Friday, December 2, 2016

11/30/16 Vision/Experience (Drawn into The Father's Love and Safety)

November 30, 2016

I was worshiping the Lord and I began to see a light coming from the Father. This light was very beautiful. As I was worshiping, I felt myself being drawn into this light (toward Heaven).

The Lord had just shown me some things about how He is and will be transplanting some Christians to different places for His use and service and/or safety. And I was also praying about this.

It was such a strong pull, like a vacuum; like being sucked up and I saw the Lord's hands in Heaven over the United States. And I could see His people being all pulled into this light.

The light was powerful. It was His Presence. It was so thick that it did look like a cloud but more than just a cloud, it had a weight to it. And it wasn't just white. I saw white and gold and it had weight in it; a density to it and I looked around at others and we were feeling immense joy and peace and safety.

Then the Lord said, 'CALL PEOPLE UP INTO THE LIGHT.'

So, I did. I started speaking in the spiritual realm and calling His people to be pulled up into this safety. I felt such power and immense protection and love in this light coming from the hands of God over the nation.

I called in the saved and I called in the lost too for the Lord did not say to only call in His children into this place. There were some who were already in this light. There were others who after I called their name to come into it, they were drawn up into it and no one spoke to one another. We just smiled and joy exuded our of our eyes and it was as though we were communicating, 'This is awesome!' without words.

This vision remains with me as I pray and worship. It is as though I am immediately brought into this safe place yet I am always in the safe place. I am just more aware of it when I commune with the Lord.

The next day, I began worshiping the Lord and I had a song on a playlist that I listen to when I worship (sometimes). One of the songs is called I Surrender and it truly had words that touched on what I feel I experienced. The song in a lyric video is below.

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