Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Crowns, Star of David, Falling Fortified Wall

I was praying and I had the following vision:

I see King Jesus as he is described by John in Revelation. Vivid colors of white and gold. He is so bright and beautiful and his power and majesty is so mighty.
I see Ted Cruz, his father and several other men in suits, sitting around a table. They are wearing crowns with stars on them. The crowns are made of metal and the stars are also. The metal is dull and is not precious metal. There are no gems in the crowns. They are crowned as though kings and as though anointed. Some have cigars. On the center of the table I see a calf prepared to eat but the calf has an apple in its mouth as though it is a pig. On each jacket of each man is a single red rose. It is pinned on the lapel. I see the star of David flash before my eyes. I look behind these men and I see a large banner or flag with the star of David on it. It is blue so I believe it is the flag of Israel. I then see Greek letters here. I believe the letters are Alpha Epsilon. I know what Alpha means but not Epsilon. I will ask my husband who has studied Greek.

I see the star of David and the flag of Israel. I again see the Greek letters Alpha and Epsilon. I see a large throne among other seats that are smaller. The throne is not decorated and the wood has not been treated in any way. The room is empty and dimly lit. I believe this is in Israel, the earthly nation.

I see the soldiers putting sand bags against an extremely fortified wall. I've seen this several times in a series of visions since 2013. This wall should be impenetrable. Strong waters are moving against it. And now, water is coming through. It is here where I have seen four different angels. It is also here where I have seen Ted Cruz and an agenda of darkness that appears as light.

I am seeing the wall, the water and the soldiers and the sandbags again now. And as I pray, I am certain that something very disastrous is going to happen around the time of the 2016 election. Before or after. It could be a natural disaster that would involve water. On this, I am not sure. That is just a guess. But a disaster is coming. end

O'Malley, the democratic candidate- some negative information is going to come out that will affect his campaign.

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