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Dream 8/21/02 Error in the Body of Christ

AUGUST 21, 2002-  Error in the Body of Christ

The dream began with me and my husband entering a church we have not attended in many years.  We were there because there was no service at our church that morning.  All around me I heard familiar voices and laughter.  This church had built a new facility and I had not been inside of it yet.  1.)Everything looked old and worn though.  It was not what I had expected.  We entered the sanctuary. 2.) I kept waiting for the music to begin but it never did.  But I did realize that we would be staying the night. The church was filled with small sets of steps and occasionally staircases.  I noticed everything seemed painted the same bleak color; a pale yellow.  I must have wandered around in and out of various rooms.  3.)I came into a room and sat down on a comfortable looking bed only to be met by a couple with a baby.  The mother and I discussed baby issues and then the couple started bickering.  The mother didn't seem to want to care for the baby as it needed and the father seemed unhappy also.  I realized they weren't married when she threatened not to marry him if he didn't watch the baby so she could go somewhere.  At the end of the conversation, the baby walked toward me and reached for me.  I refused to take the child, knowing that this wasn't God's job for me.  I left the room quickly. 4.)I wandered into a very large room that seemed empty and as though little activity was done in the room.  I knew there was a really nice, large gift bag full of goodies someone had left for me there.  I noticed a variety of things I really liked but I was most drawn to the candies that I really enjoyed.  These candies were shaped in dinosaurs and gummy bears.  They were delicious and I put a few in my mouth.  I walked down the hall and saw  two of the  young girls that attend our church.  The halls were bleak but not that dull washed out color.  The floors had clean white tiles along a straight hall.  I looked at the younger girl and handed her some candy. The older girl soon followed behind me asking for some.  I handed some candy to my daughter,  Heather and said, 'Give these to her' and walked away knowing she was obeying me.
 5.)I finally came to the room I'd be sleeping in.  The ceilings were high, the walls that bleak pale yellow.  The windows were enormous.  All around me I could hear young men working around the church.  They were discussing ministry goals in the night.  I eventually fell asleep.6.)  I awoke very early before anyone else.  I got up and decided to venture the church. 7)I could hear the pastor sleeping and breathing heavily in his sleep.  I walked quietly up and down the steps. 8) I entered the kitchen to find large pans of biscuits that had been picked at and torn and were left in these pans on the floor to be thrown away.  I looked into the ovens and there were large pans with little piles of scrambled eggs that were partially burned to blackness.  I knew these eggs were going to be served but I wondered who would really eat them.  I noticed how much activity seemed to go on.  I could tell by the dishes, the food and the sinks.  The water sprayer was old.  I took it in my hand and tried it.  It worked perfectly well although it looked very worn.
 9)As I had walked along, I noticed the shirt I had on was very dirty.  It was the only one I had also.  I felt a little nervous because I wanted to look decent for church yet it didn't bother me too badly.  I tried to make my way back to my room quietly.  I could leap with full control up and down stairways and land quietly.  I can't explain the freedom I felt in that. 10) I came into my room and one of the young men entered with a job for me to do.
 'Take these brochures who are addressed to people and put them in order alphabetically and put a sucker in each of them.  We've got to get these out to people'.  I agreed to do this and began.  As I got a little over halfway into putting the candy in, I noticed the remaining candy was broken, melted, watered down and/or dripping wet.  I looked to the young man and said, 'I can no longer do this.  The candy is spoiled'.  I then walked out of my room.
11) As I entered a large hall, I spoke to another young man.  I heard to my right a loud sound much like a rumble.  I looked over to see  the only curving staircase in the church and it was also the one with the most steps.  There lay a person that had fallen down them midway and died.  A young man rushed toward him and in frustration cried out, 'These old men are allowed to do nothing!'  I followed the young man up and passed the dead man feeling eerie and  incredibly sorrowful.  I came to the top of the stairs and looked into a cold and dismal room to see an elderly man staring and rocking.  Someone told him to do something but the man did not respond.  The young man that was frustrated said, 'They aren't able to do anything!  I've had it.  I'm leaving this church!'  He walked away. I was overcome with grief.
end of dream

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