 'I was carried away in the Spirit' and 'I was astonished'. Words of Ezekiel come to me. And I think of Daniel who spoke of feeling faint when he saw certain things.

The purpose of feeling what I feel and seeing what I see is primarily for the purpose of prayer. Prayer 'there' and then to share and ask for others to pray. I pray and speak 'THE GATES OF HELL SHALL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST THE CHURCH'. These powerful words of Christ will be of immense value as dark times come for it is a promise the Bride is going to have to hold onto, speak out and trust in.

One night God did show me (through my body and mind) the Church being 'killed' but He also brought HER BACK TO LIFE. I rejoiced in this painful then beautiful experience. I prayed and I praised!

The Lord told me last night, 'Things will happen faster than people even imagine. They will be taken by surprise.'

I don't know any sequence of events that are to come. God simply gives me visions, dreams and intercessory experiences for the purpose of prayer and warning.

Christian persecution is something that will happen world wide. We MUST pray. We MUST seek God. We MUST NOT TAKE OUR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM FOR GRANTED. Why aren't God's people reading the Bible more in America?! Why aren't they praying? Do they not know these blessings will be removed? And they will be removed sooner than imagined.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Interpretation of Dream on 6/3/15

Tonight, as I was praying for the church, the Lord had me pray intensely for my pastor, Christopher Smith. As I prayed, the Lord gave me the meaning for the dream He gave me June 3, 2015. The Lord has shown me to share this interpretation with my pastor and no one else at this time. I am thankful to God that He leads us to pray and shows us things. God is to be praised. The Bride (the church) of Christ is greatly loved by Jesus. He speaks to His people and leads them into prayer for His love is great for His Bride. Praise God for His goodness. We, his children, are made good by God. He is ALL that is good. And all good His children do is by Him and not in their own strength or power. God is ALL that is good. I thank Him for His mercy, favor, kindness, patience and grace in my life.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Warning. It has begun.

Something has started. I've sensed a lot of things lately and I've posted about it. But something is happening in the spiritual realm that involves more spiritual warfare than I have ever seen. In fact, I spent hours in shock after God showed me some things. I truly thought 'this can't be real'. I even told myself, 'this is surreal. It doesn't feel real.'

I can't share at this point the details of things God has shown me last night. But what I will say here is this:


Many of my visions and things in some of my dreams are coming to pass right now.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Strong Word from God 7/24/15

 Apocalypse means unveiling.

And unveiling is happening now. An apocalypse is happening now. People are having epiphanies. Those who seek me with fasting and daily prayer have experienced the veil of the liar being removed. They are seeing the depth of evil and the LACK of sacrifice that plagues the churches. They are now able to see the needed selflessness and commitment that hardly exists in My people. These who have sought me can see and they weep and repent.

The lost (whom I love) are living in great darkness. My people who wear the veil  walk about in great light.  They can see very little through this veil. They are full of selfish desires and are drawn to the great FATNESS that exists in the sinful world. They don't want to see the truth.

Come out from among them and be UNVEILED! Those who have the Light, shut it out as though it is a nuisance to them. They take the Light for granted. They say in their heart, 'oh, it will always be here,' and 'if I want to see by it or use it, it is there,' and 'Well, I'm glad it is here in case I ever need it.'

They take My Son for granted. They sin willingly and ask forgiveness BUT THEY DO NOT REPENT.

They fellowship with those who live and walk in darkness rather than shine the Light to unveil those living in darkness so that they may see the truth of the condition of their soul and their need for Me

My people have become ungrateful, apathetic, complacent and lazy. They lay in their comfort and enjoy worldly items in excess. I ask:


Where are those who will carry the light into darkness, themselves unveiled by My power; ready and willing to lose their reputation and title? Ready and willing to be spit upon, rejected, called vile names? Ready and willing to be made fun of? Ready and willing to be beaten and killed as they boldly share the gospel?


Fear and pride and the love of comfort and self abound in My people. And if they will not commit, sacrifice and expose evil, then the lost (whom I love and mourn over) will remain lost.

Many of My people will be cast away from Me for they are a branch that will not reproduce or aid in nourishing other branches. I will cast them into the fire just as My Son said (John 15). Many of My people I will spew out of My mouth because they are lukewarm. And they will no longer be called My people for they are NOT My people. My people seek me first, obey my commandments for they love Me. They are willing to allow me to remove the veil from their eyes to see the truth!!

My sorrow is great and it becomes a powerful raging sea.

Hear Me. Repent of sin and fruitless endeavors. Seek me. So that you may see the truth of the depth of evil around you; in the congregations; within you. COMMIT to me. Become SELFLESS. SACRIFICE everything for the Kingdom of God. Carry the Light into darkness so the lost (whom I love) may see their need for Me and will repent and become saved. end