Friday, March 11, 2016

2/29/16-Vision of My Husband (regarding employment)

I had the following vision:

Yesterday my husband shared with me that the business we once ran was stirring in his heart.
As I prayed about this today I had the following vision:

I saw my husband. I saw the seed which represented the business which is a ministry. It rested in his heard. It began to grow from his heart outward. It grew into a small tree. This ministry that is a business will exist again. God is raising it back up.

Then I saw many large trees surrounding my husband. He was laying down on his back as if in this forest. The tree growing from his heart. The tree from his heart looked different than the others for it was younger and greener. But the larger, older trees surrounded it as though they looked to it as a source. The older trees represent older and established businesses. They will look to this business as a source.

Then I saw the trees again surrounding my husband as before. He was laying on his back. The green tree that sprung from my husband's heart had a light that shone bright. The other trees did not have this light. And it seemed they looked to the tree and its light as a source. The light represents spiritual gifts and ministry that the older and established businesses will look to as a spiritual source.

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