Thursday, September 17, 2015

False Doctrines: Leave The Organized Church, It is Evil.

There have been several deceptive views circulating in Christian communities. I've encountered time and again for the last 15 years. I will post one of these deceptions per blog post.

Let me first say that I have no desire to tell anyone how to think or believe. This is never my goal. In fact, I am deeply troubled when people tell me to do something or believe something and they cannot give me true reasons for what they say. Especially if they are Christians. Do not come to me and tell me to do something or to believe something without Biblical basis for it. And this applies to EVERY Christian I know, even those in leadership positions.

God gave us everything we need to know whether something is true or false; from God or not; a false prophet or from a true prophet.

I have dreams, visions, words, experiences with God. I share them on this blog. I believe what I experience is from God but I am following God to the best of my ability with what He gives me. Each person who reads these writings are responsible for their own soul and convictions. Do not believe things I say without praying, discerning and searching with scripture for yourself. You will not offend me if you disagree with me. If you believe you have found something I post or say in error, by all means, please let me know. I will truthfully pray about it.

A sure way to discern if a prophet is false is they will insist they are right at all costs. They will push their ideas on you. When you ask them for scriptural back up, they will not give you much and if they do give you something, by discernment, you will discover whether it is being twisted to meet their own views and tends to operate in Old Testament Law rather than New Testament grace (The fulfilled law that began before Moses, with Abraham).

There are false prophets EVERYWHERE. It actually makes me really sad that I find so few. It hurts my soul deeply. In the Old Testament, they would be dealt with differently. Under grace, they can find forgiveness, deliverance and help. This is my prayer for the false prophets I've encountered.

Here is the first false doctrine circulating and damaging and dividing the Bride of Christ, the Church:

1.  Don't go to church in a building. Get out of the organized church. It's defiled and deceived. 'Come out from among them'. It's in the Bible

This is probably the biggest one I've come in contact with for about 20 years now. About 10 years ago, I was so distraught by my church experiences that I truly began to believe something close to this. But I wanted to be sure to follow God. I prayed about this. God gave me two dreams. Both confirmed that Christians should not stop meeting together in buildings or of denominations (organized church). Now, let me say this. God has probably shown me more about the error in the Church than anything else. In fact, God says a lot to me about problems of the American church, specifically. But even in all these things, God has made it clear to me that we are not to stop going to church. We will see the error. When we see it, we must operate as the Word directs us to with hope and prayer that repentance and restoration will occur. I have not found anything in the Bible that says we are to 'come out from among' other believers in Christ Jesus. In 2 Corinthians 6 Paul is referring to an Old Testament scripture (2 Samuel, I believe). But he uses it properly when he tells Christians to separate from unbelievers (non-Christians). The problem with using this scripture as a basis for separating and no longer having church with a group of people (whether outside or in a building) is what you would have to be saying. You would have to be saying EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO GOES TO CHURCH that he/she is NOT a Christian.  This is severe judgment that is wrong. 

God knows the sheep from the goats and He will separate them BUT NOT UNTIL CHRIST RETURNS (Matthew 25:31-46).

I've NEVER experienced being in any church group (online or in a building) that did not have true believers within them. To place a blanket judgment like this is so wrong according to scripture, I'm not sure where to even begin!

And to think it matters a great deal whether you meet outdoors or indoors is straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel. It's just a religious ideals. It's devoid of the Spirit. And there is no scripture to back up this belief that no Christians met in buildings. In fact, what remains of early churches can be found in the parts of Europe and Asia. These were not homes. They were buildings dedicated fully to meeting together to have communion, pray and read letters or hear sermons from apostles and many ministers as the church grew vastly.

Those who spread this demonic doctrine increase division in the body of Christ. They are enticing people away.  The enemy uses them to weaken the church. This is the last thing we need to happen. These false prophets tend to spend inordinate amounts of time persuading people THEY are right. You should believe them because 'God told me so.' Most of their information is NOT brought to you from the Bible but through various news organizations or secular (worldly) ideals (Illuminati, etc.) The Biblical is usually based more in Old Testament law. The problem with this is that since Christ Jesus ascended and sent us the Holy Spirit, we no longer live nor operate under the law. The law has been fulfilled in Christ. We live in a covenant of grace that dates back to Abraham.

