Thursday, August 11, 2016

Urgent Word Part 2 (7/11/16)

I see the lush, mature tree by the river. I've seen this many times when I pray. This time I notice the river is moving faster and faster.

The Lord says, 'I AM the river. It is life!'

As it moves faster it looks more dangerous.

The Lord takes me to many dreams I've had where I am moving on fast moving water and I fear I will lose control. I am impressed by God:

"Stop trying to control your movements and let me take you where I want you to go. TRUST ME. The river is fast and treacherous for some but it is LIFE for others."

The Lord, the river, is getting stronger and more powerful in this nation and in the world.

"NOW IS THE TIME," says the Lord.

The Lord takes me to the many visions I've had of the great fortified wall and water was beating stronger and more fiercely against it. The water began seeping in and an army kept putting sandbags down in effort to secure the wall.

"MY POWER IS THE GREATEST POWER. WHEN ALL POWERS FAIL, MY POWER WILL BE SEEN FOR WHAT IT IS; THE GREATEST POWER." The most fortified nation will crumble by my power. The greatest nation can be brought to nothing by my power. No army can stop ME."

In the visions about the fortified wall, I also had a series of visions where I saw figures of darkness and figures of light. I saw angels and demons. I also saw political figures and powers behind them. The power behind the dark figures was a very massive tornado THAT IS NOT SEEN NOR HEARD but it draws near. As this tornado gets larger and stronger and moves its way from being unseen toward being seen, I see the power with the figures of light. The light is so bright it is nearly blinding; like lightening breaking forth out of one figure (an angel). The light was so powerful and the angel was lifted in the air. The Lord had me note the floor that where the water was seeping in and how the figures of light would not be subject to the failing fortified wall, however a tornado is fixed on the ground. When its wind lifts away from the ground it is no longer a tornado; it has lost its power.

I see my husband, Randy. I see a tree with vines and very large grapes burst forth- cluster after cluster. Randy is this tree.

Warning: This is difficult to read and hear.

I see branches being ripped off of trees. I see boards broken in two. I hear the branches being ripped off with great violence. And I hear the boards broken with a loud crack; swift and with great force. I feel a strong wind blowing. I ask the Lord to show me the meaning. I saw his power in great light and in the river moving faster. He says, 'This wind represents my power and what I will do.'

Then the scripture was brought before me:
Matthew 21:44

"Anyone who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces; anyone on whom it falls will be crushed."

I hear a voice say: Blessed is the one who falls on the rock. Cursed is the one that the rock falls on"
*Pray for understanding here*

The Lord says," I will separate the sheep from the goats and the wheat from the tares, I will tear apart that which produces no fruit. I will break in two all that does not build a place for me."

The Lord shows me the branches represent people and the boards represent things.

I see Pastor Jake Gantt from church. He is the worship pastor at my church. The Lord shows me the following as I pray for him:

Jake is in a battle but is faith is strong. He is going through this battle because the enemy is upset by his service to God. I see Jake's strength, like the tree by the river. I see a clear blue sky and I see Jakes eyes turning toward Heaven.

Jake will have victory for he knows where his help comes from- his God.

I see Pastor Tami Smith from church. She is a campus pastor and leading children's ministry at this time. I see her working hard for the Lord; serving with the works of her hands.I see her strength like the great tree by the river. The dream I had about being in a storm with large hailstones falling all around us but not harming us comes to mind.

Tami will see with her eyes the destruction and fall of the enemy as the Lord shelters her from the storm. (Psalm 91 blessing)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Difficult Visions: ISIS, Trump, Persecution

Warning: This is a hard Word. And I didn't post it when I received it. I put it on the back burner due to situations that were going on. This was my sin and my wrong and I suffered for my mistake. Not only was I wrong for sharing it, I have been wrong for not taking it as seriously as I should have. It is very easy to do that in our nation; when we have so many 'options' and don't see our need for God as urgent as it really is. I feel this is the main sin that kept the people of Israel from heeding Jeremiah for 30 years. When you live in a culture and nation of prosperity and options, it is easy to respond to warnings from God with 'Amen. That's good stuff.' And then simply walk away and not let it change you in any way.

Word from the Lord 7/26

I was watching a video that prophetess Joedale Keldo uploaded. A friend shared this and as I watched my spirit was stirring and the Holy Spirit began moving within. Her word was from the Lord and true. I encourage EVERYONE to take time to watch this.

