Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Return of King Saul and King David

What I share here will not be well received by many.

In a post several months ago, I believed I shared that I thought the next Republican president would be the Antichrist. I no longer believe that. But I was onto something.

I believe Donald Trump was not truly elected by the American people. I truly believe for years, the plan of an elite few. Sounds like a weird conspiracy theory, I'm sure. Well, others can believe what they want. This is what I believe and it is not without basis.

Donald Trump is a person that many Christians voted for with the belief that he is going to truly cause America to become greater. I've heard that many prophecies are out there about this too. They are false prophecies. I won't blame Trump for what is going to happen. God has been bringing His judgement on this nation for years and in waves. But each wave gets stronger and the waves are going to get stronger faster.

God is bringing the mighty America down. He's taken down past great, leading empires when it was time throughout time. Whether it be Ancient Egypt, Persia, Greece, the Roman Empire, England, etc, each has had their time and their day and their opportunity with God. I truly believe this. And historically, you will find basis in that.

Some think it is because of abortion. Many think legalizing gay marriage is a reason. Sin is certainly a reason. I believe this. But I think the reason is for the lost. God has got to get His people in this nation right. And at this point (just as it was in Jeremiah's day), catastrophy and persecution is what will cause His people to see what is important, get closer to Him and THEN. . . REACH THE LOST like we are supposed to.

The Lord showed me years ago what the Antichrist looked like in great detail. The first thing He showed me about Him was that He will claim to be or will be of the lineage/bloodline of King David. He will, in essence call Himself the Son of David. Many will be taken by this deception (and it is very strong). Jews will believe he is the Messiah. Many Christians will embrace him with honor and adoration.

Today, I put some things together. Donald Trump is being seen as a saving power for America (especially among many Christians which blows my mind since faith of this magnitude should be in God). But things are going to really go bad for America. He is not God's anointed, as many false prophets are proclaiming. Nothing is going to stop God's judgement on America. His plans are higher than ours. His ways are also. And He sees the big picture. And He sees that it is time for America to be brought down.

So, I see Donald Trump like King Saul. He is the one people want. He is the one that most Christians seem to want to bring redemption and a salvation to America. But, when Saul fails and this world is in the most horrible state in the history of it, guess who will come on the scene?

The proclaimed 'Son of  David' who will be the Antichrist. And he will be received by Christians, as I shared already. He will present himself as King David and be revered in ways, as King David. He will seem like an answer to prayer. Times will be so SO bad, that people really will fall for the deception. But he will bring terrible destruction. But then, guess who comes on the scene?

Yes, THE Son of  David, JESUS CHRIST. And He will come back on a horse which represents conquest and strength. He will not come on the donkey, which represented humility and submission to His Father UNTO DEATH. He will come with a sword and as KING. And judgements will come over the world after that.

I connected these dots. I believe this to be very true and a very good warning. So pray and stay in the Word of God. STAY CLOSE TO JESUS ALWAYS. And heed this warning with prayer and ask for discernment. Share as God shows you and prepare as God shows you.


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  2. Kim, sorry, I had to delete that comment because it popped up under the name of a fellowship (NCFersinexile Association) I used to write a blog for them! This is Lindy LeFlore writing - I met you last night and watched several of your videos and have been greatly strengthened by them. Here is what I deleted:Kim, I listened to about 10 of your videos last night and today I have been pouring over your written blog! This is all very encouraging, and not because I look forward to these disasters (as you don't either) but I was a little thrown off by Trump winning. I thought the Democrats would win and we would march straight toward judgment and the end. This has helped me sort through things in my heart and see things clearer through God's eyes! Thanks so much for all you do! I know you are busy with a household and much to else to do but thank you for allowing the Lord to use you in these giftings! The Body of Christ needs your foresight desperately and I know you know that you will be rewarded at the end. If there is anything I can do for you please let me know! I'm not artistic at all or I would try to help you with your drawings but I can't draw a stick man! Lol I love you with the love of the Lord! Be encouraged,strengthened, and blessed as you move forward! We're going home soon and we all need each others supports! In Him, Lindy LeFlore