Sunday, November 27, 2016

11/1/16 Dream: 100,000 People and A Snake in the Bed

November 1, 2016- 100,000 People and a Snake in the Bed

I dreamed I was somewhere and people were talking about a nation that had 100,000 people that were not allowed to return home due to an evil government (the sense that I got was that the evil leader was the leader of these 100,000 people).

Then I was watching a movie in a movie theater. The movie began with the musical score playing and in big bold writing that covered the screen: 100,000 PEOPLE NOT ALLOWED TO RETURN!
I then saw moving water and the sound of the moving water got very loud and soon I could no longer hear the music. I saw more and more water on the screen too and then I saw that this water was from a large and powerful waterfall.

I suppose the camera panned down and I could see the river where the waterfall was emptying into. I didn't really see the base of the waterfall but a little ahead of it. The water was moving but it wasn't moving really fast (like the waterfall). I could see an empty, plastic soda bottle floating in the water. It was rather peaceful.

The river wasn't high. In fact, it looked pretty low and the river banks revealing land were high on each side of the river. The camera pans to the inside of this river bank (like the earthy wall) and it stops. I see a rather square looking section of what looks to me like exposed tree roots. But the way these roots looked, it looked like a maze.  Slowly, I begin to realize since the camera isn't moving, I am supposed to see something in this square of dirt on the inside of this river bed. I notice fall leaves in the mix of tree roots and am searching for what I am to see here. I see movement.

At first I think it is a turtle but soon after it becomes very clear to me that a large and long snake is moving about in this square. It's colors match the brown colors of the dirt so I didn't see it. The feeling I get about this snake is that it is not good. I sense evil when I see it and know it represents something or someone evil. It slithered around within the confines of this maze area on the inside of the river bank.

When I saw it I said, 'There is a snake in the bed.'
Then I heard a voice (I don't know whether it was in the movie or in the movie theater) say, 'There is a snake in the bed.'

As I prayed and meditated about this, I came across something about an initiative President Obama started with China in 2009. This is called '100,000 Strong'. It was a program designed to give Americans opportunity to study (abroad) in China. By 2014, they surpassed the 100,000 mark and it is no longer in the hands of the government but handed over to be made into a foundation. The symbol of the first two zeros in the number are the infinity symbol. This symbol dates back to India and is viewed by some Christians as a pagan symbol (some even say it is used commonly by the Illuminati).

In 2016, this foundation was renamed, 'US-China Strong'.

In 2011, Obama launched the '100,000 Strong' in the Americas. It has the same design in most ways as the Chinese one except that the desire is that 100,000 American students study abroad in Latin America but also 100,000 Latin Americans are also allowed to study abroad here in the U.S.A. Currently there are only 40,000 U.S. students in Latin America and only 64,000 Latin American students in the U.S. This number equals 104,000 students.

I strongly feel this is about China, though I am not certain.


Waterfall-  this represents several things. The first thing it represents is change or transition. It also represents the fall of the nation. The waterfall is so enormous and it is so loud. This represents the presidential transition that was about to transpire regarding the election and then even after the election, I believe. It was very large and very noisy. I was given the words that John spoke when sharing in Revelation, 'voices like the sound of many waters.' It is almost as if the election is going to spark a lot of rejoicing among people BUT ALSO the calamities that are coming soon cause a lot of people to weep and cry out.

What is odd here is that the waterfall is so big and loud but the river was not very deep and the bank walls were high so it seemed to speak of drought or a period of time without rainfall. And it seemed contrary to the waterfall itself, by way of physics.

Turtle- At first I think I see a turtle in this maze. A turtle symbols longevity, determination and innocence. So, I see something good here at first.

Snake- The snake was clearly evil. It slithered about with a readiness to do harm and it was camouflaged which means it is hiding itself or is being hidden there.


Back in April when the Lord told me Donald Trump would be elected president, He showed me a vision shortly after that. I saw the nation covered with a thin, transparent covering, almost like plastic wrap over from border to border but this covering wasn't flat against the land. There was land and sky both within it. And I heard the words: CLOSED BORDERS

I believe something will happen that will prohibit 100,000 students from returning from China. Though I felt they could not return because their leader wouldn't allow them to, I am not absolutely certain that it wasn't based on a decision by China. And I am still praying about Latin America because it could be the initiative there that this is about. But I have a strong feeling about China.
The waterfall represents coming calamities in America (and I just don't feel Trump being president is actually one of the calamities in this dream).  But this makes the water way smaller. The river is well below its crest line (by several feet).

ABOVE the calamity caused by change is the leader who remains concealed and he is evil but he will soon be revealed for who he is.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Vision 11/26/16: Jesus and His Garden

As I was worshiping the Lord and praying, the Lord began to show me the following:

I saw Jesus (as I have seen Him for well over a year) standing on a hill looking over a garden that has few flowers. It has always had few flowers or plants growing in it. I have believed this was representative of my life and walk with Him and the 'fruit' that manifests itself as I follow Him. He showed me today that I have been very wrong about this garden.

This garden is representative of His people in this nation, America. When I came to see this, I was a bit horrified. 'Are there not more of us, Lord?'

When I first saw the Lord Jesus here on this hill over the garden, I noticed the sky was very cloudy. And it began to rain. I saw Jesus not as the King here but as the Son of Man. He was not crowned as I have seen Him in past times. Jesus looked up to the sky as if to take note of the weather and think on it. It seemed as though He was looking to His Father and seeking Him (in ways as those who believe in Christ seek the Father). As I said, He looked very human and though I know He is the King of kings, He shows Himself to me in this form and the reasons are in line with the scriptures and His prayers to the Father regarding us before He was arrested, tried and crucified in John 17:6-26. Please read this passage to gain better understanding.

