Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Interpretation: The Robotic Creature (ISIS)

I had a vision in 2004. I called it 'The Robotic Creature'

I saw a creature in its demonic form. It brings about great death. It's appearance is clearly ancient Egyptian. On its chest is written something I cannot read. It looks like a different alphabet. Letters with curls. Perhaps a symbol. I am not certain.

I saw the creature in its other form which is technological. It has teeth of iron that clamp down and is crushing bones into dust. Its eyes are open and looking back and forth and do not close. It has many arms and they arms extend into every nation.

An angel told me it will crush the bones of the Christians into powder.

Several years ago, as I was praying about this vision, God began to show me that this evil was about the use of technology by a very evil person. It became clear to me that ridding ourselves of technology was useless, really. Because our battle is spiritual, anyway. So, I chose not to give up internet and stop shopping at Kroger. I did, however, come to realize how many ways technology can be used to find us and know us. It was a bit startling. OnStar, cell phones, GPS, internet, purchases at most stores. We do live in a time that IS different than others in ONE WAY- TECHNOLOGY.

I avoid news. I have the political seasons. I try not to pay much attention. Especially since I have these dreams and visions and with them, comes a weight and sorrow that is difficult for me. But it seems when I do take notice of something, it tends to have meaning. I can't say it is the Holy Spirit. Maybe it is. I do feel drawn to certain articles or stories at times, though.

I was drawn to read about the leader of ISIS in Time magazine. My husband keeps up with politics and reads magazines. I usually hear things from him first. He shared that the 2nd 'person of the year' according to Time magazine was the leader of ISIS. This disgusted both of us but I suppose Time magazine is being objective. I decided to read what the short article said.

I don't recall the long name of the man. But as I read, I learned that he is leading this terrorist group through cyberspace. And he has been very successful. He is being very successful. He now has 9 territories he has taken over as he has recruited and continues to recruit thousands (dare I say tens of thousands). The more successful the group is in its attacks, the more recruits they get from all over the world. He is successful financially also, bringing in under 50 million a MONTH to fund ISIS.

After I read this, I realize the robotic creature is ISIS.
Why it looked like an ancient Egyptian simply has to do with the name. Though ISIS is an acronym (of some sort), Isis was an ancient Egyptian goddess.

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