I will add this. I think there is a good possibility, in the future that true Christians will be 'forced out' of the organized church in America. I cannot say this is for the entire world. But from many things God has shown me, we will be forced out. This isn't something that has been outright prophesied in the Bible. Just as what is happening in China and Christianity is not a detail that is shared. True Christians HAVE been forced out of churches that become run by GOVERNMENT. It will happen here when Separation of Church and State has dissolved. From what God's shown me, I believe it will happen when a very evil man becomes leader over the entire northern hemisphere. Christians will be forced out by way of persecution (supporting the true Christ and supporting the care for the poor, specifically). This is political and geographically based. It does not include the entire Bride of Christ worldwide.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

God Speaks to Me About Islam

It is very  interesting that a 9th grade boy in Texas named Ahmed Mohamed was arrested because he brought a clock that he built to school. Many at the school assumed it was a bomb. The charges were dropped. I've heard some very unkind things have still been said to and about him despite the truth being as benign as it is. I was VERY upset that this happened to this boy who honestly looked like he was about the size of my 11 year old son, Benjamin.

The reason I say it is interesting is because for years God has been giving me a heart for Muslim women and Christian women living in Muslim nations.This actually began when George Bush was president when the Persian Gulf War was being fought. I was very young. God gave me several dreams that involved Muslims. I do not have the full meaning of the dreams. I have received partial meanings to one (which I will share another time, perhaps). The dream that stayed with me in a very powerful way, involved me being in my kitchen. These two women were wearing head scarves and  came through my back door, very humbly. I immediately felt a kindness and a love with them. I was afraid at first but soon realized they meant me no harm. They were so humble that they took out my trash. The dream ended as they left my home, peacefully.

The dream changed me. I hadn't realize it until recently. This dream had such an impact on me. The strong emotions of love and humility caused me to be much more open minded and less afraid of those who practice Islam or live in a culture where Islam is the main religion. The only meaning God has given me about this dream is simply the impact of it. Why they are taking out my trash, as a kind gesture, I am not certain. If I need to know, I will know and I will know when God wants me to know. I don't fret over dreams I don't have meaning to. It's God's business. He gave them to me. He will reveal reason for them if He chooses, when the time is right. I just pray.

In the last few months God brought a Christian women who is Pakistani into my life. She runs a home for children there. God told me when I was praying one night, 'I'm taking you to a nation that is far away,'. It was very strange but I've learned not to discount nor avoid such messages when I pray. I believe this is happening online.I teach the children once a week by way of Skype. I cannot tell you the impact these Christians have had on me, my heart and my views. Being a Christian in a country who has rule by the Taliban is no easy thing. And yet, I have met this beautiful woman who devotes all her time to running a home for Christian children and sharing Christ with any woman who will listen. She often wears a head scarf. Very beautiful and always reminds me of my dream. God can take us to far away lands now, thanks to technology.

A few weeks ago, I went with some other Christians (from my church) to visit elderly, pray with the sick and hurting and share God's love with them. It was an amazing experience. We prayed. We wrote down things God showed us for we asked the Father to show us where to go and who needs Him. I saw a little girl with a pony tail and a pink shirt on. Me, my nephew and a dear friend all saw different things. We drove into a park and I saw a little girl with a pink shirt on and a pony tail. We went to two women who were standing nearby (assuming one of them was the mother). One of the women explained to me that the child belonged to someone else. She pointed toward the back of the park with a touch of disdain that actually bothered me. The woman was Muslim. We went to speak with her. She knew very little English. I've prayed for her so much.

At church on a Wednesday night after this event, one of my friends at church gave me a book. A very kind gesture and one of love. It was a book about reaching Muslims for Christ.

It is clear by the timeline that God is speaking to me about praying and ministering to women in Muslim cultures whether Christian or Muslim. My heart bursts with a love for them. It is God's love.

I usually don't watch all the documentaries regarding September 11, 2001. I am a sensitive person. I have learned when watching something benefits me and when it just brings me down. This year, I felt the 'need' to watch a few documentaries. I needed to grieve, mourn and pray. I needed to go back. Details I'd forgotten of that day came back to me quite fresh. For me, it wasn't a political watch. Though I have my passions regarding politics, they reside beneath my passion for Christ Jesus and my relationship with Him and my love for my neighbor. I noticed something I hadn't seen before. Muslim women weeping and running along with Americans in New York that day. I learned that out of the 2,996 people killed, 60 were Muslim (in the attack on the World Trade Center). And 1,632 were unidentified. There could have been more.

