Wednesday, February 10, 2016

1990 Dream Interpreted (Muslims Persecuting Americans)

I had a dream in 1990 that me and several family members were being nailed to the wall of our home. We were posed, as crucified with hands nailed, spread out to the wall. Two of us were Christians and the other a very vocal atheist who refused to consent to the status quo. In the dream, it seemed we were being crucified by Muslim extremists. But we learned, to our shock, that we had been lied to and that all were being fed and were believing a lie. The extremist Muslims were not the ones responsible. They were being used and our own government (yet it seemed more than our government- like a government formed of several nations but led by America) were the ones making the calls.

I had this dream 26 years ago. At that time, I did not have the meaning to the dream. Since I had the dreams and visions of George W. Bush being assassinated, I started getting the meaning and now I am certain of the meaning of the 1990 dream as well as the meaning of the many dreams and visions of the assassination of George W. Bush.

The meaning of the dream is simply what it appears to mean. Though extremist Muslims are attacking and they are evil. There are evil minds at work of first world nations, America being one, that have decidedly made a tool of the nature of the extremist Muslim and will continue to do so for their own agenda. To me, the evil of of extremist Muslim is not nearly as great as the American and other leaders (some holding great portions of the world's wealth) is.

As for the assassination of George W. Bush, I was told in visions and dreams that he would be killed by one of his own. In the visions and dreams, I saw him killed in the White House, which symbolized this strongly. No, this president was and is not going to be killed. Several others had visions and dreams of his assassination also. And because he was not killed, we have been written off as false prophets. Those who have written us off lack patience and discernment. Will people see only with their eyes or will they see with their spirit? Jesus told the Jews that they 'seek a sign'. He said this as an insult. People want a sign and signs are always given but you CANNOT and WILL NOT see the sign if you are not truly looking for it. Why are you looking for it? This is the question you must ask yourself? Where is your heart? What do you want to see? This is why Christ spoke in parables and His explanation to his disciples as to why he spoke in parables gives deep meaning and insight into understanding, discerning and 'seeing' the things of God.

Bush's assassination represents the Republican party being brought down by it's own hand. And we have only seen the beginnings of this. I can't remember the year, I do believe it was 2007 when I began seeing all the magazine titles (Time, Newsweek, etc) that said something like 'Can the Republican party be resurrected?' and/or 'Has the Republican party died?' This is when I first began to understand the meaning of this. But that was just the beginning. The tea party has brought divisions with consequences that has brought about difficulty for the Republican party like a horrible wound.

Now, we see the candidates of the coming election and it is frightening to some of my most conservative friends. And as God showed me over 10 years ago, 'they will choose a leader they would not normally endorse out of DESPERATION' makes more and more sense to me.

I was going to share two more interpretations in this post but it is long enough.

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