Thursday, December 8, 2016

Obama and The Economy

The Lord gave me two separate visions regarding Obama and the economy. They are listed below.

July, 2009: Vision of the Coin; The Economy Under President Obama

I had a vision.  I saw a coin that had paper on it.  And some sort of design penciled in on it, as though it had been rubbed (like a pencil over a piece of notebook paper over a quarter).  It was moving very fast.  I couldn't tell if it was ascending or descending.  But it was moving very fast.  The impression I felt in this was that there was something false about this representation.  This coin seemed to represent something about the current president (Obama). If the coin was ascending it wasn't going beyond my view.  If the coin was descending, it never hit the ground.

Meaning : September 8, 2013: 

This vision is about the American economy under Obama’s presidency. The coin doesn't ascend beyond view signifying our economy will not get a lot better but I don't see the coin hit the ground and that means that the economy will not utterly fail while Obama is in office.

December 5, 2016- Vision of Obama and The Economic Fall

 I had another vision regarding Obama and a coin. In this vision, Obama was casually tossing the coin. Then I see him let the coin drop to the ground and when it dropped it broke in half.  Then I saw a foot step on it and it looked as though it was crushed to dirt or powder but I don't think the foot belonged to Obama.

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  1. Thank you very much, Kim, for your prayers and visions.
    Be blessed of our Lord Jesus. Amen.