I also learned that after the attacks, many American Muslims lost their jobs, were evicted from their homes and were outcast in many ways JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE BROWN AND PRACTICED ISLAM. Children were bullied.

I sit and think on things. I am the kind of person that marinates and meditates. I try to look at all sides of  an issue. I realize people were very afraid. I took a moment and was very honest with myself. Would I respond similarly? I can honestly say I would probably be a little afraid but I would not be unkind toward them. I am also nonviolent. Some people call me a pacifist, as though it is an insult. It's not an insult to me. Jesus was a pacifist not matter how Christian extremists try to make Him a sword wielding warrior.

I admit that I have gotten nervous when I see Middle Easterners on flights I've taken. I think most Americans would feel this way. But my respite, comfort and solution to this is to pray. And rest in faith that I would respond to a 'hijacker' event in the most productive, pro-life way possible, as this is my desire as a Christian.

I never thought God would bring something like this into my life. I don't know where He will lead and use me with this love. I know this can be a dangerous thing. I would be ignorant and a liar if I did not acknowledge that. There are several truths I will point out here:

1.  I believe Islam is a deceptive path of spirituality
2.  I believe the majority of Muslims that are kind
3.  I believe some Muslims become violent out of fear
4.  I hope all of those Muslim extremists who attacked our nation pay for their crimes
5.  I will stand up for Muslims or people from Muslim nations who now live in America that are         arrested or mistreated where no evidence of terrorism is presented.

It is a very dangerous thing to reach out to Muslims with the truth of Jesus Christ. Most Christian persecution occurs in Muslim nations. True, the most Christian persecution occurs in North Korea and Islam is not the dominant religion. At one time it was Buddhism and there was a minority of Christians. Now, it is predominantly atheist. Atheism is promoted. Another nation that is high on the list is China. It is not an Islamic nation. Even in Kenya, where Christianity is most commonly practiced has experienced recent persecution. I know this because friends recently went on a mission trip to Kenya but were not allowed to enter the country due to violent persecution.

I apologize for going on and on. I suppose I'd like to express that I realize how dangerous things are at this time. I live here in a wonderful country where I do not have to be so concerned about the danger. But I do have a 'knowing' within that I am in more danger than I can logically see. But I am not afraid. It causes me to be more aware and to pray for discernment and direction in a new way.

Who knows? Perhaps God will have me go on the next missions trip to the Philippines (with our church). Perhaps I will get the opportunity to visit Pakistan. Not if my husband has anything to do with it. All will be revealed. All will be known. I trust God in all things.

Matthew 10:28- "Don't be afraid of those who want to kill your body; they cannot touch your soul. Fear only God, who can destroy both soul and body in hell.
Psalm 56:11- In God have I put my trust: I will not be afraid what man can do unto me.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

What's Happening to America?

The reason I gave this post this title is because I am asking this question to myself. I'm not asking it as though I'm disgusted or disturbed. I am asking this sincerely. What's happening? I can have visions and dreams and words that come from the Lord God, as others do.  But I will only know in part (1 Cor. 13:9-12). What I know is that things are not looking good. The details? The sequence? It remains to be seen. God knows. Can we have an impact? I believe we can or else God would not show me to pray as He is showing me!

I heard about this woman going to jail because she wouldn't abide by American law to legally wed gay couples. Is the beginning of some new persecution? I've asked myself many questions about this.

I knew when gay marriage was ruled legal by the Supreme Court that this marked a turning point. For America, this is a significant move. I do not have the traditional conservative Christian view of what has transpired. And I am not ashamed of my that. We are all responsible for searching our own souls, praying and fasting with fear and trembling and living a Christian life based on this effort.

I think the reason legalized gay marriage will become a serious problem in America is because the Christian community will make it a point of focus. They choose to see this as something to fight about, legislate and argue for. In their eyes, our nation is a Christian nation so this is the right thing to do. If I had a dime for every time I heard, 'Let's bring America back to the Godly values she once had' I would be very wealthy. Until I gave it all away to the poor.

