Thursday, May 22, 2014

I'm Back. :D

It has been a while since I posted on my blog. The truth is, so very much has changed in my life since I started this blog that what I post now will be different. No doubt, I've had dreams and visions from God. But I've always struggled with how to share them and what to do with them. I've grown a lot spiritually and my view on all things in life are changing. My desire hasn't really changed. I want to share what God wants me to. I want to benefit others. I want to do good with what I've been given. Wanting isn't enough. I've had to let God 'grow me'. He is putting through processes to bring about a better way to live (and give and share). I'm growing up. It's a good thing. It's not always pleasant, either though.

My joy has increased as my growth has increased. My anxiety has decreased greatly. I suppose the first post after the long silence (and deleting prior posts) is simply going to be an introduction to what my blog will now be.

What will my blog be about? Well, I am learning so much and so fast. So, I suppose I'll be posting on things I am learning spiritually. I also believe I will probably share a few dreams God has given me and some meaning in them. All of this is to benefit the body of Christ and any reader, for that matter, seeking to benefit from reading it.

I've learned that in life, the one constant is change. How we perceive that change and operate in and with that perception directs our lives. This is a powerful thing. Our life can literally change in massive ways according to this principle. Change involves adversity, resistance, ambition, pain, chaos, stress,  ignorance,  the pursuit of answer, hunger and aspects of acceptance. Despite what some may think, all these things are good in their respective place. If you want to grow, you will be challenged. But the challenge is worth it if you seek to change for the right reasons.

I'm through trying to post dreams and visions God has given me about political leaders, nations and the future. Though I still pray about them, the way I see it is that God will show me what to do with them and why He gave them to me. So, I'll share things I'm learning. With the hope of pleasing God and helping my family in Christ.