I see the Lord Jesus looking down upon the garden carefully as I have seen Him do for so many months. The rain is falling. I see so few plants here. Some are tall but brown and leaning over. There majority of plants are smaller plants that seem thicker (almost like small trees) but I see no leaves on them. When I take notice of the lack of leaves, it is communicated to me, spiritually that it is Autumn/Fall. I do not believe this is about the physical season of Fall. I believe it represents the times we are living in. Winter is not yet here. Fall is here and there are no leaves and the roots will now begin to go deeper so they may have greater stamina as the days pass.

I see the rains falling down. And I sense the rain is about to fall harder. I see a row of plants on the left and I see a row of plants on the right (not a full garden, as I said but rather sparse). I notice some of the soil being washed away by the rains. I see the Lord take His hand and bring in soil where it was washed away and pat it down firmly.

The Lord then takes a spade and pushes it into the ground surrounding a plant on the left side. As He does this, He is careful to not cut into the larger roots but He does sever some of the tiny web like roots when He does this. He then takes the plant and carefully plants it in the right row. On the right, I am seeing a greater number of these small thicker plants. As I am seeing these things, I am praying for God's people all over the nation; that their roots will be deep in Him and that He would bring us together for this will strengthen us. I see Him using this spade for different plants as He positions them where He wants them.

I know the meaning to all of this. The rain represents the judgement of God on America. He uses the spade and is relocating many of His children at this time. The smaller, web-like roots that he severs has pain in the severing but these are representative of each believer's connections in the region they are being moved from, which brings some sorrow, of course. The first one I see, I believe truly represents a friend of mine and her family. They have been 'transplanted' to a region where there are more plants, similar to her.

I am taken down to see the plants closer. As I get close to one of them, I see my pastor and a number of people with him. I begin to understand that a plant doesn't necessarily mean only one believer but can mean a number of believers clustered together. This relieves me some because I was so sad and disappointed to see so few plants in this garden. I notice how sickly a lot of these plants look. I see the Lord Jesus take one of the plants in His hands (that He is moving) and I see that what He sees in the plant is not what I see. I feel His great love, hope and joy regarding this poor little plant. Perhaps He sees the plant's potential or merely the 'spirit' within each of us without all the trappings that exist with us outwardly as we live in a fallen world.

He continues to do this work and patting the soil down and the rains get harder. I begin to see streams of water pouring through the garden now. I know the greater rain means greater judgement, harder times. But the Lord's eye IS ALWAYS ON THIS GARDEN WITH PRECISION AND GREAT CARE.

It is at this point I realize why the garden is on the hill. Though erosion is an issue, flooding and greater ability to receive sunlight is important. I also see something very interesting. I see roots of the plants closer together connecting to one another.

I turn my eyes to The Father in Heaven. As I look to Him for what He is doing in all of this, I immediately see this beautiful power just being poured out on the garden. It is a very interesting dynamic. I see His power being poured out but the power in His judgement comes with the power of His supply. The judgement feels, at this moment, pleasant but only in the spirit of believers for they serve the True Living God and His Judgement is His truth (which all believers are pleased when He bears witness to His children). For those who do not know Him and will not seek Him, His power is going to be horrible. For those who know Him and seek Him, though they are in the midst and affected by the power of judgement, HIS POWER IS FELT IN HIS JUDGEMENT FOR THEM SPECIFICALLY WHICH MEANS GREAT POWER TO BENEFIT THEM. This is VERY important to see. God judges as One God. So, within the one outpouring is judgement for all of America (those who serve Him and those who don't).

I also see an outpouring of sunlight upon this garden. To the righteous, it will be nourishing light. To the unrighteous, it will be not be seen for they have chosen to live in darkness, so darkness is what their judgement is.

At some point, the rain lightens some. I see insects traveling like an army. What is interesting about these insects is that more of them move toward where there is a greater concentration of the plants. They pan out everywhere but more are drawn where there is a greater number of plants.

These insects represent the enemy; the demonic. Now, I see them as insects moving quickly and in great numbers in this garden. Christ Jesus does not eradicate them. But He watches a lot. And I am watching and I see these tiny insects trying to take down these plants that are much bigger than them. It looks almost humorous to me. The insects look so weak next to the plants. But I know it is not a funny situation. But I believe the Lord is encouraging me (and all who read this) letting me see how little power they truly have against God's people. Yet I humbly pray, 'Lord God, we are like dust and a vapor. We need Your Spirit and Your Presence and Your Help.'

From time to time, I see the Lord swipe off a great number of these insects coming against the plants. At times, I see water washing some of them away. The Lord does not eradicate them but at the NEEDED TIMES, WITH A SIMPLE MOVE OF ONE HAND, HE WILL REMOVE NUMBERS OF THEM.

The Lord steers my attention to plants that are more remote plants. The Lord speaks to me and says some will not be brought together with others. I sense there are numerous reasons for this; many that only Jesus can know for He knows the hearts of each believer. Some reasons aren't good and not by His design. Some reasons are good and by His design. Either way, these plants are in the garden and He is caring for all of them.

The Lord shows me the tall plants that were thin and bending over (wilting) represent SOME WITH BIG MINISTRIES THAT HAVE ROOTS THAT AREN'T DEEP AND WILL NOT WITHSTAND OR ENDURE THE JUDGEMENT OF AMERICA. I then see one of these continuing to wilt but then drying out and closing in on itself and dying.

I continue to see the Lord work against the erosion, putting more soil down and patting it firmly. I notice the rains are strong. I then see lightening in the sky. I know the times are getting worse. But I know Jesus is with us and His eye is always on us.

As an intercessor, I was allowed to pray throughout this vision for His people. We ALL must pray.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mamhoud Abbas Becomes President

In 2004 I got many strong dreams and visions from God. Some of them were about world leaders. I did not remember this one but stumbled across it as I was looking for something else. I thought it was very interesting.

