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Dream 10/10/16 and Meaning 12/1/16: The Woman on the Gurney

October 10, 2016

I dreamed me and my family were at this really big place. There were Christian children's classes and all things were related to God and church activity. There were so many people there but I knew only a few of them. The people I recognized were my husband, my two youngest sons, my pastors, Chris and Tami Smith and my sister.

There were these wild creatures (like animals) that would come and fly around. They were very annoying. They didn't have wings. One looked like an Iguana and one looked like an octopus but then it was a spider but it behaved like neither. None of them behaved as they should. I was told they were part of the 'entertainment'. One kept flying around me and it was so annoying. I recall someone trying to telling me how they get released and how to capture them.

I kept finding handouts from the children's materials (this happened a few times throughout the dream) and in the handouts I kept seeing the word: FREE. And when I saw these I felt great gratitude regarding the charity of the church and of our freedoms in our nation.

There were tables and booths (like restaurants) in a great number. I kept finding myself sitting at a table with my pastors and often my husband. At one point Pastor Chris wasn't talking to me but another person sitting at this table with us about his wife having a dream from God and this dream was gory and dark. I quickly spoke up and said, 'I have these kind of dreams.' Pastor Tami immediately was interested with interest.

I said to them, 'I've had those dreams. I always take the demon and bind it and send it away. That's all that really is. It's just taking the demon captive and getting rid of it.'

We all kept moving to different tables and booths. I kept trying to sit closer to Tami so we could talk about dreams with her.

But I would get up and walk around by myself often. I somehow kept ending up coming to this one room. It was as though I just kept wandering to this same area without trying to. I was actually looking for another room but kept ending up here when I would walk away from the others at tables and booths. At first, the room was rather empty; just a few people there. Then I noticed young people there and a woman was at a desk as though she was 'checking them in'. These young people were going through some kind of inspection regarding their clothing and what was in their luggage.

Every time I ended up in this area/room there were more and more teenagers and young people to the point you couldn't get through a doorway. This woman was continuing to check them in. It got to the point that I couldn't even get through any hall way or doorway for the great number of young people 'registering' there.

As I went back to sit with my pastors and husband and other believers (which I always found them each time and they were always at a different table), I noticed that I was clumsy and getting tripped up. I looked down and noticed there were holes in the floor. I was glad to see the reason for my clumsiness and unsteadiness.

My two youngest sons, Benjamin and Timothy were with my sister in one of the places the children were. (Note:  my sister has a calling with children). Benjamin came to tell me his younger brother, Timothy was misbehaving. I took Timothy with me and we headed back to sit at the table with the others.

As I went to this one area/room the next time, I saw something haunting. Some men brought a woman on a gurney (the gurney was one of the older kind used in the military during war). She was extremely thin as though she was starved. She had short blond hair. Her skin was very tan but I knew she was naturally a fair skinned person. I also suspected that her hair was not actually this color (she dyed it). She was unconscious and nearly naked and had no visible wounds.

The woman that had been inspecting all the teens was now like a nurse and a man joined her like an assistant. She was taking this woman's blood pressure and was very shocked. She said, 'I can't get a normal blood pressure on her. This is odd! I can't. . . something's really wrong here!' After doing several other things, this nurse/woman said, 'Oh, my goodness! They have already taken her organs for donation! They already left her for dead!'

Then it was made known that this woman could not enter and there was a moment of sorrow yet one of shock. I wasn't real emotional but did feel a bit surprised.

I went back to sit at the table with my son and the others. A man spoke about how great the food was. I had the feeling, 'FINALLY. . . the food is here!'

I looked down to see green leaves and dark lettuce leaves and was thrilled. I was about to put a little seasoning on the salad when this man at our table said, 'Be careful. It's already very flavorful.' I stopped and looked down at this very small bowl of greens and noticed a sauce/dressing on the leaves. There wasn't a fork so I picked up a leaf with my hand and ate it. I knew we were waiting for more food. As I ate the leaf I immediately started talking about how good it tasted, though I couldn't hadn't tasted it. The leaves were very fresh and crisp though I didn't detect any taste.

