Monday, May 9, 2016

5/9/16 Dream: Catastrophe in The Netherlands

I dreamed I was in The Netherlands. Me and many people were in an open area. There were children. I suppose there was a park there because I recall a slide was there. I was talking to people for a very long time when suddenly we felt the ground begin to fail beneath our feet. As I looked out over the vast open area before me, I noticed the ground was also failing there also. Soon all the earth was gone that we were standing on and we were in water. The water was shallow, though. This large area of land had sunk into water.

Later I was in a hospital where there was a certain amount of panic on some of the floors. There was great concern for some of the patients that were very ill there. But there seemed to be more preparation going on for patients on the top floors rather than the lower floors.

I'm praying about this dream because it won't leave me today. I couldn't remember where The Netherlands were geographically so I looked it up and it has a great deal of coast land.

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