Mahmoud Abbas became president of Palestine January 15, 2005.

I do remember vaguely when Mahmoud Abbas became revealed to me by the Lord. It was shortly after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. The first time I saw him on the news and read his name, though I knew nothing about him, I became very weak and faint in my body. I had no doubt that this man was going to do something terrible.

 DECEMBER 7, 2004

I prayed as I watched the news. I asked the Lord to show me what is going to happen to President Bush. I sense strongly something about Mahmoud Abbas.  Then I see Cheney sitting at his desk doing nothing and saying nothing yet I can see it in his eyes that he is the person ultimately responsible for what is going to happen regarding things God has shown me about President Bush.  Abbas?  Palestine?  Strange.  I must pray more to be clear on this.  I do know that there is something terrible about Abbas; he does something terrible that will be felt in the entire world.

Taken Captive by Foreignors/God Performs a Miracle

Please read the dream about the woman on the gurney that I just posted before this was published.

September 1, 2016

I dreamed that me and many other Christians were together in a very large room. It reminded me of a warehouse or a gymnasium. There was a small room set off and there was a light on. We were sitting in the floor in the dark (except for this light). We did have some type of blanket and some had pillows. The men were on one side and the women were on the other. We were all adults.

We were being held captive by a foreign group. But this was our second captor. We were handed off to this foreign group by another that had us. Both foreign groups looked Caucasian. They are not Americans, though.

We had been told to be quiet for it was time to sleep. I kept making involuntary noises. And they were moans and groans. I could not stop them from coming out. Others in the room were making noises at times and our captors thought I was making ALL the noises, though I wasn't. But I could not stop moaning and groaning. Others were even noisier than me but they were not in trouble. This continued for a while.

Finally, this man of reputation for killing came to me, speaking mostly in a foreign language and I knew he was telling me to be quiet. But I still kept making sounds only it wasn't moans and groans, it was words, 'Help me, Jesus.' I repeated these words over and over. The entire time he had a gun in his hand. And his reputation was that he did not point his gun at someone without going through with pulling the trigger. He ALWAYS shot when he put the gun to someone's head.

He put the gun against the back of my head. I still didn't stop speaking. But I realized I was about to die. I no longer prayed, 'Help me, Jesus.' I began saying, 'Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.' I knew I was about to be with Jesus because this man was going to kill me. But the words never stopped coming out of my mouth.

I heard one of the Christian men shout, 'Please! Don't!' But no one tried to quiet him and no one listened to him.

To my surprise, this man with the gun became weak. He began shaking and was strangely confused. He stepped back moving the gun away and I saw him and he was totally confounded. He was still shaking as he slowly walked back into the small room where the light was on. The other men were surprised and wondered what happened.

When I awoke from this dream, it was like I had an adrenaline rush. The dream was so real. And the experience of this man putting the gun to the back of my head had me shaking.


The meaning is pretty simple in this. God's people (His church) will not be silenced. The gates of Hell will not prevail against her. Because the moans and groans coming out of me were involuntary, This does not speak of me being a person who has made the CHOICE to speak of God. This is about God's power in His church and HE WILL NOT BE SILENCED. But there are some other interesting things God said as I prayed about this dream.

As an intercessor, I know the moaning and groaning was also about prayer; deep prayer with sorrow and anguish that most intercessors know. And I believe that it represents the intercessors who will be praying and will not cease praying no matter the consequence.

As a watchman, I know why I was being blamed for much of the talk and noise of others. This has to do with words of warning that God gave to me. And the fruit of that, having come through me made me the target that needed to be silenced.

As I continued to speak and make noise and profess Christ, this powerful man became weak and walked away confused. I compare this to many miracles I find in the Bible where someone stood firm for the Lord and did not waver and did not compromise (Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego come to mind) and God performed miracles to rescue them from death.

This is a message of hope, in the end. The gates of Hell will not prevail against the church. God is great and He is all powerful. And when we stand up for God and make no compromise to serve any other thing, God will be there. And sometimes, He will show out! He will perform mighty miracles that will encourage other believers and bear witness to the lost that God is real, alive and MORE POWERFUL THAN MAN. Miracles proclaim that the one and only Living God interacts with His children and works on their behalf.

Many Messages about Captivity and 'It's Time to Leave'

November 15, 2016

I have been trying to catch up on my blog. God has given me so many dreams and a great number of visions (one vision lasted for 3 days). It will take some time, which is very precious since there is so many other responsibilities I have daily.

I just wanted to touch base with this post about the coming posts. The amount of spiritual activity has increased drastically this year. In July, I began to receive a lot of different things from God. And during that time, God has also given me a greater anointing, a mantle and a new spiritual language for the purpose of warfare in intercession. He has blessed me with new friends who also operate in the prophetic gifts. He has done a lot. He's getting His children ready for a tremendous transition.

I don't know that others have seen this but in many of my dreams from August- November, I am in captivity. And I have noticed in the dreams that those captive with me are Christians. As I take note of these various dreams about being taken captive, I am often led by the Holy Spirit to read about the siege that took place in Jeremiah's time. Babylonia took captives (Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego and later, Ezekiel) back with them to serve in different capacities for these men were young, strong and intelligent. They had use for them. Actually God had use for them. And what great testimonies we have from these amazing men of God!

So, CAPTIVITY is a theme and I wonder if these dreams are simply about being taken for purposes of persecution or if the captivity is similar to the reasons back in the Babylonian siege. Some dreams are clearly about persecution but other dreams about captivity seem to have a different  element to them. I noticed in one, specifically that the other people in captivity with me were those who operate in the prophetic gifts.