I began to tell Tami about the woman on the gurney. After this strange 'entertainment' I looked out the window there where we sat at the table. I saw this truck driving by on a road. In the bed of the truck was a man and the woman from the gurney. She was conscious! She sat up and was holding her head as though in pain. And this man was tending to her. I told Tami that I could see her and she was conscious but she wasn't facing the window and even if she had turned to look, the truck had already passed. I didn't feel great sorrow or grief but felt surprised and rather haunted. Theses is the only word I can find to explain my emotions about this woman on the gurney.

December 1, 2016- Meaning

The Lord spoke to me and said, 'SEEK ME NOW. I WANT TO SHOW YOU SOMETHING.' I immediately went to pray and seek Him. As I began to praise Him, I felt Him communing with me; I felt His love and His hand was very heavy upon me. He said,'WORSHIP ME AND SEEK ME A LITTLE LONGER AND THEN I WILL SHOW YOU SOMETHING.' So, I did this. His hand was so heavy upon me.


When He said this I was weak and had great sorrow within and it has not left me.

I felt a little confused because the place we are at, I believed was a Christian fellowship or a church. An angel of the Lord began to ask me questions.

'Do you see the gospel being preached here? Do you see people reading the Word of God? Do you hear the name of Christ being worshiped here? Is anyone saying anything about the Living God and His Living Son, Jesus Christ? Are the people fed? When they are fed, is it sustaining? Are the demonic spirits allowed to remain? Why are they not cast out utterly?'

I realized at this point that this place I am in is very absent of God. It is an abomination of desolation for the Spirit of the Living God does not dwell within it. I am very grieved in my spirit because I do not like seeing that me and my family are in this place.

The Lord shows me there is a great deception and a great delusion that has been slowly seeping into the American body of Christ (the church). It has been so subtle that even strong Christians aren't able to see it for what it is!

The fear of the Lord overtook me and I prayed, 'Why are we here in this place?!'

An angel spoke to me and said, 'Kim, you are an intercessor for the Bride so you are here to see BOTH camps. You are a watcher and that is why you keep walking to this registration and inspection area for you must see what ALL believers are doing so you will pray for ALL believers.'

I do ask if this is the institutionalized church the government puts in place (before the Antichrist comes). He gives me the meaning to the part of the dream where I am praising Him for FREE teaching for my children and FREEDOM OF RELIGION in our nation.

This represents the delusion that many believers will still be in the belief that we have freedom of religion here in the U.S. It is also evident of what will happen in this time to our children. Their education of 'god' will be free. But all of this is void of truth.

The compromising church compromises over this period of time (and much of that time has already passed with a little time to go).

I represent believers' apathy for as I see the persecuted church, I feel shock but not much more. Yet when I woke, I cannot get the woman on the gurney out of my mind and I have been pleading with the Lord for the meaning.

The infiltration of the Beast System is nearly complete in the church buildings and in many believers who do not attend church. It is near completion. This is preparation for the Beast. It will happen before the Antichrist comes as one world ruler; one step closer to complete takeover.

 'The uncompromising church will be viewed as mentally ill, resistant to positive change and will be viewed as superstitious and unintelligent.'

'People will be taken in secret; in the night also. People will marvel and wonder what happened to these people. The enemy (who is in league with the Antichrist) will take them captive to persecute and torture them. Few people will be taken that are well known among Christians. They will be taken because they have become such a great threat to the Beast System that is being set up. The world will not know what is happening.'

'Prophets, watchmen, handmaidens heed this word. Write letters by hand for your loved ones with instruction that the Lord gives you. Tell them what has happened in the event that you are taken captive suddenly, as though you disappeared in a moment. You will be taken because you have become a threat to the Beast System and they want to quiet the voices of those who prophesy against it. Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged. The Lord God is with you all.  This will not be the end for many that are taken. Take heart for the Spirit of the Lord will not be silenced through His chosen. The gates of Hell will not prevail against Christ's church!!

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