Thursday, February 11, 2016

U.S. Church Problems Explained III/Facts Mean Nothing

This is my final blog entry on this topic. This, like the things in the other 2 posts, deeply trouble me. These things are symptomatic of some serious problems coming to the U.S. It takes no prophet or pixie dust to see these things either. Just observation. As a Christian, my main concern will always be God's people. Though, I've never had very many people listen to me, I share and I always pray. And I always will. And God has shown me things about America and the world at times. I will and always will pray about these things also. I share here on my very dull looking blog, where so few read. But it is here. It is in cyberspace.

America is heading for trouble. I have no doubt about this when I see the symptoms I see in the American church. The conservative Christian 'problems' are very serious. Most probably don't see them. Especially conservative Christians. And if/when they do, it may be too late. Not for their hearts, thank God. So many good hearted conservative Christians I know. They will see. I believe that.I pray and have always prayed, sooner than later, they see.  My heart hurts for them. It hurts for the church as a whole.


This is very troublesome. It's rather hard to fathom. On several occasions Christians have learned of terrible stories (often involving abortion) and were outraged and heart broken. But upon learning that the stories WERE NOT TRUE UPON EXTENSIVE INVESTIGATION (with lawsuits, arrests, etc following), a multitude of conservative Christians DID NOT BELIEVE IT and a good portion still do not.  

I'm not sure how to express HOW SERIOUS this is. I'll just be very frank here. The level of brain washing that has gone on is astonishing. If such a large number of people will believe lies that can so easily and readily be proven to be lies, WHAT WON'T THEY BELIEVE? What are they ready to receive? It is not so unlike many factors of WWI Germany. Before Germany even realized what was really happening by WWII, it was too late. Will America share a similar fate? Yes. America is different. Her 'family values' candidate will profess to be Christian, unlike Hitler.

FACTS MEAN NOTHING. The 'agenda' means EVERYTHING. What is the agenda? I have no name for it other than SATAN.

This nation is very ready for an antichrist. A great leader who comes in the name of Christ but has a satanic agenda.

To some this would sound comical. God showed me years ago that Dick Cheney was like an anti-John the Baptist; making the way for a coming antichrist. I have no idea what Cheney has done or how involved with things he has been (specifically). But as I see so many things falling into place and so many interpretations of dreams and visions coming NOW so quickly, more and more is making sense. Even such a strange visual as this of Dick Cheney.

Jesus only warned us against those who would come in HIS NAME. Matthew 24. Know this chapter like the back of your hand. PRAY. FAST. INTERCEDE. KNOW THE WORD. IT WILL SUSTAIN YOU.

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