Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mamhoud Abbas Becomes President

In 2004 I got many strong dreams and visions from God. Some of them were about world leaders. I did not remember this one but stumbled across it as I was looking for something else. I thought it was very interesting.

Mahmoud Abbas became president of Palestine January 15, 2005.

I do remember vaguely when Mahmoud Abbas became revealed to me by the Lord. It was shortly after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. The first time I saw him on the news and read his name, though I knew nothing about him, I became very weak and faint in my body. I had no doubt that this man was going to do something terrible.

 DECEMBER 7, 2004

I prayed as I watched the news. I asked the Lord to show me what is going to happen to President Bush. I sense strongly something about Mahmoud Abbas.  Then I see Cheney sitting at his desk doing nothing and saying nothing yet I can see it in his eyes that he is the person ultimately responsible for what is going to happen regarding things God has shown me about President Bush.  Abbas?  Palestine?  Strange.  I must pray more to be clear on this.  I do know that there is something terrible about Abbas; he does something terrible that will be felt in the entire world.

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