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Interpretation: Error in the Body of Christ (Dream 8/21/02)

Error in The Body of Christ: Meaning

1. A new church building that looks old and warn and is not what I expected. Too many churches with great buildings built with a focus on the flesh (ego, pride). It looks old and warn inside meaning spiritually it is unkempt. It operates more in the flesh than the Spirit. The disappointment symbolizes what so many experience when they walk into a church. They are looking for righteousness, compassion, love and correction but they sadly find ritual, judgement, confusion, disorder, a lack of correction and pain.

2. Waiting for music that never began. The bleak color. True worship is not happening in many congregations of the church and its importance is expressed throughout the old and new testaments of God's Word..  The bleak color represents two things:  dullness and apathy within the church and fatigue and weariness  in believers due to operating in the strength of their flesh rather than than the Holy Spirit.

3. The mother, baby and father. There is about sexual immorality, manipulation; lack of obedience to the Word of God by some ministers regarding tolerance of sexual immorality and/or commitment in prayer and ministry to the family.The pastoral role is important because of the problem in American culture concerning the family unit. Sadly, the dysfunction of the world has made its way into the church and many congregations have lowered their standard to that of the worlds rather than hold it up to God's. But there is even more in this part of the dream. An element of warning is here. Christians will find it hard to turn their back and not give in to ministering in a way that is actually correct. It may feel like rejection and seem unkind but offense exists and offense will be and will come. Those who will not be offended, remain offended and overcome offense will be greatly blessed by the obedience of those who obeyed God in their lives. THIS IS A GREAT WORD OF WISDOM.

4. The large, empty inactive  room. The candy and how I gave it out. The hall. The room symbolizes the great potential of the church but it is as though a large portion of the church has forgotten it is here! A large portion of the church has forgotten portions of promise in the Word of God!  Perhaps they know it is there but they do not see it for what it is so we must pray that their eyes be opened. Others may see but they find it is requires too much commitment and selflessness to operate in it. They indeed need prayer! I can't help but fear for them as they stand before God and explain why they KNEW and they did NOT pursue. Lord God help us all! The candy symbolizes blessings of God. They are not nourishment. They are pure enjoyment! Giving my daughter candy represents HANDING DOWN BLESSING to my children. Having my child give candy to others symbolizes TEACHING HER TO SHARE 'BLESSING' to others. This is about the importance of involving your children in ministry by example, participation and teaching. It represents legacy of ministry that is needed. This area truly shows the potential and the hope Christ has for the church.

5. The large room I rested in and the ministers at night. The enormity of the room suggests it has great capacity yet I am alone in the room with the oppressive and sick color because of the problems in the church. Hearing the young ministers talking at a time when people should be resting points to an aspect of being 'out of harmony' with God; relying more on their abilities than upon God's Holy Spirit.

6. Awakening before others and venturing the church. This symbolizes what Christians should do. They should awaken early rather than procrastinate and be complacent as they examine themselves individually and look up on the body of Christ as a whole. Venturing the church also represents the importance of praying for the church; interceding for the church. AWAKEN AND PRAY!!

7. The lead pastor sleeping.  I think this meaning is clear. After reading number 6, it means there are pastors who are complacent and unaware. Sleep also symbolizes a disconnection with reality. Sleeping is for the renewing of our physical strength in our physical body. While sleeping, we are disconnected from the world. This sound was so loud and echoed through every room of this large church. It is a painful sound. These sleeping pastors must awaken to the Word of God, the Holy Spirit, the will of God and see the needs of their congregation and community and become more committed, sacrificing more of themselves and operating in the Spirit more.

8. The kitchen. The biscuits. The eggs.  The kitchen is the place where food is prepared so in regard to the church, this is about spiritual nourishment and food. The kitchen looks warn as if much work is being done but the food they worked hard to make is not of the best quality for the ministers are operating too much in the flesh. It is a fully functioning kitchen and able to prepare nourishment and at times, does for the kitchen represents THE FULLY EQUIPPED CHURCH. The partially eaten biscuits represent food that was good but those who ate refused to eat to fullness. These Christians want to be filled with 'some' of the food; some of the gospel but aren't willing to take in the FULLNESS OF THE GOSPEL. The eggs that are partially burned represent the opposite. This is nourishment made ready to give to Christians but it is not very edible. This shows the error in those who teach, preach and lead in many congregations.

9. The shirt. The ability to leap.The joy. This part is more personal. The dirty shirt symbolizes areas I need to submit to God in or areas I need to allow God to heal. The ability to leap and the joy is about my own personal testimonies of all God had done in my life at that point; my level of freedom. Though this is a personal meaning for me, it could very well be a meaning for the church as a whole. It represents grace!

10. The job. My decision to stop. This is about making the choice to stop doing work that is fruitless. The damaged candy shows the futility of trying to do something spiritual with the ability of the physical (flesh). As Christians, we must make a decision to cease operating in such ministry attempts. It can be a good idea but if it is not an idea from God and we clearly see that, it is time to pray and seek God for the right idea. We must operate in the Spirit, by the Spirit if we want God to effectively minister life. We must be careful to not commit to something unless we have prayed about it. And when we commit, we must then express our level of commitment. We must fulfill our commitments in ministry. If we commit to a work without praying about it first, we may find ourselves working with regret and becoming less fruitful.But also be bold enough to stop working fruitless endeavors. Many are afraid to walk away from something for fear of hurting someone's feelings or fear of an angry response. Be bold. If you know it is not what you are supposed to be doing or if you recognize it is not productive and resign and give your reason why. Your boldness and honesty might not be appreciated BUT by showing the truth of the matter and taking a stand, you might find that others involved may begin to see this as you see it and this could bring a good change.

11. The young man's first shout. The dead man. The elderly men in the room. The young man's last shout.  This is a complicated area of the dream. It is where I felt the most emotional. I truly felt this was the most important aspect of the dream. I felt such sorrow for the dead man on the stairs. I also felt great sorrow for the elderly who sat in the room as unresponsive. I believe this means a lack of gratitude and care for our elders and what they offer in the church. There are also a message regarding the disrespect for spiritual elders, whether living or dying.  THOSE WHO HAVE COME BEFORE US AND PAVED THE WAY MUST NOT BE DISMISSED, HIDDEN AWAY AND DISCARDED. The young minister's first shout and complaint is the opposite of his second one. At first, he is upset that they aren't allowed to do anything. Then he is upset because they aren't doing anything. There's  A LOT of meaning in here. It just isn't about what I stated about the elderly and their ministry and the lack of proper care for them. It is also about expectations that are out of proportion in the Church in general. It is about relationship dysfunction in the church between leaders and those they lead. There are so many congregations that do not function well with the generation differences and this has become quite contentious for so many.  I do know there is even more meaning to this part. I just have not gotten it yet. I will update when the Lord gives it to me.

As I look at all 11 of these areas, I have prayed about them. I have prayed and do pray for THE Church often. If the body of Christ is not operating properly, then the lost will not be reached. So I pray also for the lost. For those who read this, please PRAY FOR THE BODY OF CHRIST AND ITS NEED FOR CORRECTION. The Lord continues to show me new things about this dream as time goes by and as I pray. Praise God forever for all He does so that we may pray and serve Him and serve one another better and better!!

The world is full of sin and my people are full of error. - Jesus

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