Another recurring theme I just noticed in my dreams for over 20 years is about going to safety. So many of my dreams simply start out with, 'I knew it was time to go' or a similar message. Many dreams I am packing bags for the kids in a rush. Now, God has not told me to go anywhere specifically. But I began to get visions of calamities coming in the America and I started wondering if the Lord may have us relocate soon. This is really when I noticed this in many dreams.

There is no doubt that the age of the beast system has come. It's been in process and preparation now for many years but it is manifesting more and more now in the natural. And my hope, and others' who operate in the prophetic gifts hope is truly that people heed all warnings, pray, stay in the Word of God, teach your children and grandchildren the Word of God. Fast and prepare according to what the Lord shows you to do. Different people will be told to do different things for preparation. Endure and test EVERYTHING! The Anichrist is very deceptive, charismatic and inspiring but he is a man of great evil. Pray for discernment. I pray for the church in America and that God will give great gifts of discernment to His people at this time.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Intercessors Pray: Supermoon is a Sign From God

I felt the Lord tell me at around 12:15 AM November 15, 2016 to pray. I felt led to pray in the spirit and began to pray for all the Lord showed me to pray for. Something is about to happen.

He told me to tell others by way of social media: AWAKEN INTERCESSORS. PRAY!

I did this. As I did, I noticed comments on FB about the 'supermoon'. The moon is closer to Earth than it has been since 1948 and it will be at least 15 years before it happens again.

I asked the Lord, 'Is this super moon a sign from you?'
He answered,

'Yes. It is a sign from me; a warning for all in the earth that I am the living God. And I will move on the earth. Turn to me and turn from your sin. For I will strike the earth hard.'

Dream: A Cruel Man

I had the following dream on September 27, 2016

I had a son with severe deformities so that he was not able to walk. He had no legs. This son was just a baby; about 18 months old.

I was outside one day and a neighbor I had not met before approached me. He was kind for a moment. But very soon became very evil.

I became this man's victim. Soon after we met, he began to stalk me in unusual ways. He had surveillance devices placed in my home and used them. He was able to hear every word I said at any given time except for one area in the house due to a special electrical outlet. He could not hear what I said nor could he see me when I spoke through this outlet. I was able to communicate with a close friend about all that was happening to me.

The world did not know what this man was doing to me. I was under his control and was made to be quiet about his abusive nature. He began to rape me. This went on for many weeks. I found no way to reason with this man. He was very violent at times and though I was in bondage to this man, I did not feel any real emotional or physical pain. I only sought to get away and for the torture to stop.

He believed that if he raped me, he would become the father of my son by some form of post conception view. Of course, this just wasn't possible. But to the world, he was proclaiming that he was the father of my son. This had great meaning to him. No matter how horrible the abuse was, I never gave in to the belief that my son's father could become this cruel man. I never had a doubt. And this seemed to be important in the dream.

There was a conflict this cruel man began to have with another man. It wasn't physical conflict but I had no doubt that this conflict was intense. During this time, I kept hoping I could get away. For reasons I don't recall, I had hope that this man in which my abuser was in conflict with could rescue me.

One day, another woman came to our neighborhood. I surmised he was doing the same thing to her. She was a blood relative of mine. She was wearing sunglasses to cover a black eye this cruel man had given her. Even in the visit with me, the truth about all this man was doing was not told. We both knew that we must keep it secret.

This other woman also had a son. He was healthy and could walk.

After these things came about, I noticed a shift in my abuser. He stopped raping me violently. He continued to rape me but if others were to see us, they would probably believe the sex was consensual. I was still under his control though. I was thankful that I was no longer being violently raped.

On one occasion when he was raping me, my son was sitting on the bed. Beside the bed was some type of pool or bathtub. It was neither of these but was some large, rectangular container that was filled with water and the water was several feet deep. My disabled son fell into the water. I was very afraid because I knew that without legs, he would drown in the water. But instead he came up out of the water and before our eyes, my son grew legs. I was very thankful and oddly, my captor seemed happy about this also.

He continued to treat me better and his interest in me and my son waned.

Interpretation/Meaning of Dream

An evil political leader (the cruel man) will first appear friendly but soon after quickly be seen as evil by Christians. He will seek to bring the Christian churches and Christians who don't attend churches under his control. He wants the power of God, which is given to God's people. He will torture Christians and do all he can to gain this power (his efforts to cause my son to be his biological son). The Christians who endure and DO NOT COMPROMISE (represented by me) will NOT yield to him despite his violent assaults on them.

During the many weeks of this, the ministry of Christians will be 'disabled' in many ways (as represented by my son with no legs). They will likely be taken into captivity where they are restricted from ministering (losing the use of our legs).

The depth of evil this man is inflicting on Christians will not be known to the world. However, Christians will have this information and will be praying for the Lord is good to His children, making provision for them always (represented by the strange electrical outlet where he could not see nor hear me as I shared with a friend what was happening to me).

But the Christians that DO NOT COMPROMISE never submit to this evil leader and know he cannot gain the gifts and power we have. For this power is only gained by faith in Christ Jesus through repentance of sin and a firm commitment to Christ which this vile leader is not willing to do.

Another leader (the other man) rises up and causes conflict and is even in competition with this evil leader. 

This evil political leader is able to FINALLY subdue many Christians WHO COMPROMISE and give into him after suffering the great persecution.  When he gains their submission to him, he becomes content with the power this brings to him. (He fathers a child with a blood relative which represents his seed). Once his evil has 'conceived and bore fruit' with what is 'holy', he will operate through churches (the buildings), leading over their operation which is conducted by those who have COMPROMISED Christ Jesus as their Lord and Savior. They will do this by action; not necessarily by profession of mouth. These churches will not be led by the Lord Jesus Christ or His Spirit. The leader of these churches will be this evil political leader.

