Thursday, February 11, 2016

U.S. Church Problems Explained

There is an 'attitude'; a 'spirit' I have identified in the modern church of America. It is often proud, intolerant of the poor and broken, although in word and 'ideal', it often speaks to and for the broken and poor. But close up, this 'ideal' fades into frustration and begins to fall into a myriad of confusion in how to truly help people one on one who are broken and poor. Close up and one on one the ideal fades to intolerant behaviors toward the broken and poor including frustration, lack of patience, poor communication or worst of all, total rejection.

What is happening is what Christ told us would happen in Matthew 24. 'The love of many will wax cold.' We don't think of it happening in the church but this is precisely where we should expect to see it most. After all, Christ didn't warn us about following Muslims or pagans or Wiccans. He warned us about following those who come in HIS NAME.

What has happened in our country has been a slow but deliberate effort by the enemy to bring as many Christians as possible to a place of pride and do it in the NAME of Christianity. I was once one of these type of Christians so I have some experience here.

Remember Rush Limbaugh? Though he didn't have a Christian show he drew in and DISEASED Christians all over America with his evil spirit, lies; his rage, hate; his disgust for the poor and lack of compassion for the oppressed. He drew the Republicans like white on rice! And the Republicans had pretty well established themselves at this time as THE CHRISTIAN PARTY. They had conservative values because they didn't believe in abortion and they believed in the 'family'.

My husband worked for American Family Radio during this time and we were pretty dedicated to American Family Association. For those who don't know about this group's views, quotes and deeds, it's worth looking at. Very cold. They were actually successful in causing a lot of people to lose jobs because they boycotted businesses that were affiliated or had businesses that sold pornography or supported gays in some way or were pro life. There was no sympathy or thought for the families of those who lost jobs due to this. And many who lost jobs had nothing to do with pornography, pro choice views, etc.


I mention Rush Limbaugh and AFA and the Republican party becoming the 'Christian party' because it is important to see what has happened here. There has been an adoption of pride, hate, a waging of war IN THE FLESH rather in the spiritual (as the Word tells us it can only be done and won). And most Christians don't even realize they have become a part of something that is affecting them and putting them in confusion that is demonic and not Biblical.

I have to be specific here regarding Rush and AFA as well as bringing in FOX News Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck, you will see a very sarcastic, proud and even angry disposition. They show disgust toward the poor. You tend to see the belief that 'people are where they are because they aren't trying.' You tend to see the belief government programs are designed to help people be lazy and do nothing to better themselves. I've literally heard Republican conservative Christian politicians actually say, 'if a person if having hard financial times, why don't they just go to their parents for help?' The possibility that this person has either family that has no resources to help them or that they have no family has not crossed the mind of the politician. I bring this specific up because COMPASSION DOESN'T THINK SO NARROWLY. And I've seen so many of this group make fun of those who help the poor. I've experienced it myself. And it is no fun when you bring a friend to church who has PTSD and her issues are snubbed. And she wanted to get baptized too.


THAT'S WHAT THIS IS!!!!!!!! LOVE WAXING COLD, PEOPLE!!!! What else can you call it?????

There is only one Christian party and that is the party of Christ. The political parties of the earth; of America are earthly so when they start taking on the name of Christ, they become THE PARTY OF ANTICHRIST. The meaning of anitchrist is simply- saying it is of Christ but it is not.

The spirit of confusion is operating in the American church because its leaders are predominantly following the 'spirit'/attitudes/views of the pride and disgust and even hate WHILE SEEKING TO FOLLOW THE TEACHINGS OF CHRIST. You cannot do both. They do not work together. They are completely different. And this is the problem in the American church right now. Leaders are operating in confusion and its congregations are either operating comfortably in their pride OR they are in confusion also. And those who are confused are often finding themselves feeling alone while in a church. It often feels the same as if they were not in a church. In ways, it feels worse because the element of confusion is greater while attending church. And this is worse for the Christian who is poor and/or sick but truly seeking God and doing their best.

And though the Republican party would almost have seemed to have died, it lingers on and as it strives to live on, in its desperation, some of the darkest characters are being embraced by the party.

This isn't a Repbulican bash. This is a REPUBLICAN CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN bash. When a party tries to put MY GOD'S name on its ticket OVER AND OVER again and horribly desecrate it and it diseases THE CHURCH in my country, I WILL NOT BE QUIET.

My prayer is that people will begin to see the true monsters. And they begin to see how thrilled the enemy is with all of this. PRAY. SEEK GOD. ASK FOR DISCERNMENT. READ THE WORD.

I pray that God will show others what He so kindly and graciously showed me and Randy years ago about all of this. It changed our lives. And I don't believe it was simply for us. It is to help others.

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