Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Taken Captive by Foreignors/God Performs a Miracle

Please read the dream about the woman on the gurney that I just posted before this was published.

September 1, 2016

I dreamed that me and many other Christians were together in a very large room. It reminded me of a warehouse or a gymnasium. There was a small room set off and there was a light on. We were sitting in the floor in the dark (except for this light). We did have some type of blanket and some had pillows. The men were on one side and the women were on the other. We were all adults.

We were being held captive by a foreign group. But this was our second captor. We were handed off to this foreign group by another that had us. Both foreign groups looked Caucasian. They are not Americans, though.

We had been told to be quiet for it was time to sleep. I kept making involuntary noises. And they were moans and groans. I could not stop them from coming out. Others in the room were making noises at times and our captors thought I was making ALL the noises, though I wasn't. But I could not stop moaning and groaning. Others were even noisier than me but they were not in trouble. This continued for a while.

Finally, this man of reputation for killing came to me, speaking mostly in a foreign language and I knew he was telling me to be quiet. But I still kept making sounds only it wasn't moans and groans, it was words, 'Help me, Jesus.' I repeated these words over and over. The entire time he had a gun in his hand. And his reputation was that he did not point his gun at someone without going through with pulling the trigger. He ALWAYS shot when he put the gun to someone's head.

He put the gun against the back of my head. I still didn't stop speaking. But I realized I was about to die. I no longer prayed, 'Help me, Jesus.' I began saying, 'Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.' I knew I was about to be with Jesus because this man was going to kill me. But the words never stopped coming out of my mouth.

I heard one of the Christian men shout, 'Please! Don't!' But no one tried to quiet him and no one listened to him.

To my surprise, this man with the gun became weak. He began shaking and was strangely confused. He stepped back moving the gun away and I saw him and he was totally confounded. He was still shaking as he slowly walked back into the small room where the light was on. The other men were surprised and wondered what happened.

When I awoke from this dream, it was like I had an adrenaline rush. The dream was so real. And the experience of this man putting the gun to the back of my head had me shaking.


The meaning is pretty simple in this. God's people (His church) will not be silenced. The gates of Hell will not prevail against her. Because the moans and groans coming out of me were involuntary, This does not speak of me being a person who has made the CHOICE to speak of God. This is about God's power in His church and HE WILL NOT BE SILENCED. But there are some other interesting things God said as I prayed about this dream.

As an intercessor, I know the moaning and groaning was also about prayer; deep prayer with sorrow and anguish that most intercessors know. And I believe that it represents the intercessors who will be praying and will not cease praying no matter the consequence.

As a watchman, I know why I was being blamed for much of the talk and noise of others. This has to do with words of warning that God gave to me. And the fruit of that, having come through me made me the target that needed to be silenced.

As I continued to speak and make noise and profess Christ, this powerful man became weak and walked away confused. I compare this to many miracles I find in the Bible where someone stood firm for the Lord and did not waver and did not compromise (Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego come to mind) and God performed miracles to rescue them from death.

This is a message of hope, in the end. The gates of Hell will not prevail against the church. God is great and He is all powerful. And when we stand up for God and make no compromise to serve any other thing, God will be there. And sometimes, He will show out! He will perform mighty miracles that will encourage other believers and bear witness to the lost that God is real, alive and MORE POWERFUL THAN MAN. Miracles proclaim that the one and only Living God interacts with His children and works on their behalf.

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