Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Intercession Dreams and Visions

I know there are all kinds of things I share on here. Happy dreams or visions as well as ones of warning. I want to share  an 'intercessory Word' God gave me. My hope is to encourage you and remind you, once again, how great our God is.

A dear friend and I were talking about dreams and we started talking about intercessory dreams/words/visions about particular people that we are usually not allowed by God to share unless he tells us too. I have a great testimony of such an experience.

In 1997, I became pregnant with my second baby. There were many concerns about his health due to some prescribed medications I had been taking. I was scheduled to go to the hospital to get an intensive ultrasound done because the doctors were very concerned about the affect some medication may have had on his heart. The night before I was to go to the appointment, I was praying so hard that my baby would be healthy. After praying for a while, the Lord spoke to me. He said, 'Your son is going to be healthy. Your son will be a minister of the gospel. He is my minister.' It was so real and so intense. I didn't even know what I was having until that point.

I went to the appointment the next day and everything turned out alright. He was born in September and has been a great joy to our lives. 

I realized the importance of not telling my son this word God gave me. God held me back. So, through the years, I prayed for him. A few months ago, after going to a youth retreat, my son, Andrew, had me sit down at the kitchen table so he could share something important with me. He said, 'Mom, I've been called to be a minister of the gospel.' I was so blessed to hear the words come out of his mouth. We rejoiced together, me and all our family together. Then I told Andrew that 17 years earlier, God told me this. He was amazed. I feel it boosted his faith, also.

Being an intercessor is a wonderful gift. Prayer is more powerful than we realize. I hear people say, 'All I can do is pray'. It seems a bit backwards to try everything physically and then look to praying as a last resort. Prayer really should always be our first action!! 

I hope you were blessed by this and encouraged. God is good. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

I am Coming Soon

In my prayer time lately, different dreams and visions have come to mind. And Wednesday night, my pastor shared a prophetic word he was given. God spoke to him about how the church needs to get healed. When he said this, it sparked several dreams God gave me regarding the condition of the church and His desires for the church. It also brought up a few visions I have also have concerning the church.

As I thought on this, I went back to the very first dream God gave me. I was a new Christian. I had been saved for about 6 months, as I recall. I was going to a Baptist church so I knew little about such things as spiritual dreams given by God. But I knew what I experienced was very real.

Sometimes, we make things so complicated. I know I do. As I get older, though, I realize the simplicity of so many things in life. God gives me a dream and I write it down. Sometimes, he tells me to share. I share. He tells me not to share. I don't. He tells me what the dream means. I write it down. If He tells me to share it somewhere, I share it. Otherwise, I PRAY. Prayer is the driving force behind most dreams, visions and words God has given me. Very simple. Pray about what God is showing me.

As an 18 year old teenager, I realized it was from God but I made it a complex thing quickly. Now that I am 43, I realize God gave me a command and I need to follow that command. So, I'll share the dream with you now and obey God:

I dreamed of a beautiful glowing light. It was gentle and peaceful. Though it was very brilliant, it did not hurt my eyes to look at it. I realized the glowing light was moving closer to me. And it seemed to be gaining some speed. As it got closer, I began to see angels moving about in this light. Their movement grew faster and faster. Through the entire dream, I heard a voice saying, 'TELL THE WORLD I AM COMING SOON.' The voice said it over and over and it became louder and louder as the light moved closer and closer to me. 'TELL THE WORLD I AM COMING SOON. TELL THE WORLD I AM COMING SOON!!!!' I awoke as the voice was so loud. end

So, I'll make this simple. Jesus is coming soon. He is coming soon.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

2 Dreams

 I often do not get interpretations of dreams I have had. I believe both of these dreams are dreams of warning. The first dream is about tornado-like storms. Storms tend to represent warfare in my dreams. The second dream is a bit baffling as I notice a comparison of  Randy and me to Adam and Eve.

I pray for the meanings. I feel very weak and know I must lay before the Lord and let Him speak to me.

Last night I dreamed that terrible damage was done to a portion of a city I lived in. These storms came without warning. They were sudden, strange and baffled all that saw them. There were people who were weeping and many who were terrified. Since they were like nothing we had ever seen, we did not know if another could occur at any moment. Two storms, I remember clearly. They both came up out of the earth and not from the sky. One came up in pure sand and like a tornado, it was fierce and did serious damage to people and the land as the sand spun and struck people at great speed. Another came up and like a tornado also did damage to people and the land. But this storm had grass, trees and earth that it flung about with great ferocity. In the shuffle and chaos of the storms, I ended up staying at a friend's house who lived just out of the city. end

I dreamed I was visiting my grandparent's home (they are both deceased and the home belongs to strangers now). Outside, on the land they owned grew massive amounts of fruit. I was amazed, happy and began picking the fruit. Oranges, tomatoes and other fruits. As I picked them, I found more of them. Trees were heavy with the weight of oranges and other fruits. As I shared with people surrounding me I was picking the fruit. I started to notice that none of the pieces of fruit were 'perfect'. There were bad 'spots'. Randy, my husband, said, 'No, they appear to be bad but they are the best part of the fruit.' He then ate the bad part of the fruit. I ate the bad part of an orange (that ironically, looked like blood) and it was delicious. end

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Vision of God's Love

Tonight at church, during the worship service, the Lord showed me all the roses AGAIN. For about a year now, the Lord will suddenly show me a rose. Now He shows me rose bushes. Red roses. So many of them. He says there are massive rose gardens in Heaven. As He showed me these rose gardens, I noticed that he drew my attention to the thorns. I feel I know what this means for me. I will explain and I think those who read it may gain some help too. 

