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11/1/16 Dream: 100,000 People and A Snake in the Bed

November 1, 2016- 100,000 People and a Snake in the Bed

I dreamed I was somewhere and people were talking about a nation that had 100,000 people that were not allowed to return home due to an evil government (the sense that I got was that the evil leader was the leader of these 100,000 people).

Then I was watching a movie in a movie theater. The movie began with the musical score playing and in big bold writing that covered the screen: 100,000 PEOPLE NOT ALLOWED TO RETURN!
I then saw moving water and the sound of the moving water got very loud and soon I could no longer hear the music. I saw more and more water on the screen too and then I saw that this water was from a large and powerful waterfall.

I suppose the camera panned down and I could see the river where the waterfall was emptying into. I didn't really see the base of the waterfall but a little ahead of it. The water was moving but it wasn't moving really fast (like the waterfall). I could see an empty, plastic soda bottle floating in the water. It was rather peaceful.

The river wasn't high. In fact, it looked pretty low and the river banks revealing land were high on each side of the river. The camera pans to the inside of this river bank (like the earthy wall) and it stops. I see a rather square looking section of what looks to me like exposed tree roots. But the way these roots looked, it looked like a maze.  Slowly, I begin to realize since the camera isn't moving, I am supposed to see something in this square of dirt on the inside of this river bed. I notice fall leaves in the mix of tree roots and am searching for what I am to see here. I see movement.

At first I think it is a turtle but soon after it becomes very clear to me that a large and long snake is moving about in this square. It's colors match the brown colors of the dirt so I didn't see it. The feeling I get about this snake is that it is not good. I sense evil when I see it and know it represents something or someone evil. It slithered around within the confines of this maze area on the inside of the river bank.

When I saw it I said, 'There is a snake in the bed.'
Then I heard a voice (I don't know whether it was in the movie or in the movie theater) say, 'There is a snake in the bed.'

As I prayed and meditated about this, I came across something about an initiative President Obama started with China in 2009. This is called '100,000 Strong'. It was a program designed to give Americans opportunity to study (abroad) in China. By 2014, they surpassed the 100,000 mark and it is no longer in the hands of the government but handed over to be made into a foundation. The symbol of the first two zeros in the number are the infinity symbol. This symbol dates back to India and is viewed by some Christians as a pagan symbol (some even say it is used commonly by the Illuminati).

In 2016, this foundation was renamed, 'US-China Strong'.

In 2011, Obama launched the '100,000 Strong' in the Americas. It has the same design in most ways as the Chinese one except that the desire is that 100,000 American students study abroad in Latin America but also 100,000 Latin Americans are also allowed to study abroad here in the U.S.A. Currently there are only 40,000 U.S. students in Latin America and only 64,000 Latin American students in the U.S. This number equals 104,000 students.

I strongly feel this is about China, though I am not certain.


Waterfall-  this represents several things. The first thing it represents is change or transition. It also represents the fall of the nation. The waterfall is so enormous and it is so loud. This represents the presidential transition that was about to transpire regarding the election and then even after the election, I believe. It was very large and very noisy. I was given the words that John spoke when sharing in Revelation, 'voices like the sound of many waters.' It is almost as if the election is going to spark a lot of rejoicing among people BUT ALSO the calamities that are coming soon cause a lot of people to weep and cry out.

What is odd here is that the waterfall is so big and loud but the river was not very deep and the bank walls were high so it seemed to speak of drought or a period of time without rainfall. And it seemed contrary to the waterfall itself, by way of physics.

Turtle- At first I think I see a turtle in this maze. A turtle symbols longevity, determination and innocence. So, I see something good here at first.

Snake- The snake was clearly evil. It slithered about with a readiness to do harm and it was camouflaged which means it is hiding itself or is being hidden there.


Back in April when the Lord told me Donald Trump would be elected president, He showed me a vision shortly after that. I saw the nation covered with a thin, transparent covering, almost like plastic wrap over from border to border but this covering wasn't flat against the land. There was land and sky both within it. And I heard the words: CLOSED BORDERS

I believe something will happen that will prohibit 100,000 students from returning from China. Though I felt they could not return because their leader wouldn't allow them to, I am not absolutely certain that it wasn't based on a decision by China. And I am still praying about Latin America because it could be the initiative there that this is about. But I have a strong feeling about China.
The waterfall represents coming calamities in America (and I just don't feel Trump being president is actually one of the calamities in this dream).  But this makes the water way smaller. The river is well below its crest line (by several feet).

ABOVE the calamity caused by change is the leader who remains concealed and he is evil but he will soon be revealed for who he is.

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