Both the conflict with a rival political leader and his accomplishments with the use of churches and those who have compromised Christ and forsaken Him, cause this leader to lighten up on his abuse of those who have not compromised (this indeed is an act of God).

At about this time, those who have not compromised, that have been 'disabled' will be 'enabled', Though, it will appear to them that they have been completely defeated on Earth at first (represented by the disabled son falling into water, feared to drown yet the result is this situation causes the miraculous growth of two legs and feet). The ministry of the saints of God will no longer be fully restricted by this evil leader.

It is an odd thing that this evil leader seems to have genuine joy when he sees my disabled son sprout legs. I can only surmise his joy is in regard to a belief that the power he has gained is either equal or greater than that of Christians who did not bow down to him.

I will add that this evil leader's behavior toward the end of the dream is almost as though he is no longer an enemy of Christians. I think this is important to note because when The Antichrist comes, his deception will be so great and powerful that he will not seem like an enemy even to the strongest Christian and even after terrible treatment. Though I (representing the uncompromising Christians) did NOT ever believe this man to be good, his kindness to me toward the end gives reason to truly warn all Christians of how  deceptive and cunning he really is


Sunday, November 13, 2016

What May Happen Before 2016 Ends

November 14, 2016

There are two things I have seen that I believe could happen before this year is over. One or both could happen before this year is over. I feel if they don't happen before the year is over, these things are likely to happen before February of 2017.

Let me begin with one thing. In April of 2016 I prayed and asked God who would be the next president. He told me quickly, 'TRUMP' And then after that I hear the words: CLOSED BORDERS.
It was not a pleasant experience. I say this because while I heard Him say 'TRUMP' and then I heard: CLOSED BORDERS, I saw myself above the U.S. and looking down on the nation.I saw a blue, transparent shield covering over the nation. I felt very uneasy seeing this covering. It seemed to cover over the entire nation; covering like someone would cover a food item with plastic wrap.

Later, in June or July, I asked the Lord again about the presidency. I was told again that Trump would be president.I saw this covering again. Only this time I was standing in the nation. In the vision, I reached up and put my hand through this covering. I saw clearly it was not very strong and easily penetrable.  Then I saw myself above the nation and I saw an aircraft crash down into mid to north Texas and ISIS had made their way on American territory. (The aircraft may not have been an actual aircraft but symbolic. I am certain it was representative of ISIS)

The fact that the color is blue truly made me think of the Democratic party. Though I was not told it had anything to do with President Obama or any other Democratic administration, I can't help but wonder if it has to do with Democratic rule.

I have been told that something major was going to happen that would affect the election process or the election itself. I was told this would happen anywhere from August- late January. Here are the two things I have seen as I've prayed about all of this:

VISION 1September 30, 2016

I believe this is going to happen between now and January. The attack is by Islamic extremists. It will happen in Washington D.C. It will happen while Obama is still president.

I was praying and had the following vision:

I saw an 2 American soldiers in an important building in Washington D.C. They were dressed in black and had helmets and armor on. A loud noise erupted and one of the soldiers was 'blown to pieces'. He was killed with a bomb. The other soldier said, 'They weren't supposed to get in here! How did they get in here?!'

Then I saw the president (Obama) being rushed around by many secret servicemen trying to move him to safety by protocol.

I asked the Lord, 'Where is this bomb going to be?'


PART 2: October 25, 2016

I see people preparing for something. They are some kind of officials. The more I prayed the more I felt they were people working in the Pentagon.

There were men in suits and women in nice clothes and it is very busy. The feeling is that they have information that is unknown fully to the public (nothing prophetic about that). I see a large screen behind one of these men. He is at a small desk in a large room. He is moving around a lot. He gets up and goes to do something, then comes back to his desk. He does this several times.

I have a very uneasy feeling. On October 23, 2016 I kept seeing this falling star. I don't think it is a falling star but that is kind of what it looks like. It is a pretty white light that comes down and has a slight tail of smoke and light.

Then I see the robotic creature (which represents Islamic extremists/ISIS). I heard it speak blasphemies for it quoted scripture. I heard it say, 'In him we live, we move, we have our being.' When it spoke this I felt extremely grieved in my spirit and sick in my physical body. The entire passage is when Paul was in Athens sharing the gospel. They had a place in their temple of gods and goddesses for 'the unknown god'. Paul was using this as an opportunity to testify of God and of Jesus Christ, His son. Here is the entire passage.

Acts 17:28-31:
 28 For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.  29 Forasmuch then as we are the offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver, or stone, graven by art and man's device  .30 And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent:  31 Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead.

Then I saw a sarcophagus (or casket) of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh rising from the dead. (I have been seeing this vision of a Pharaoh rising from the dead for over 12 years)

PART 3: October 26, 2016

I see the people in this important place (Pentagon, FBI, NSA or another security group) still busy and working. Some of them have not slept. They have been very busy. The large screen behind the man at the desk falls and breaks with a crash.

I see a man dressed in an army green color. He has a green cap, green bandanna or some other item covering his nose and mouth, like a mask. He is creeping forward (outdoors) toward a building. He has a gun in his hand. I believe it is an assault rifle. He is not alone. There is a 'plan'.

I hear the words: They have access.
I hear the words:  They will enter. Blood will be shed.

I see a man on the ground who has been shot and is dead.

I hear:  They will enter the building; a federal building.

I see a seal on the floor (it is large, round and part of the floor- not a rug). On this round seal is a logo with the name of the agency on it.

I hear:  They will make it only so far in but farther than imagined. And they do reach a portion of their goal.

I see more of these men in green and they are wearing sunglasses or goggles to cover their eyes. these are Muslim extremists. They are going to make their way into secure places.

