Wednesday, February 10, 2016

God Pours Curses Back Out on America

Though I feel I know more about who the 'Winged Creature' is, I'm still not certain. There is something I haven't heard yet from the Lord and I cannot release the information fully. When I pray, I feel there is something I don't know yet. There is a missing piece. I do get a strong feeling that it has to do with some major event that is going to happen. It is going to affect a lot of things. But there are no specifics to share. I know that Ted Cruz is either the Winged Creature or very involved with the Winged Creature. I've had visions of two figures for a few years and one was very flamboyant and noticeable and took attention away from the one behind it. But the one in front was not nearly as evil as the one behind. Recently, I interpreted this as Donald Trump being the one in front and Ted Cruz, the one behind.


Why do I say so much about Ted Cruz? Why do feel he is a part of the picture that involves the Winged Creature and the dark leader?

When I started having the visions around 8 years ago and getting the information, this is what I was told:

*  He will be a true foreigner. (He was born in Canada)
*  He is not 'on the scene yet' but he has connections with Cheney and fellow politicians. (He worked in Texas with the Bush family. He became a senator in 2013, when he 'came on the scene')
*  He will be connected with a light blue color (one of the first things I noticed is how often he wears a light blue neck tie, thought this isn't quite enough to have too much meaning for me. I believe the meaning has not yet been revealed. There is also a gray color with the blue)
*  He will be very dedicated to the cause of Israel (He has made it very clear that he supports Israel, even to the point of sharing non Christian beliefs stating they have automatic salvation among other views)
* He will openly say he is a Christian but will openly share non Christian views (He has done this on many occasions especially in the company of Jews)
*  He has dark features; Mediterranean or Hispanic (His is half Cuban and does have such features)
*  He will be a Republican politician
*  He will be endorsed as a presidential candidate
*  He is calm, intelligent (Close friends and family share is stays very calm and is highly intelligent)
*  He is involved in a non Christian agenda that is believed to be Christian- antichrist; cult (7 Cultural Mountains, New Apostolic Reformation, Dominion Theology)
*  He will claim he is of the lineage of King David or that he is an Israeli King. (His father-and recently Kenneth Copeland- anointed him as president of the U.S and in Dominionist theology is the belief of kingship/lordship over the wealth of the earth)

This will make some people angry because they will think this is something being said in favor of Obama and not in favor of God. The wise and discerning will read that God speaks and moves on matters regarding truth and righteousness. The foolish will immediately get caught up in their emotions and make a judgement about me; assuming I support Obama and that I believe God is defending Obama, a mere man rather than God and His statutes.

One night while praying God showed me the apostle John leaning over heaven with a large vase. He poured out curses over the U.S. God said, 'Because people have taken my name in vain, I will pour out the curses they have spoken back on them. Every word they have spoken I will pour back out on them. I will give them a true foreigner, who will do the things they have accused their president of doing. I will pour out their curses back on them because they speak curses and they take my name in vain; they lie and use my name for their purposes of their own and for their own agendas. They do not serve me. They serve themselves, yet they use my name. Every evil accusation and lie they have made and said against Obama will be poured back out on them and they will be humbled. They will be given opportunity to see the depth of their sin and to repent or continue in pride and vanity.'

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