Tuesday, February 23, 2016

America (Hard Times/Great Revival)

This election feels very different than any other election. I have a VERY strong feeling that right before the election or right after (around October or even around January) something VERY significant is going to happen. Maybe a great natural disaster. I feel it. So I will pray.

People don't like to hear it but God has been bringing judgement on America. It has been coming a wave at a time for years now. I don't dwell on it. I don't like to think on it. But it is real. And at times when I'm praying, the knowledge comes back and the sorrow and heaviness comes and it is near overwhelming.

Jesus told us not to fear so we have to do this. I need his help with this. I have to tell myself scriptures, remind myself of God's great power and that he will not forsake me. These are his promises to us. So, do not fear. Don't be afraid. Trust in God.

People can blame whoever they want for what has come and what is to come but I'm not sure there is anyone specific to blame. I think we like to have some kind of sin to blame. I've heard some Christian speakers say certain calamities have happened because of certain sins or bills being passed. I have not been told anyone is specifically to blame nor any specific sin. In fact, the Lord has shown me the sin of the church in America is very great. And this, to me, would be worse sin than the lost for we, The Church, have the power of the Holy Spirit and the knowledge and ability to overcome sin, to do good works and bring others to this knowledge, power and doing.

What is happening and will come of this nation has to do with what we cannot know or fathom. There is a greater plan. There are things God's mind knows and understands. It pains me to say it but America will fall and we must trust in God through the process. He is doing a great work. I do believe we will see the greatest harvest of souls soon. But it will come at a time of great darkness and pain.

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