I see one of them holding papers in his hand. He is reading the papers and flipping through them. I see one at a computer also. All of this is in an important building,

They will gain secret information that will/can cause harm to America. This information could compromise areas of national security.

Russia is involved by way of a chain of people. Putin is a part of this operation though he has carefully carried this out so that he will not be revealed or known to have been involved. Putin is not Muslim. He has other reasons for being involved in this plan.

Many nations support ISIS and other extremist groups. They are primarily in the Middle East (Asia). But their contributions and involvement remains anonymous.

I asked the Lord once again, where this building (or buildings) were. He repeatedly told me:  WITHIN EAR SHOT OF THE WHITE HOUSE. WITHIN EARSHOT OF OBAMA.

VISION 2: November 10-11, 2016

As I was praying the Lord begin to speak very clearly to me. He said:


I see something that looks like a falling star coming down from the sky. I see this many times as I continue to pray with discernment (and I have been seeing this for days).

I then see myself, standing where I am in TN, but it seems I am on some type of map of the U.S. I see this falling star again. It is very pretty. It is white and glimmers some. It has a slight trail of smoke and light behind it.  I am facing west and see this star fall and hit the land there. I am not certain exactly where it lands but it is one of the west U.S states, southward.

I hear a sound of impact. After several seconds of silence, the ground trembles. This trembling reaches from the point of impact all the way to where I am in the south eastern states. It doesn't seem like an earthquake but like a strong tremor that spreads over the vast area of the nation.

As I pray, the Lord shows me the following:

It is not a bomb. It is a natural disaster. It is going to cause darkness by way of power outages. This darkness even extends to the east.


Serious damage results from this. Though buildings will not be leveled, many will be condemned. The cost to repair will be very high.

I see cracks on buildings of all sizes. I also see roads that are damaged.

I am now sitting in my house (as the Lord instructed) and it is dark outside. I hear evil creatures wandering around in the dark.( I dismiss this as my imagination.) But I am certain that danger is outside.

Vision: Shooting

 November 3, 2016

The Lord led me to pray in the spirit, saying 'BE PRAYED UP!' Then He said, 'SOMETHING IS HAPPENING TODAY.'

As I prayed I saw these glimpses:

* a man with a gun
* men coming through a door. I heard someone say, 'They're coming through.'
* a man smiling and waving a semi-automatic gun (though it was longer but not a machine gun)

I sensed there could be a shooting going on at a school. Then I sensed a shooting happening in the U.S.A.

I prayed in the spirit for an hour and saw these things. I felt a strong need to pray for children and all school age children.

Attack in Washington DC 2016

I believe this is going to happen between now and January. The attack is by Islamic extremists. It will happen in Washington D.C. It will happen while Obama is still president.

September 30, 2016

I was praying and had the following vision:

I saw an 2 American soldiers in an important building in Washington D.C. They were dressed in black and had helmets and armor on. A loud noise erupted and one of the soldiers was 'blown to pieces'. He was killed with a bomb. The other soldier said, 'They weren't supposed to get in here! How did they get in here?!'

Then I saw the president (Obama) being rushed around by many secret servicemen trying to move him to safety by protocol.

I asked the Lord, 'Where is this bomb going to be?'


Visions: 2 Angels, 2 Doors; Sign in the Sky; 'Falling Star' Hits the USA; 'Falling Star' Hits West USA Followed by Two Earthquakes

This will be lengthy. It is a compilation of several visions I had in September- November, 2016. I am not certain but I believe some of these events are of the same event that is to come.

I had this visions some time between August and October, 2016

Me and others were standing outside. Suddenly a sign appeared in the sky. I did not see the sign. I just know it was there. As it appeared, I got a very sinking feeling. Then the Lord spoke to me:


I had this vision between August and September, 2016

I saw a large angel dressed in blue hovering over the Pacific ocean just off the West coast of the United States. As I looked down upon the United States, I then noticed there was another large angel hovering over the Atlantic ocean just off the East coast of the United States.This angel was dressed in red. I wondered why they were there. The Lord revealed to me that they have assignments to watch over and make sure that all that needs to happen in the United States does happen in the way the Lord orders.

September 27, 2016

As I was praying I had the following vision:

I see two men (angels, actually) standing beside two doors. The doors are not far from one another. The colors of the doors are an off white but the doors are adorned with beautiful gold. The doors are very tall and there is no writing on them.

The doors represent 2 events that are to come. Two separate events.The angels guarding these doors are instructed to open these doors by the Lord at an appointed time.

I asked what these two events were going to be. I was shown what was behind the doors.

Behind the first door I see the night sky with many stars and a horse that is brown/red and revved up and raising its front legs as if it wants to run out with great energy.

Behind the second door is an angel with a gold horn. The angel blows this horn and it is very, very loud and the sound lasts a long time.

November 10-11, 2016

As I was praying the Lord begin to speak very clearly to me. He said:


I see something that looks like a falling star coming down from the sky. I see this many times as I continue to pray with discernment.

I then see myself, standing where I am in TN, but it seems I am on some time of map of the U.S. I see this falling star again. It is very pretty. It is white and glimmers some. It has a slight trail of smoke and light behind it.  I am facing west and see this star fall and hit the land there. I am not certain exactly where it lands but it is one of the west U.S states, southward.

I hear a sound of impact. After several seconds of silence, the ground trembles. This trembling reaches from the point of impact all the way to where I am in the south eastern states. It doesn't seem like an earthquake but like a strong tremor that spreads over the vast area of the nation.

As I pray, the Lord shows me the following:

It is not a bomb. It is a natural disaster. It is a natural disaster. It is going to cause darkness by way of power outages. This darkness even extends to the east.


Serious damage results from this. Though buildings will not be leveled, many will be condemned. The cost to repair will be very high.