In the last 2 years, as I've given up alcohol and drugs and now cigarettes, I have not been spared withdrawals. As I begin to operate in certain areas God has lead me into, I have not been spared challenge, trial and pain. Some would interpret this as a lack of care. But I know who my Father is. I trust Him. He loves me. The thorns are a part of a rose. You cannot have one without the other. Others may be spared withdrawals and pains but I KNOW that I know that God is allowing this pain for a reason. I'd love for it to be gone. But I love God's will more. I trust God's work. These challenges and pains are not fruitless. God has placed a rose in my heart once (a pink one). As He's handed me these roses, He has not taken away the thorns. This work that He is doing in me is one I hunger for. And it is worth the pain. Well worth the pain.

As I continued to worship, I saw the Lord Jesus standing before me with His eyes fixed on me. My heart was very touched and I heard, 'My eye is on my people. I see them. I look at them.' Words alone don't convey the message. I felt the power of His attention to His people as He gazed at me and those around me as we worshiped Him. 

I then felt the 'weight' of God's love for people. I've never even thought of God's love being 'heavy'. But it was massive and so heavy. I compared it to a large amount of water. I heard, 'All the oceans and then more'. As I felt this heaviness of God's love, I began to weep. If others heard me, it would've sounded very sorrowful. It was sorrowful but also full of desire, care and joy. I don't know how I know this but I do. I was not able to see the fullness of the weight of God's love for my human body would not be able to contain it. It is heavy and very, very powerful.

Pastor Chris' sermon tonight helped me put together what is happening in my life and what I've been feeling stirring. He preached about adoption. I am just beginning to 'walk' in the truth of my adoption. When we accept Christ, we are adopted by Father God but we don't always realize what that means or what it is. I began to see that I could trust God as my Father. This has opened up realities I never imagined existed. My identity is being made known to me and I fear less. I live in the security of the loving arms of my Father.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Something is Stirring

Since this year began, I've been sensing something stirring within me. I speak about my own experience for it is the only thing I truly know outside of the Gospel. I believe this is a special year. I am sure many others are also feeling a stirring within. God is leading me into places of healing but the desire and passion to be a vessel of God's healing grows stronger and stronger. The Lord spoke a strong word to me about 8 years ago. It comes to mind now. The word was a strong description of what Christ was doing with His church. He was removing the ornaments of the world that she had placed on her body. He was washing away the things of the world. He was bringing a great and intense purging to the church. It was going to be hard. But it would be worth it.

I saw other things through the years also. The Lord spoke to me once about an earthquake. He said He what remained standing afterward were His and blessed. I believe these things have and are happening. I have certainly felt a purging and I have been shaken!!! I've come to really let go of false refuges that the world offers and I am learning to go to the ONLY real refuge that exists. That refuge is in God. I'm sure I'm not alone in all this. I'm sure others have felt the Holy Spirit leading them to rid themselves of the things of the world that distract us and can easily misguide us. Now, more than ever, we need to be about the Lord's business.

Something is stirring. I'm beginning to understand better my different callings. We all have callings. I believe that. I'm learning who I am as I sit in the presence of God. It is as if He holds this amazing mirror that shows us our true self and the gifts within and the dreams that can come true for us.

I'm going through so much purging which is so painful. God's grace and help is there but some of that help actually has come not in comfort or immediate deliverance. It has come through trial, pain, cravings and tears. It's all good though. Because I trust God. There is a purpose for such things. In time, I will most likely see what that purpose is/was.  Maybe I won't in my days on the earth but I rest in the faith that I have in the love God has for me and for all people!

In the midst of the pain, is that ironic experience (that only comes with God) of exceeding joy, peace and positive expectation!! What is God going to do in me this year? What will He do through me? What am I willing to do?

For some, the battle is so thick and intense right now, you feel like you can't see the sun! But hold on. Hold on to the words of Jesus Christ. In all the visions and dreams I've had in 25 years, this is the one thing that stands out the most for me. Jesus saying, 'Remember my words and you will be fine. Hold onto my words for they will sustain you when nothing else will.'

So, I encourage all who read this, hold fast to the Word of God, turn your eyes to Him for that is where you are restored and nourished. Endure.

God's about to do something amazing. Get ready.