Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Purpose of Dreams, Visions and Words (including ones about world leaders)

I have come forward 4 times in 27 years with my dreams, visions and words God has given me. The first two were relatively private and I was ousted and rejected as a false prophet by most of them. The third time was when I created this blog (which has remained relatively unknown). The fourth time was very public because I shared around 50 videos on You Tube. And God has told me not to post any thing else. If He tells me to post a video there, I will. Honestly, though, I don't want to.

I have learned a lot in these experiences. The majority of people who listen/read/watch are people with wrong intentions or unhealthy intentions. And with this last time, I realize what God shows me serves a purpose but it has little to do with other people. Some of this is because most people, as I just said, are looking to these things for wrong reasons.

As Christians, we all have the Holy Spirit. He was sent to lead us into all truth. So, what God shows me, He can easily show others. Just like other gifts of the Holy Spirit, prophecy exists to benefit the body of Christ. For some reason, it is viewed  as more revered than other gifts though. Even I bought into that notion for some time.

I have gone through this intense experience of desiring to be hidden away from the world when it comes to all of this. I feel I am more productive this way, less distracted and it just makes me happier. I have never been one to enjoy spotlights. I have always enjoyed (as with my writing talent) being behind the scenes; directing, stage setting, working lights or helping with costumes. It's my place. I feel good there. I'm happy with that.

I really love people. And my love for people has me continuing with blogging. I won't read comments or really interact with others and that may seem 'unloving'. But it isn't. I love people so much and I want to say that here because I don't want to come across as though I don't like people just because I feel the need to be 'hidden'.

I'm called as an intercessor, a prayer warrior, really. God gave me an interesting vision many years back that explains much of what I'm saying here. In the vision I saw all these beautiful lights. It almost seemed I was looking into the night sky on a clear night at the stars. But I saw all these lights and then I saw myself, on my knees, crawling around these lights and shrouded. I asked the Lord what this meant. He said, the lights represent believers; lights in the world. I was a little bothered by this because I wasn't one of them. I asked the Lord why I was on my knees crawling around them and in between them and why I was shrouded. After all, am I not a believer? A light in the world? The Lord told me that I was but I was called to pray for these lights who were going to be seen in larger arenas (pulpits, conferences, platforms). It made sense to me. It is a good vision.

I made the decision quite a while back to stop watching the news because I don't want anything to affect my reception from God concerning what to pray for. What God shows us in our spirit has to be translated by our mind and we all know that our minds are being 'transformed'. They are imperfect and only hold a very small amount of the knowledge that exists. Each of us has the knowledge of the sum of our experiences. And for each of us, it means when we look at all the knowledge that exists verses what knowledge we have accessed, we know such a minute amount.

I made a decision to avoid reading other people's visions and such also. I didn't completely stop but for the most part I have chosen to be very ignorant of what others are seeing. I still read some things. There are a few people I admire and God does, on occasion, lead me to read someone's prophecy.

But I am setting newer and stricter standards there as well. Just like the news, it is a huge distraction and does affect the ease of my own operation in this gift. Distance is very important when it comes to getting dreams, visions and words about world leaders and nations. So, I am happy to only look at or listen to a very select few.

For me, the purpose of being given these experiences/information has three reasons and all of them are about one agenda: REACHING THE LOST. The three reasons are 1. prayer 2. warning and 3. preparation. And it will always be spiritual and involving others' relationship (or need for a relationship) with Jesus Christ.

It will begin with me. I get the word. So, I must 1. pray about it as the Lord leads me but also pray with self examination of my own heart in light of what I've been shown. Then I must 2. heed the warning given. How do I feel about what I've been told or what I've seen? Again, self examination and looking at my own personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. Then I must 3. prepare according to what I am told. Preparation always begins with the condition of my soul. I am saved. I am a Christian but is there anything new that God needs to do in me spiritually in light of what I'm shown?

From there, I pray, pray and pray about what I've been shown. Different kinds of prayers. Intercession, interpretation, with whom to share and when to share. Mostly, though, it really is about intercession.

When I share with others the three of these things are the same. I share about something, I want and desire that people pray and intercede above all. For their own souls first.

Then comes the warning (to themselves first) but then sharing the warning with those who need to hear it and that is something each individual will have prayed about.

Thirdly, to prepare themselves (first spiritually- "Do I know Jesus?") and then whatever other preparation the Lord shows them as they pray.

For me, often the preparation goes from self examination to reading certain scriptures. Also there is the preparation of the soul and mind. This part is very much also about reading the Word of God. It can also be about disciplining the mind. For example, right now the Lord has shown me to not watch television. He has said to 'shut my mind and heart off from this entertainment'.

And then there is the physical preparation. And you will know by praying and reading the Word of God. Physical preparations can include fasting, how long to fast, changes in diet, giving money into the Kingdom, actions to benefit the Kingdom (giving someone a ride to an event, visiting someone who is sick, contacting someone, etc) and purchasing items.

An example of 'purchasing items' would be words regarding a stock of an item or items. I don't believe in living in fear and stockpiling food and water in massive numbers. I believe in preparing in the physical as the Lord leads. If the Lord shows me a blackout is coming and power is going to be out for a few days, then I will buy extra batteries, candles and flashlights. If it is cold outside, I will be sure to have adequate blankets and clothing in my home for my family.

Yes, I do believe God will speak to some about food and water also. But DON'T DO IT OUT OF YOUR FLESH. DO IT BECAUSE THE LORD SHOWS YOU TO. Your finances need to be in the hands and in the guidance of God. So, don't spend hundreds of dollars on physical items unless God has clearly shown you to do it. We are called to be good stewards of all we are given and we are also called to submit all we have to God and in that submission, letting God show us how He wants ALL things we own to be cared for, treated and used.

Well, this is long enough. And I've basically said all I need to say here. Blessings.

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