I see cracks on buildings of all sizes. I also see roads that are damaged.

I am now sitting in my house (as the Lord instructed) and it is dark outside. I hear evil creatures wandering around in the dark.( I dismiss this as my imagination.) But I am certain that danger is outside.

October 26-29, 2016

This is a one of many things God showed me in a vision that lasted for 3 days.

I see an angel in white coming down and in its arms it is carrying a gray, smooth object. It looks like something man made but I am not sure that it is.

It is moving in the sky from the east to the west (over the United States) then it drops this item when it gets to the western U.S. When it falls, it looks like a small, white pretty falling star with a slight trail of smoke and light behind it. It reminds me of a bottle rocket (fireworks).

When it lands, it causes a great crater across many states.

After it lands, a large earthquake happens.

Another earthquake follows the first one. The second is much stronger.

The falling object and the earthquakes cause portions of these states to fall off into the ocean:  CA, WA, OR.

Friday, November 11, 2016

"Something is About to Happen. Stay Close to Me."

I heard the Lord speak to me and saw this vision in the early hours of  November 10, 2016.

I was praying and the Lord said clearly:


(I share the events here from memory. The next post on my blog give greater detail as I share this vision also in it and share directly from my journal where I wrote it down just as I had it.)

The word 'darkness' really stands out to me. As I pray I see the following:

I am looking to the west from where I live (here in the south east). I see what looks like a falling star. It is pretty, looks small and it hits the ground somewhere out west. I see this many times as I pray.

I then hear a sound of an impact. It isn't loud as I'm far from where it lands. But shortly after the sound of the impact, the ground shakes over the entire USA. It doesn't last long. It feels like a tremor. It doesn't utterly destroy everything but it does severe damage.

I see that buildings everywhere are cracked and though they are still standing, they can no longer be safely used.

I also see that it affects roads and streets; bridges and large areas of land.

This is not a bomb. This is a natural disaster. I don't know if it is a meteor, comet or asteroid or some other debris from space. It looks like a falling star. It is bright white and has a slight tail but it looks to have a mild trail of smoke.

It causes major blackouts all over the USA (darkness).

It will cost possibly trillions to repair all the damage done all over the nation.

I hear the Lord say:


It is very dark in the vision and now I start hearing sounds outside my house. They sound demonic and evil. At first I dismiss this as my imagination but later realize God is showing me that evil and dangerous is outside. Don't let anyone inside.

I am going to purchase candles, matches, lighters, flashlights and many batteries. I will also be sure to have many blankets and warm clothing washed and ready for use (they are in my shed). I'm not sure when this is going to happen but I am strongly sensing that it will happen soon.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Return of King Saul and King David

What I share here will not be well received by many.

In a post several months ago, I believed I shared that I thought the next Republican president would be the Antichrist. I no longer believe that. But I was onto something.

I believe Donald Trump was not truly elected by the American people. I truly believe for years, the plan of an elite few. Sounds like a weird conspiracy theory, I'm sure. Well, others can believe what they want. This is what I believe and it is not without basis.

Donald Trump is a person that many Christians voted for with the belief that he is going to truly cause America to become greater. I've heard that many prophecies are out there about this too. They are false prophecies. I won't blame Trump for what is going to happen. God has been bringing His judgement on this nation for years and in waves. But each wave gets stronger and the waves are going to get stronger faster.

God is bringing the mighty America down. He's taken down past great, leading empires when it was time throughout time. Whether it be Ancient Egypt, Persia, Greece, the Roman Empire, England, etc, each has had their time and their day and their opportunity with God. I truly believe this. And historically, you will find basis in that.

Some think it is because of abortion. Many think legalizing gay marriage is a reason. Sin is certainly a reason. I believe this. But I think the reason is for the lost. God has got to get His people in this nation right. And at this point (just as it was in Jeremiah's day), catastrophy and persecution is what will cause His people to see what is important, get closer to Him and THEN. . . REACH THE LOST like we are supposed to.

The Lord showed me years ago what the Antichrist looked like in great detail. The first thing He showed me about Him was that He will claim to be or will be of the lineage/bloodline of King David. He will, in essence call Himself the Son of David. Many will be taken by this deception (and it is very strong). Jews will believe he is the Messiah. Many Christians will embrace him with honor and adoration.

Today, I put some things together. Donald Trump is being seen as a saving power for America (especially among many Christians which blows my mind since faith of this magnitude should be in God). But things are going to really go bad for America. He is not God's anointed, as many false prophets are proclaiming. Nothing is going to stop God's judgement on America. His plans are higher than ours. His ways are also. And He sees the big picture. And He sees that it is time for America to be brought down.

So, I see Donald Trump like King Saul. He is the one people want. He is the one that most Christians seem to want to bring redemption and a salvation to America. But, when Saul fails and this world is in the most horrible state in the history of it, guess who will come on the scene?

The proclaimed 'Son of  David' who will be the Antichrist. And he will be received by Christians, as I shared already. He will present himself as King David and be revered in ways, as King David. He will seem like an answer to prayer. Times will be so SO bad, that people really will fall for the deception. But he will bring terrible destruction. But then, guess who comes on the scene?

Yes, THE Son of  David, JESUS CHRIST. And He will come back on a horse which represents conquest and strength. He will not come on the donkey, which represented humility and submission to His Father UNTO DEATH. He will come with a sword and as KING. And judgements will come over the world after that.

I connected these dots. I believe this to be very true and a very good warning. So pray and stay in the Word of God. STAY CLOSE TO JESUS ALWAYS. And heed this warning with prayer and ask for discernment. Share as God shows you and prepare as God shows you.