After watching the Lord spoke to me and showed me the following:

This is difficult for me to write because it is difficult for me to hear and see. I sense death and it is just there. Death. It makes me want to just weep. Then I saw dead bodies of Christians. I could see the fresh corpses piled up like wood on a wood stack. I saw and heard gun shots.

The Lord showed me this while giving me explanation by way of impression not of language.
"There will be lots of bloodshed. Guns are the weapons many will use. Guns are the weapon many Christians will use. Many die. Piled. Bodies. Death."

"Weapons in the natural are not the weapons that will protect and help. The weapons of your warfare are THE WORD. It is prayer, intercession and worship. The refuge will be in My presence. And I will lead you to safety."

I keep hearing the word: UNDERGROUND.

"Believers hearing MY Spirit will be taken 'underground' and to a safe place. ONLY believers who know MY voice and whose voice I know. Those who fight with carnal weapons will be harmed for he who lives by the sword will die by the sword. HEAR ME, MY PEOPLE!"

My heart is breaking as I write this down. I feel so sick and great sorrow just consumes me.

As I pray God is not showing me clearly who our enemies are (except it is Satan). There is more than one enemy that comes against the people of God.

I see ISIS like an aircraft easily crashing into America. It is as though there is no protection and like an airplane they crash in the U.S. And bloody fighting ensues. There is fighting on American soil. Fighting. Guns. Gunfire. Blood. Bodies.

I see many Muslims bowing and praying on American soil in broad daylight.  Now, many Muslims live here peacefully. These are NOT the Muslims I am seeing here. They are bowing and praying in daylight and have ill intentions as they do this on our soil. They are of ISIS and have the agenda of killing Christians.

I feel completely shocked right now. This is too much for me.

Later I prayed more. Seeking true and clear clarity. The visions are the same but except that those who were using guns weren't only many Christians. It was many Americans and a good number of them were Christians.

I sense an angel to my left and asked it what it needs to tell me. It said, 'It's already happening.' Later I heard the Lord say the same thing. 'IT'S ALREADY HAPPENING.'

When I heard of this I considered the use of guns and weapons used for a variety of reasons (some were about race, some by Islamic extremists).

I am led into urgent prayer for America; for God's people and the lost in America.

As I see ISIS attacking I also see the Queen. The Queen signifies Christians coming against Christians (like Queen Mary of Scots and the blood baths between Catholics and Protestants that ensued in England long ago). Her role seems smaller than the Islamic terrorists. When I see her I hear the word: FACTION indicating separate Christian sects.

I see a dark black cloud rolling in over the nation (the U.S.A).

Then the Lord takes me to a series of visions he gave me over a year ago. The visions were about a great fortified wall that NOTHING could take down. But powerful waters were starting to weaken it. In the vision as I looked at how fortified this wall was, I just couldn't fathom how ANYTHING could get through or take it down. It just seems impossible. In the last series of visions about this wall, I saw soldiers taking sand bags, passing them down to stop the water from coming through but the water was starting to come through.

I asked the Lord to show me who our next president is. I saw the word TRUMP. I felt very sick.  Many visions came back to me about the letter T. I have had many times when the Lord has shown me the letter T, and then I've seen people holding up signs with the letter T on it and shouting the letter T. Every time I saw this, the feeling was not good. I started seeing this over 10 years ago.

As I continued to pray I felt and saw Donald Trump again and again. I ask God, 'Why?! How?!' I do not get a real answer from God but I suspect God is allowing curses spoken over America BY America to come to fruition. The depravity of America is becoming evident with this man as president.

I pray that Trump will not become president. Our prayers are heard from the Lord. I do believe our prayers can change things. We will see in November. But we must pray and repent and intercede for America.

I have NEVER felt such an urgency in my spirit from God regarding the need for intercession and prayer for our nation and the world.



The Lord gave me this word near the end of worship and in the first 10 minutes while my pastor was preaching. Amazingly, near the end of his sermon, he spoke about the importance of unity.

We MUST stop thinking and acting divisively against one another and we must unify in any and every way we can unify. It is imperative!!

