Friday, June 17, 2016

Dream: Muslim Falsely Accusing My Family/Warning/Call to Prayer

I have not had a dream like this in the 27 years I have been having dreams from the Lord. I have had dreams since 1990 regarding Muslims and the United States but none of them have been like this one.


I dreamed I was in my back yard and I kept hearing a helicopter flying in the air. Some of my children were with me. We were looking for it in the air. We began to notice it was circling over our house and flying lower and lower. Then it landed in our back yard. It was a very small helicopter.

The only man in it that was flying it turned off the engine and came toward me and began a discussion. He seemed friendly as we first started speaking. My children soon wandered off and this man and this man began asking me questions about a Muslim family living down the road. He asked if me and my family had been making threats against this family for being Muslim. I found this ridiculous and told him it wasn't true. He asked about a pit bull that I had and some damage it had done to them. I told him I had no pit bull dog nor any dog. He had some papers and was reading and writing.

In the dream, I recall knowing that this family was Muslim and did not like me or my family, though we had never had any confrontations nor issues.

He then asked me if I had killed my chickens and written slurs against Islam on their property. I was appalled yet found it laughable. Firstly, I would never write any slurs of any kind toward anyone regardless of race, religion or creed and it was laughable for I had no chickens. I told him to explore my property to see there were no dogs and no chickens. He continued to talk about chickens as though any proof I offered him was moot. It seemed fact and evidence didn't matter. He was convinced. Then I learned he was the brother of the wife and mother of the Muslim family accusing us. I insisted on our innocence.

I thought I saw the helicopter leave and went to find Randy to tell him what was going on. I was very upset and wondered why my neighbors were making such accusations against me, after all, of all the families on our street, we were the most respectful of rights based on our Constitution. I recall seeing a very unusual craft flying in the air and being totally shocked at the sight of it. But no one else saw it. And when I explained it to them, they seemed uninterested. I came to a group of people playing video games and began telling them about the man and the helicopter too but soon recognized one of the boys as one of the Muslims and soon walked away. However, they seemed unmoved at anything I said; interested in their games. As I walked away, I realized the boy I thought was Muslim was not. He was actually the son of a Christian I knew. But I continued in search for my husband.

I found my oldest son and some friends and began to tell them of what happened. We were indoors now at a small restaurant. I was angry and upset because I would never do such a thing and felt I wasn't being heard. Those who listened were surprised but did not seem as upset as I was but I was glad they were listening. We could not find the man in the helicopter anywhere. It was gone and I wondered what would happen. At first, when we spoke, I thought he was operating as some officer to investigate the accusations of my neighbor but then I learned he was a relative and nothing legal was involved in his investigation.

I heard a voice and looked over and sitting in a booth was the brother; the man. He had papers spread out. He said, 'So, you do not admit that you killed a turkey and used the blood?'

His story changed again! I knew he heard what I'd said. I hadn't known he was there. I didn't really argue but I told him, 'NO!' This man had a demeanor of one who was searching for guilt in some way and there was blood involved in every accusation.

This dream really concerns me. I prayed about it. I have learned the most obvious meaning is often not the meaning. It could be a warning about Muslims stirring up discord with Christians living peacefully amid Muslims in America. It could also be a warning about who will be elected as president. If it is Trump, I do fear he will create so much tension between Muslims and Christians in this nation and there are others in high powers who will stop at nothing; even using Muslims to stir up hate in Christians who would not otherwise feel any opposition (though their beliefs differ highly).

There is one thing I am sure of, this dream brings me to my knees in prayer. It brings great concern. I've had some very strong and difficult dreams regarding American Christians and Muslims in the past. But I have not had one like this.

PRAY.PRAY. PRAY. Do we really see where we are? What times we live in? Are so so busy playing video games and watching reality TV and arguing about transgender people that we don't understand what times could be upon us? No, video games, TV and opinions and views are not bad. But are we REALLY READY for what may be coming? Do we really, REALLY realize what could be going on in our nation soon? As Christians, including myself, we must MUST wake up from the fog of our well fed flesh. We need to get into the Word and pray and fast. And we must UNIFY. Cast aside our sin and our selfish and small discord AND SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE!!!

My heart just cries out to God for help!!! We need God's help. We need to get things right. Let us get our families in order. Let us stop making excuses. Let us dig in our heels and put our eyes on Christ, our King. Let us DO what we are commanded and stop listening to the devil and all his lies that tell us to just sit back, fold our hands and keep feeding our flesh.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Tender Love/LTS is on the Verge

I was worshiping the Lord during the church service and I the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit were so close to me. I can't explain how I knew the difference. They were different but they were the same. The presence of God was so gentle and so sweet. I was worshiping and weeping began (this weeping has been happening all year). I knew it was pain from my past that the Lord is drawing out. As I began to weep, for the first time I saw images of what the pain was about (at least this specific pain). I did not focus on any of the images but on Christ, the Father and the Holy Spirit as they just seemed to draw in closer and closer to me. The pain came out. I had an experience I have not had before. 

The Lord said, 'It's ok. Let me hold you.' Though this was nothing that could be seen, it felt so real. And FOR THE FIRST TIME, I felt the deepest trust in God to just let him hold me. It seemed He wrapped me up like a baby being swaddled in soft blankets. He held me close to Him and just let me cry. And I cried and cried. And I felt His love and His security and healing and freedom. And after ward I felt so much lighter; as though a great weight was gone.

God is everything that is good. God is my everything.

