Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Many Messages about Captivity and 'It's Time to Leave'

November 15, 2016

I have been trying to catch up on my blog. God has given me so many dreams and a great number of visions (one vision lasted for 3 days). It will take some time, which is very precious since there is so many other responsibilities I have daily.

I just wanted to touch base with this post about the coming posts. The amount of spiritual activity has increased drastically this year. In July, I began to receive a lot of different things from God. And during that time, God has also given me a greater anointing, a mantle and a new spiritual language for the purpose of warfare in intercession. He has blessed me with new friends who also operate in the prophetic gifts. He has done a lot. He's getting His children ready for a tremendous transition.

I don't know that others have seen this but in many of my dreams from August- November, I am in captivity. And I have noticed in the dreams that those captive with me are Christians. As I take note of these various dreams about being taken captive, I am often led by the Holy Spirit to read about the siege that took place in Jeremiah's time. Babylonia took captives (Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego and later, Ezekiel) back with them to serve in different capacities for these men were young, strong and intelligent. They had use for them. Actually God had use for them. And what great testimonies we have from these amazing men of God!

So, CAPTIVITY is a theme and I wonder if these dreams are simply about being taken for purposes of persecution or if the captivity is similar to the reasons back in the Babylonian siege. Some dreams are clearly about persecution but other dreams about captivity seem to have a different  element to them. I noticed in one, specifically that the other people in captivity with me were those who operate in the prophetic gifts.

Another recurring theme I just noticed in my dreams for over 20 years is about going to safety. So many of my dreams simply start out with, 'I knew it was time to go' or a similar message. Many dreams I am packing bags for the kids in a rush. Now, God has not told me to go anywhere specifically. But I began to get visions of calamities coming in the America and I started wondering if the Lord may have us relocate soon. This is really when I noticed this in many dreams.

There is no doubt that the age of the beast system has come. It's been in process and preparation now for many years but it is manifesting more and more now in the natural. And my hope, and others' who operate in the prophetic gifts hope is truly that people heed all warnings, pray, stay in the Word of God, teach your children and grandchildren the Word of God. Fast and prepare according to what the Lord shows you to do. Different people will be told to do different things for preparation. Endure and test EVERYTHING! The Anichrist is very deceptive, charismatic and inspiring but he is a man of great evil. Pray for discernment. I pray for the church in America and that God will give great gifts of discernment to His people at this time.

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