Gay marriage will be a problem if Christians make it a problem. I know this is hard for people to hear. But I do not think America is a Christian nation. I believe many Christians live here. More live here than in any other nation (except Vatican City- by percentage). I believe many ancestors came here and Christianity has been the main religion our forefathers practiced by percentage. I also know that Separation of Church and State was very important to our forefathers. They saw the disasters of bringing government and church together up close.They saw how it made Christianity hollow and void of life; for it became rule rather than relationship with God.

The Bill of Rights is NOT Biblical not by a long shot! I say this because as Christians, we are to forfeit everything for Christ. We are to turn the other cheek. We are too give up our rights for Christ gave up His throne and title in Heaven to be killed by the people He created and formed.

Though America has had a 'theme' of Christianity, she is not and was never a Christian nation. If it were a Christian nation we would not have freedom of religion and our forefathers wouldn't have supported Muslims' rights to worship and practice Islam. I am not making this up. It's true.

So gay marriage is legalized. Christians who have already been upset and riled up by media sources are really getting heated. Media get a thrill out of causing one to fear. And when people fear, their primitive recourse takes over. This means people throw logic out the window and begin to operate out of emotion. And that is a very dangerous thing. Very.

What would Jesus say about gay marriage being legalized? He wouldn't abolish the law made for He did not ever abolish any law made by Rome (who ruled over Israel in His day). So what should our position be?

I take the position of LOVE. What does this mean? I'm just going to keep loving all people, sharing the gospel, help the poor, pray and fast for the church and for the lost. I'm going to give my life to God on an even deeper level. I will serve. I'm going to do what Jesus did. To the best of my ability. I'm keeping my religious views out of politics to the best of my ability and I will encourage others to do so. I honor my forefathers by doing this also.

Bottom line is we live in a fallen world. America is an Earthen nation. It is not God's kingdom. If a person is opposed to marrying gay people, then by all means, they have the right to oppose it. But the way to oppose it is to find a job where you would not have to wed homosexuals.  Christians are going to MAKE this a major issue. And because of that I fear it will bring us to darker places as a nation. For many years God has shown me that a division has been growing greater and greater in the church (those who profess Jesus as Christ and God). This is an opportunity for the church to become more divided.

I feel sorrow in the heart of God when I pray. My only desire is to bring relief to my God in His sorrow. He tells me 'things must happen,' and He tells me,'pray for My people' with a love, pain and concern that is very heavy.

Ultimately, our focus needs to be on Jesus and the Great Commission. Are we Americans first? Or are we Christians first? We are citizens of God's Kingdom FIRST. America will always be second. The two are not the same at all. We, who are not believing Jews have been grafted into Israel by the work of Christ Jesus. I don't speak of the Earthen nation Israel. No. I'm talking about God's Kingdom and the covenant that God made with Abram/Abraham with his son Isaac. It was fulfilled and brought into fruition by Christ's work on the cross (death, resurrection, ascension and sending the Holy Spirit, thereafter). We are a spiritual nation. So, we need to be about the Father's business. 

If we are serving God by sharing the gospel, praying, fasting, visiting the imprisoned, tending to the sick, helping the poor, serving in various areas of the local church we are called to serve it, we will have more impact on this nation that any law can. This is how America becomes a Christian nation. One soul at a time. By loving others as we love ourselves. By sacrificing all in service to Christ. For they will know us by our love for one another (John 13:35).

Stay in the Word of God. Stay in prayer. Fast every week. Serve God in every way you can. If we are to do this, I don't think laws of America will be of much consequence. Laws of the land can become pointless if we do the work God told us to do. Perhaps that is too hard. It is easier to have flags, bumper stickers, sign petitions, legislate and post (often with sick pride) what we don't like in America because it isn't Christ-like.

Be Christ-like. Humble yourselves before God. Pray with faith and you will see mountains move! Be about the work of God.

I truly believe with all that God has told me in visions and dreams, that this is what the future of America hinges on. What's happening to America? With all the rights and opportunities we have in this great nation, a lot of great things can be happening in America. But only if we do things God's way. If we keep trying to do it man's way, then history repeats itself. The Crusades and blood that has been shed by leaders like Queen Mary of Scots (Bloody Mary) is what results. Could it get to this point? I truly did not believe that was a possibility until God showed me otherwise!

Please, please be obedient to God under His covenant of grace through Christ Jesus.