Last night during worship the Lord showed me a large, old and strong tree close to a river. I've seen this tree before. I stopped singing and focused in prayer after I saw this. I saw this several times but got no word about it. This feeling came over me that was very different. I could feel a feeling of expectation I haven't felt before. Though the Lord didn't use words, it felt like He was saying, 'this church is on a precipice; it is on the verge; it is on the edge. . . of a greater plane'. It felt positive and so powerful. I felt as though the Lord was trying to break through to us. I felt as though He was urging me to go down to the front of the church and worship and pray; to intercede for the church; for myself (as one of its members) for this break through to come; to give thanks for it; to cry out and to humble myself. I felt also the need to humble myself and intercede for our nation and the American church. I praised with joy and gratitude and then I wept with deep sorrow as I interceded. When I went down to the front, I felt a flood of the Holy Spirit. I knew I had been obedient. And I felt as if the Lord was saying, 'How much will you humble yourself? Will you put your face to the ground?' So, I did. I lay flat on the floor with my face on the floor and I continued to pray. 

My pastor came up and spoke and he actually talked about the American church, the importance of praying for America and the Bride in America and he prayed for a 'break through' and for miracles for those who needed them. 

The Lord brought back a vision He gave me 7 years ago. In the vision, I saw all these bright lights, like stars. They were flashing and shining so beautifully but I saw myself crawling on the ground in darkness. It was a bit haunting until the Lord showed me the meaning. The bright stars represented people in the 'spot light', like pastors and evangelists; teachers and prophets. I represented intercessors. And I moved on the ground in humility; invisible; silent; unknown to the congregation for my prayers are to God and not before men. 

We are on the edge of something very different and something very good. I have no doubt about it.

Do Not Leave The Church/Relationship

For some time now many believers have felt a bit 'lost'. I made Christ my Lord and Savior in 1989 and I was radical and had a great zeal for the Lord, His Word and His work. I stood out, it seemed and it seemed I was an oddity. As time passed and I moved to a more populated area, I learned there were many who experienced the same thing in the 1980's and 1990's. But this amazing zeal and passion came and it seemed we were without good leadership, for the most part.

My pastor said something last night that said it very well, in my opinion. I paraphrase him saying, 'The people had passion but there was a lack of wisdom. Wisdom without passion is just religion (rules and regulations) and passion without wisdom causes isolation rather than relationship. True Christianity is about relationship and when you have passion and wisdom you will always have RELATIONSHIP.'

Relationship with Christ IS what being a Christian is. You repent, you receive Him and you establish a relationship with Him.

Our example for everything regarding how we live as Christians is in how Christ lived on this Earth. He was a person who developed relationships. He drew people everywhere He went. His disciples were close to Him. He spoke to them, taught them, ate with them and even cooked for them.

From the 90's to the 20 teens we can look at where the Bride (The Church) is at this time in America. For many, MANY years my husband and I felt as though we were in a desert. We felt as though we couldn't find others who were radical. Along the way, we also saw others in the desert with us, fighting and searching for others; for a place to belong and serve; hungering and longing true teaching of God's truths, power and commands for His followers. Time and again, we found ourselves in churches where people meant well but lack of power, knowledge of the Word or the manipulation and power trips of man were present and we walked away as God instructed in pain.

We saw some lose some of their passion along the way. We ourselves lost hope and the enemy nearly obliterated us. BUT GOD NEVER ABANDONED US. Despite our pain and despair, we did continue to believe, pray and love God. And at last, God brought us out of that desert and cut off the hand of the enemy and restored us.

And now, I believe the church is at a place where there are healthier leaders; there is more wisdom and the passion and fire that God poured out upon those in the last two decades of the last century is still there. Oh, it never was put out. God saw to that. It is now growing bigger and stronger, though. And with wisdom and passion, if we can develop healthy relationships, first with God and then with other believers, we truly can see a revival and a mass of lost souls saved like never before in our lifetime!!

BUT. . . it means we have to step out in faith. We have to be willing to take risks. And guess what?? That is what Jesus did. When He spoke, He stirred people up; He was controversial; He OFFENDED; He caused others to think and ponder; He walked about as a daily, willing sacrifice before He was crucified!

And He is our example. We have this passion. We have this calling; we may not even understand it. I don't fully understand it all. But it is real and we must follow Him. We must BE LIKE HIM. We must surrender 100% as He did. We must take risks. We must form a solid relationship with Him. We must develop relationships with other believers. WE MUST BE THE CHURCH OF THE BOOK OF ACTS!

Amid all this passion and grace and fire that God has poured out on the American church in the last 30 years, I have taken note of a terrible anti-Christ message that is causing great destruction to The Bride. It is a lie from the pit of Hell. And that lie is DON'T GO TO CHURCH.

This is a doctrine of Satan. He is divisive. He wants to divide the church and isolate believers. When believers are isolated, they can be tormented, attacked and fighting alone is not easy.



The body is A BODY and these isolated parts cannot receive blood and they will decompose and lose their use. And the isolated part suffers grievously while the rest of The Body suffers for it cannot be as productive without that limb or organ.

The church needs to heal. GOD CAN HEAL THE CHURCH IN THE AREA OF RELATIONSHIPS. HE IS HEALING THE CHURCH IN THE AREA OF RELATIONSHIPS. ARE YOU WILLING TO TAKE THE RISK AND STEP OUT AND TRUST GOD? If you trust God in this, then trusting another person can be easier, though it will be a risk for you. GOD'S GOT YOUR BACK. He is there if something goes wrong and He can fix what goes wrong.