Monday, November 14, 2016

Dream: A Cruel Man

I had the following dream on September 27, 2016

I had a son with severe deformities so that he was not able to walk. He had no legs. This son was just a baby; about 18 months old.

I was outside one day and a neighbor I had not met before approached me. He was kind for a moment. But very soon became very evil.

I became this man's victim. Soon after we met, he began to stalk me in unusual ways. He had surveillance devices placed in my home and used them. He was able to hear every word I said at any given time except for one area in the house due to a special electrical outlet. He could not hear what I said nor could he see me when I spoke through this outlet. I was able to communicate with a close friend about all that was happening to me.

The world did not know what this man was doing to me. I was under his control and was made to be quiet about his abusive nature. He began to rape me. This went on for many weeks. I found no way to reason with this man. He was very violent at times and though I was in bondage to this man, I did not feel any real emotional or physical pain. I only sought to get away and for the torture to stop.

He believed that if he raped me, he would become the father of my son by some form of post conception view. Of course, this just wasn't possible. But to the world, he was proclaiming that he was the father of my son. This had great meaning to him. No matter how horrible the abuse was, I never gave in to the belief that my son's father could become this cruel man. I never had a doubt. And this seemed to be important in the dream.

There was a conflict this cruel man began to have with another man. It wasn't physical conflict but I had no doubt that this conflict was intense. During this time, I kept hoping I could get away. For reasons I don't recall, I had hope that this man in which my abuser was in conflict with could rescue me.

One day, another woman came to our neighborhood. I surmised he was doing the same thing to her. She was a blood relative of mine. She was wearing sunglasses to cover a black eye this cruel man had given her. Even in the visit with me, the truth about all this man was doing was not told. We both knew that we must keep it secret.

This other woman also had a son. He was healthy and could walk.

After these things came about, I noticed a shift in my abuser. He stopped raping me violently. He continued to rape me but if others were to see us, they would probably believe the sex was consensual. I was still under his control though. I was thankful that I was no longer being violently raped.

On one occasion when he was raping me, my son was sitting on the bed. Beside the bed was some type of pool or bathtub. It was neither of these but was some large, rectangular container that was filled with water and the water was several feet deep. My disabled son fell into the water. I was very afraid because I knew that without legs, he would drown in the water. But instead he came up out of the water and before our eyes, my son grew legs. I was very thankful and oddly, my captor seemed happy about this also.

He continued to treat me better and his interest in me and my son waned.

Interpretation/Meaning of Dream

An evil political leader (the cruel man) will first appear friendly but soon after quickly be seen as evil by Christians. He will seek to bring the Christian churches and Christians who don't attend churches under his control. He wants the power of God, which is given to God's people. He will torture Christians and do all he can to gain this power (his efforts to cause my son to be his biological son). The Christians who endure and DO NOT COMPROMISE (represented by me) will NOT yield to him despite his violent assaults on them.

During the many weeks of this, the ministry of Christians will be 'disabled' in many ways (as represented by my son with no legs). They will likely be taken into captivity where they are restricted from ministering (losing the use of our legs).

The depth of evil this man is inflicting on Christians will not be known to the world. However, Christians will have this information and will be praying for the Lord is good to His children, making provision for them always (represented by the strange electrical outlet where he could not see nor hear me as I shared with a friend what was happening to me).

But the Christians that DO NOT COMPROMISE never submit to this evil leader and know he cannot gain the gifts and power we have. For this power is only gained by faith in Christ Jesus through repentance of sin and a firm commitment to Christ which this vile leader is not willing to do.

Another leader (the other man) rises up and causes conflict and is even in competition with this evil leader. 

This evil political leader is able to FINALLY subdue many Christians WHO COMPROMISE and give into him after suffering the great persecution.  When he gains their submission to him, he becomes content with the power this brings to him. (He fathers a child with a blood relative which represents his seed). Once his evil has 'conceived and bore fruit' with what is 'holy', he will operate through churches (the buildings), leading over their operation which is conducted by those who have COMPROMISED Christ Jesus as their Lord and Savior. They will do this by action; not necessarily by profession of mouth. These churches will not be led by the Lord Jesus Christ or His Spirit. The leader of these churches will be this evil political leader.

Both the conflict with a rival political leader and his accomplishments with the use of churches and those who have compromised Christ and forsaken Him, cause this leader to lighten up on his abuse of those who have not compromised (this indeed is an act of God).

At about this time, those who have not compromised, that have been 'disabled' will be 'enabled', Though, it will appear to them that they have been completely defeated on Earth at first (represented by the disabled son falling into water, feared to drown yet the result is this situation causes the miraculous growth of two legs and feet). The ministry of the saints of God will no longer be fully restricted by this evil leader.

It is an odd thing that this evil leader seems to have genuine joy when he sees my disabled son sprout legs. I can only surmise his joy is in regard to a belief that the power he has gained is either equal or greater than that of Christians who did not bow down to him.

I will add that this evil leader's behavior toward the end of the dream is almost as though he is no longer an enemy of Christians. I think this is important to note because when The Antichrist comes, his deception will be so great and powerful that he will not seem like an enemy even to the strongest Christian and even after terrible treatment. Though I (representing the uncompromising Christians) did NOT ever believe this man to be good, his kindness to me toward the end gives reason to truly warn all Christians of how  deceptive and cunning he really is


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