Monday, December 12, 2016

Signs/ God's Message to Those Who Don't Believe in Jesus Christ

Word from the Lord given to me on December 10, 2016:

"Because I am a loving and merciful God, I come to you and speak. I speak and have been speaking through many of my people because I love you and I desire that none perish. I warn you again with this urgent warning to turn from sin and turn to me. Great destruction and devastation comes soon. Many people will die. Will you die in your sin? Will you die rejecting Jesus Christ, the Messiah?"

"Many will hear this warning and consider it egotistical rhetoric. They will scoff and they will roll their eyes. Just as it was in Jeremiah's day, it is today. For I gave warning after warning after warning after warning to my people through My prophet, Jeremiah. FOR 30 YEARS I warned my people. I gave them every opportunity to repent. Over many years Jeremiah spoke about what would come and they regarded him as annoying and false. And when they rejected My prophet, Jeremiah, THEY REJECTED MY LOVE, MERCY, GRACE, PATIENCE AND MY VOICE.  Many people were killed by sword, fire and famine. Many were carried away as captives into a pagan foreign land. This happened to them because they would not hear My Words that I gave to Jeremiah to speak."

"Now here we are today, where evil and desecration is great and my patience has been spent! My heart will no longer carry this sorrow and anger. It has peaked and it is time now for Me to bring judgement. But my judgement comes out of my love and my longing for ALL to know Me. I love what is good and abhor what is evil. Sadly, now it is time to purge the earth with fire."

"I have warned you in every way possible. I have spoken through your elders, men, women, girls and boys. Yes, I have even spoken through little ones with warnings of great destruction that is coming; to repent of your sin; to stop sinning and to seek Me; TO GIVE YOUR LIFE TO ME SO I CAN SAVE YOU!"

"Not only have I given you warning upon warning, I have given you great signs in the heavens and in the earth. My rage has caused your entire solar system to burn hotter. Yes, every planet is heated and the sun I put in the midst of them has been made ready to strike the earth! Yet, you still reject Me."

"I have caused an increase in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and wind storms. Yet you still reject Me."

"I have caused there to be an increase of very strange signs in the heavens and in the earth too. You have seen strange clouds, great sinkholes all over the world and weather patterns that defy prediction. Yes, despite all your advances, I have shown THAT I AM THE LIVING GOD, YOUR CREATOR by making your seasons strange and unstable. Yet, you still reject Me."


"I also increased the number of bright moons in this year, 2016. THE SUPER MOON COMING IN THIS LAST MONTH IS ONE OF THE FINAL SIGNS I AM GIVING YOU! I have made the moon so bright and so large before your eyes and you have seen the great blood moon which My Son spoke of as a sign for all to see. These moons you see are evident and prophetic signs! The light is bright and commands notice. In My Word, haven't you been told that Jesus is the Light of the world? In My Word, haven't you read that My children are lights in the world? My light shines to lead you to see what has been hidden in the darkness! Just as the moon shines bright, My TRUTH shines upon the whole earth to lead you who live in darkness out of the pit Satan has deceived you into!"

"Why won't you hear me? Please stop ignoring THE SIGNS I HAVE POURED OUT AS WARNING. I love you. Don't delay. Let go of the lies, fears and sin that will cause you to suffer great, great affliction. For SO VERY LONG I HAVE INVITED YOU IN WITH GRACE, MERCY AND BLESSING AND YOU HAVE REFUSED. NOW, WITH AFFLICTION I WILL COME. I am giving dreams, visions, words and testimonies to My people as warnings! They are hearing My voice! Please, pay attention to what they say!"

"Do you truly think that all these events are strange coincidences? All the nations are rising up against one another. The enemy of your soul, the Man of Lawlessness will soon appear. HEAR ME! THE ANTICHRIST WILL SOON APPEAR! Only those who belong to Me will overcome his evil for he is powerful. Only MY power can defeat him. Soon it will be too late for you. Believe in my son, Jesus Christ. HE IS THE PROMISED MESSIAH. He died for ALL sin. FAITH AND ACCEPTANCE OF JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY TO ME! He is the only safe place you will find. I am so weary of the lies people speak about Jesus, My Son. Some say He was only human and was not resurrected by Me. JESUS IS YOUR LORD! HE IS YOUR KING! I RAISED HIM FROM THE DEAD AND HE ASCENDED TO ME AND SENT MY HOLY SPIRIT TO YOU TO GIVE YOU UNDERSTANDING AND POWER! He was not just a prophet. He was not just a great teacher. HE IS THE ETERNAL, LIVING KING WITH AUTHORITY OVER DEATH, HELL AND THE GRAVE! The name of Jesus, My Son is the most powerful name in the world! GIVE YOUR LIFE TO JESUS TODAY!"

"Repent! Turn to Me! Follow My Word! The door is still open but it narrows. As it narrows,it will be harder to come through and many will not be able to enter. COME NOW, BEFORE THE DOOR IS CLOSED AND YOU ARE LEFT IN PAINFUL DARKNESS WHERE DEMONS WILL DEVOUR YOU. Jesus is the Light of the world. Turn to Him that you may live and find refuge, supply and power."

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  1. Thank you. I appreciate this message. I am considering coming back after becoming an atheist. And I felt something I cannot explain recently that is showing me this may be the right path.