Monday, February 1, 2016

Iowa Caucus

If I could settle myself down and write all the things God has shown me through the years about Ted Cruz and the Antichrist agenda that is within him, surrounding him and supporting him, perhaps I could properly express the shock and sickness I feel in learning that Ted Cruz won the state of Iowa tonight (as the Republican candidate). I listened to his speech and could feel that light that is not THE light; a godliness that is not of GOD.

I feared he would run for president. I was told by many that he would not do well. But he is doing well. Trump has been large and loud and Cruz has almost seemed quiet, in light of that. It causes one to wonder if this was not arranged. I doubt Trump knows of the arrangement. Perhaps Cruz does.

I believe he will be our next president. And I believe in a short time, Christian persecution will begin. And Christians will be persecuting Christians. Or rather, an Antichrist will lead Christian persecution in the guise as a Christian. And he will send out Christians to persecute Christians as he convinces them that 'they' are NOT true Christians.

I want to be wrong about ALL of this. Going into a deep time of prayer tonight. Perhaps God will show me something different. Perhaps I have heard wrong. Perhaps He has changed His mind.

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