The Purpose of Dreams, Visions and Words (including ones about world leaders)

I have come forward 4 times in 27 years with my dreams, visions and words God has given me. The first two were relatively private and I was ousted and rejected as a false prophet by most of them. The third time was when I created this blog (which has remained relatively unknown). The fourth time was very public because I shared around 50 videos on You Tube. And God has told me not to post any thing else. If He tells me to post a video there, I will. Honestly, though, I don't want to.

I have learned a lot in these experiences. The majority of people who listen/read/watch are people with wrong intentions or unhealthy intentions. And with this last time, I realize what God shows me serves a purpose but it has little to do with other people. Some of this is because most people, as I just said, are looking to these things for wrong reasons.

As Christians, we all have the Holy Spirit. He was sent to lead us into all truth. So, what God shows me, He can easily show others. Just like other gifts of the Holy Spirit, prophecy exists to benefit the body of Christ. For some reason, it is viewed  as more revered than other gifts though. Even I bought into that notion for some time.

I have gone through this intense experience of desiring to be hidden away from the world when it comes to all of this. I feel I am more productive this way, less distracted and it just makes me happier. I have never been one to enjoy spotlights. I have always enjoyed (as with my writing talent) being behind the scenes; directing, stage setting, working lights or helping with costumes. It's my place. I feel good there. I'm happy with that.

I really love people. And my love for people has me continuing with blogging. I won't read comments or really interact with others and that may seem 'unloving'. But it isn't. I love people so much and I want to say that here because I don't want to come across as though I don't like people just because I feel the need to be 'hidden'.

I'm called as an intercessor, a prayer warrior, really. God gave me an interesting vision many years back that explains much of what I'm saying here. In the vision I saw all these beautiful lights. It almost seemed I was looking into the night sky on a clear night at the stars. But I saw all these lights and then I saw myself, on my knees, crawling around these lights and shrouded. I asked the Lord what this meant. He said, the lights represent believers; lights in the world. I was a little bothered by this because I wasn't one of them. I asked the Lord why I was on my knees crawling around them and in between them and why I was shrouded. After all, am I not a believer? A light in the world? The Lord told me that I was but I was called to pray for these lights who were going to be seen in larger arenas (pulpits, conferences, platforms). It made sense to me. It is a good vision.

I made the decision quite a while back to stop watching the news because I don't want anything to affect my reception from God concerning what to pray for. What God shows us in our spirit has to be translated by our mind and we all know that our minds are being 'transformed'. They are imperfect and only hold a very small amount of the knowledge that exists. Each of us has the knowledge of the sum of our experiences. And for each of us, it means when we look at all the knowledge that exists verses what knowledge we have accessed, we know such a minute amount.

I made a decision to avoid reading other people's visions and such also. I didn't completely stop but for the most part I have chosen to be very ignorant of what others are seeing. I still read some things. There are a few people I admire and God does, on occasion, lead me to read someone's prophecy.

But I am setting newer and stricter standards there as well. Just like the news, it is a huge distraction and does affect the ease of my own operation in this gift. Distance is very important when it comes to getting dreams, visions and words about world leaders and nations. So, I am happy to only look at or listen to a very select few.

For me, the purpose of being given these experiences/information has three reasons and all of them are about one agenda: REACHING THE LOST. The three reasons are 1. prayer 2. warning and 3. preparation. And it will always be spiritual and involving others' relationship (or need for a relationship) with Jesus Christ.

It will begin with me. I get the word. So, I must 1. pray about it as the Lord leads me but also pray with self examination of my own heart in light of what I've been shown. Then I must 2. heed the warning given. How do I feel about what I've been told or what I've seen? Again, self examination and looking at my own personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. Then I must 3. prepare according to what I am told. Preparation always begins with the condition of my soul. I am saved. I am a Christian but is there anything new that God needs to do in me spiritually in light of what I'm shown?

From there, I pray, pray and pray about what I've been shown. Different kinds of prayers. Intercession, interpretation, with whom to share and when to share. Mostly, though, it really is about intercession.

When I share with others the three of these things are the same. I share about something, I want and desire that people pray and intercede above all. For their own souls first.

Then comes the warning (to themselves first) but then sharing the warning with those who need to hear it and that is something each individual will have prayed about.

Thirdly, to prepare themselves (first spiritually- "Do I know Jesus?") and then whatever other preparation the Lord shows them as they pray.

For me, often the preparation goes from self examination to reading certain scriptures. Also there is the preparation of the soul and mind. This part is very much also about reading the Word of God. It can also be about disciplining the mind. For example, right now the Lord has shown me to not watch television. He has said to 'shut my mind and heart off from this entertainment'.

And then there is the physical preparation. And you will know by praying and reading the Word of God. Physical preparations can include fasting, how long to fast, changes in diet, giving money into the Kingdom, actions to benefit the Kingdom (giving someone a ride to an event, visiting someone who is sick, contacting someone, etc) and purchasing items.

An example of 'purchasing items' would be words regarding a stock of an item or items. I don't believe in living in fear and stockpiling food and water in massive numbers. I believe in preparing in the physical as the Lord leads. If the Lord shows me a blackout is coming and power is going to be out for a few days, then I will buy extra batteries, candles and flashlights. If it is cold outside, I will be sure to have adequate blankets and clothing in my home for my family.

Yes, I do believe God will speak to some about food and water also. But DON'T DO IT OUT OF YOUR FLESH. DO IT BECAUSE THE LORD SHOWS YOU TO. Your finances need to be in the hands and in the guidance of God. So, don't spend hundreds of dollars on physical items unless God has clearly shown you to do it. We are called to be good stewards of all we are given and we are also called to submit all we have to God and in that submission, letting God show us how He wants ALL things we own to be cared for, treated and used.

Well, this is long enough. And I've basically said all I need to say here. Blessings.