"Kim, do you see it? Yes, people are having more intense battles. And they are having more hardship. It's true. It's not your speculation or thoughts. It is true that greater battle is here for my people. There are greater and harder battles. BUT greater is my love and presence for those who seek me. I Am here. And in the battles, I will either give you a victorious deliverance suddenly or I will use Satan as MY tool to help those who seek Me to grow. But in both I will bring testimony and many, MANY lost souls can be saved."



Now, more than ever, gather together and come into my presence. The battle IS greater so UNITE; worship, learn, pray, cry out TOGETHER IN UNITY.


The enemy has brought great attacks on America with division. Political, spiritual, racial, religious and between law enforcement and the public. Why is division the main tactic? BECAUSE THE ENEMY DOES NOT WANT GOD'S PEOPLE UNITED FOR A HOUSE DIVIDED FALLS.

But Jesus said to Peter in Matthew 16:18 & 19
And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it. 19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.


Word 7/31/16

Something is about to happen. God's about to do something. We are on the VERGE.

Something's happening. Something's happening in me. God is doing something.

I feel great activity in the spiritual realm. I see many angels at the ready. God's power is at the ready. The best word to describe the feeling is that God's power is about to burst out.

It is time to seek Him. It is time to do it. It is time to believe. It is time to have courage. PRAY FOR THE COURAGE JESUS HAD!!!

It's time for His people to be at the ready. At the ready.


Urgent Word 7/10 & 7/11/16 Part 1

During worship at church on 7/10/16, I felt a sad urgency coming to me from the Lord. I chose to ask Him about this and what He told me I wrote down. I didn't post it when I received it. I put it on the back burner due to situations that were going on. This was my sin and my wrong and I suffered for my mistake. Not only was I wrong for sharing it, I have been wrong for not taking it as seriously as I should have. It is very easy to do that in our nation; when we have so many 'options' and don't see our need for God as urgent as it really is. I feel this is the main sin that kept the people of Israel from heeding Jeremiah for 30 years. When you live in a culture and nation of prosperity and options, it is easy to respond to warnings from God with 'Amen. That's good stuff.' And then simply walk away and not let it change you in any way.

"Put on clothes of mourning and fall on your face. Wet the floor with your weeping for your nation is in a bad state. Feel my sorrow. Do you know my heart? So what are you doing? You aren't depressed. You aren't tired. My sorrow and call for prayer is what you are feeling. Don't wait. Your nation needs it now. My people need it. The lost need it. Don't wait! Pray now and I will hear and I will answer."

"The violence and racism you see are wounds that were less seen in America. They have sprung up like weeds, thorns and bristles. Like these plants, they were once unseen but they have grown in my light and with the wheat- under my blessing they have sprouted and now they are seen for the sun shines on both the good and the evil. The tares will grow up with the wheat. And the wounds that festered have now surfaced and they are seen. What will my people do? What will America do?I bring all things into the light so they can be seen. What will my people do? Now that they are seeing? Will they humble themselves before me, turn away from their sinful patterns and fruitless endeavors? Will they wake up and seek me? Will they pray? Will they obey MY WILL? Will they do as I do? Will they operate in the grace I have blessed them with and be gracious? Will they be bold like me? Will they proclaim the truth and make NO COMPROMISE? Will they be like my servants Daniel, Abednego, Meshak and Shadrak who in BOLD HUMILITY served me? I was with them in the furnace and in the lion's den. I saved them because of their obedience. MY NAME WAS PROCLAIMED AND WAS PRAISED!!"

"Do you want to see the miraculous? Or will you compromise and shut off my opportunities to do the miraculous? Will you be like Jeremiah who prayed and lamented; who spoke truth and gave warning? Or will you be like those who passed Jeremiah weekly and judged his voice as an annoyance. WHICH WILL YOU BE?"

"Just as I cursed the fig tree and it died, I can also bless the tares and miraculously turn them into wheat. Nothing is too difficult for me. NOTHING. Before your very eyes you can see MY POWER demonstrated and my name will be praised! When my name is lifted up, I can draw ALL PEOPLE to me!!"

"Will you position yourself and others and give place to ME? Will you give ME opportunity by obeying my WORD; 
praying, being merciful and being brave?"

"You can see this nation change. It will not be your power; not by your laws,  protests or petitions! But By positioning yourself and others to allow MY POWER to bring true change to the people of this nation! BY MY SPIRIT you can see thousands and hundreds of thousands come to know me. And when my Kingdom grows larger and is more unified, America will see healing and TRUE change."



And see the world change around you."