Thursday, June 16, 2016

Tender Love/LTS is on the Verge

I was worshiping the Lord during the church service and I the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit were so close to me. I can't explain how I knew the difference. They were different but they were the same. The presence of God was so gentle and so sweet. I was worshiping and weeping began (this weeping has been happening all year). I knew it was pain from my past that the Lord is drawing out. As I began to weep, for the first time I saw images of what the pain was about (at least this specific pain). I did not focus on any of the images but on Christ, the Father and the Holy Spirit as they just seemed to draw in closer and closer to me. The pain came out. I had an experience I have not had before. 

The Lord said, 'It's ok. Let me hold you.' Though this was nothing that could be seen, it felt so real. And FOR THE FIRST TIME, I felt the deepest trust in God to just let him hold me. It seemed He wrapped me up like a baby being swaddled in soft blankets. He held me close to Him and just let me cry. And I cried and cried. And I felt His love and His security and healing and freedom. And after ward I felt so much lighter; as though a great weight was gone.

God is everything that is good. God is my everything.

Last night during worship the Lord showed me a large, old and strong tree close to a river. I've seen this tree before. I stopped singing and focused in prayer after I saw this. I saw this several times but got no word about it. This feeling came over me that was very different. I could feel a feeling of expectation I haven't felt before. Though the Lord didn't use words, it felt like He was saying, 'this church is on a precipice; it is on the verge; it is on the edge. . . of a greater plane'. It felt positive and so powerful. I felt as though the Lord was trying to break through to us. I felt as though He was urging me to go down to the front of the church and worship and pray; to intercede for the church; for myself (as one of its members) for this break through to come; to give thanks for it; to cry out and to humble myself. I felt also the need to humble myself and intercede for our nation and the American church. I praised with joy and gratitude and then I wept with deep sorrow as I interceded. When I went down to the front, I felt a flood of the Holy Spirit. I knew I had been obedient. And I felt as if the Lord was saying, 'How much will you humble yourself? Will you put your face to the ground?' So, I did. I lay flat on the floor with my face on the floor and I continued to pray. 

My pastor came up and spoke and he actually talked about the American church, the importance of praying for America and the Bride in America and he prayed for a 'break through' and for miracles for those who needed them. 

The Lord brought back a vision He gave me 7 years ago. In the vision, I saw all these bright lights, like stars. They were flashing and shining so beautifully but I saw myself crawling on the ground in darkness. It was a bit haunting until the Lord showed me the meaning. The bright stars represented people in the 'spot light', like pastors and evangelists; teachers and prophets. I represented intercessors. And I moved on the ground in humility; invisible; silent; unknown to the congregation for my prayers are to God and not before men. 

We are on the edge of something very different and something very good. I have no doubt about it.

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