Thursday, August 11, 2016

Urgent Word Part 2 (7/11/16)

I see the lush, mature tree by the river. I've seen this many times when I pray. This time I notice the river is moving faster and faster.

The Lord says, 'I AM the river. It is life!'

As it moves faster it looks more dangerous.

The Lord takes me to many dreams I've had where I am moving on fast moving water and I fear I will lose control. I am impressed by God:

"Stop trying to control your movements and let me take you where I want you to go. TRUST ME. The river is fast and treacherous for some but it is LIFE for others."

The Lord, the river, is getting stronger and more powerful in this nation and in the world.

"NOW IS THE TIME," says the Lord.

The Lord takes me to the many visions I've had of the great fortified wall and water was beating stronger and more fiercely against it. The water began seeping in and an army kept putting sandbags down in effort to secure the wall.

"MY POWER IS THE GREATEST POWER. WHEN ALL POWERS FAIL, MY POWER WILL BE SEEN FOR WHAT IT IS; THE GREATEST POWER." The most fortified nation will crumble by my power. The greatest nation can be brought to nothing by my power. No army can stop ME."

In the visions about the fortified wall, I also had a series of visions where I saw figures of darkness and figures of light. I saw angels and demons. I also saw political figures and powers behind them. The power behind the dark figures was a very massive tornado THAT IS NOT SEEN NOR HEARD but it draws near. As this tornado gets larger and stronger and moves its way from being unseen toward being seen, I see the power with the figures of light. The light is so bright it is nearly blinding; like lightening breaking forth out of one figure (an angel). The light was so powerful and the angel was lifted in the air. The Lord had me note the floor that where the water was seeping in and how the figures of light would not be subject to the failing fortified wall, however a tornado is fixed on the ground. When its wind lifts away from the ground it is no longer a tornado; it has lost its power.

I see my husband, Randy. I see a tree with vines and very large grapes burst forth- cluster after cluster. Randy is this tree.

Warning: This is difficult to read and hear.

I see branches being ripped off of trees. I see boards broken in two. I hear the branches being ripped off with great violence. And I hear the boards broken with a loud crack; swift and with great force. I feel a strong wind blowing. I ask the Lord to show me the meaning. I saw his power in great light and in the river moving faster. He says, 'This wind represents my power and what I will do.'

Then the scripture was brought before me:
Matthew 21:44

"Anyone who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces; anyone on whom it falls will be crushed."

I hear a voice say: Blessed is the one who falls on the rock. Cursed is the one that the rock falls on"
*Pray for understanding here*

The Lord says," I will separate the sheep from the goats and the wheat from the tares, I will tear apart that which produces no fruit. I will break in two all that does not build a place for me."

The Lord shows me the branches represent people and the boards represent things.

I see Pastor Jake Gantt from church. He is the worship pastor at my church. The Lord shows me the following as I pray for him:

Jake is in a battle but is faith is strong. He is going through this battle because the enemy is upset by his service to God. I see Jake's strength, like the tree by the river. I see a clear blue sky and I see Jakes eyes turning toward Heaven.

Jake will have victory for he knows where his help comes from- his God.

I see Pastor Tami Smith from church. She is a campus pastor and leading children's ministry at this time. I see her working hard for the Lord; serving with the works of her hands.I see her strength like the great tree by the river. The dream I had about being in a storm with large hailstones falling all around us but not harming us comes to mind.

Tami will see with her eyes the destruction and fall of the enemy as the Lord shelters her from the storm. (Psalm 91 blessing)

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