Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Go To Church and Don't Stop Going

"And I say also to you, That you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it," said Jesus. -Matthew 16:18

I know that I share a lot of things that are rather gloomy or dark in subject. This may lead people to think I am gloomy or morbid. I'm not. This is just where I share what God shows me and much of it is kind of sad or difficult. I do have a sorrow that I carry but it is a sorrow given to me from God for the purpose of intercession in regard to all of the things he has shown me. I pray for The Church and for the lost.

I want to post something a bit lighter. The importance of going to church. It's biblical that we Christians meet together. I've heard for so many people say that 'we need to get out of organized church because it is no longer right.'

This is something I prayed about because I have found it hard at times in my life to find a good church. It's true. The American church is very sick. There are problems in it. And it bothers me tremendously. BUT the Lord clearly showed me that to remain in the organized church. (When I say organized church I mean churches that have buildings and names and do not meet in houses)

God gave me a dream about this and he made it VERY clear that leaving the church was not the answer. It does not help or benefit The Bride/The Church in any way. Are we going to isolate ourselves, thinking we have better knowledge and ideals than our brothers and sisters? Are we going to be part of the problem by further dividing ourselves?

GO TO CHURCH. Not just any church. Go to a church where the Lord Jesus is worshiped and there is good, sound teaching. NO CHURCH IS GOING TO TEACH AND DO EVERYTHING PERFECTLY. This is a problem people just don't seem to grasp. The Church is comprised of fallible man. So, yes, there will be problems and mistakes. But in many congregations those problems and mistakes aren't bad enough to cause one to leave.

I NEED CHURCH. I NEED TO WORSHIP WITH MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS. And I truly benefit from hearing teaching. These are things that benefit the believer. This is why God says we are to meet together. And we are not to stop doing it. IT IS NOT OUR SOURCE. GOD IS. But throughout the Bible we are told again and again how much one believer needs another believer.

I love to go to church. I love my church, Love and Truth. I don't agree with every teaching. But the right teachings surpass the ones I disagree with. I greatly benefit from the time of worship with my Christian brothers and sisters. I WORSHIP AT HOME AND DO NOT DEPEND ON WORSHIP TIME WITH MY CHURCH. But worshiping with other believers is a beautiful and different experience that brings a difference kind of strength and power.

THE CHURCH NEEDS YOU. Just as I am blessed by going to church, the church is blessed by me going. When we go to church, we get to see and know other believers and have the opportunity to pray for them, encourage them and in some cases, counsel them. IT IS NO SMALL THING. THERE ARE SO MANY VERSES ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF BELIEVERS MINISTERING TO BELIEVERS THAT I CAN'T COUNT THEM.

GOD LOVES YOU. He wants to bless you, strengthen you in every way He can. GO TO CHURCH.
GOD LOVES YOUR SISTERS AND BROTHERS. He wants to bless, strengthen and help them in every way He can. GO TO CHURCH.


Be a part of the solution and not part of the problem.

"And I say also to you, That you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it," said Jesus. -Matthew 16:18

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

America (Hard Times/Great Revival)

This election feels very different than any other election. I have a VERY strong feeling that right before the election or right after (around October or even around January) something VERY significant is going to happen. Maybe a great natural disaster. I feel it. So I will pray.

People don't like to hear it but God has been bringing judgement on America. It has been coming a wave at a time for years now. I don't dwell on it. I don't like to think on it. But it is real. And at times when I'm praying, the knowledge comes back and the sorrow and heaviness comes and it is near overwhelming.

Jesus told us not to fear so we have to do this. I need his help with this. I have to tell myself scriptures, remind myself of God's great power and that he will not forsake me. These are his promises to us. So, do not fear. Don't be afraid. Trust in God.

People can blame whoever they want for what has come and what is to come but I'm not sure there is anyone specific to blame. I think we like to have some kind of sin to blame. I've heard some Christian speakers say certain calamities have happened because of certain sins or bills being passed. I have not been told anyone is specifically to blame nor any specific sin. In fact, the Lord has shown me the sin of the church in America is very great. And this, to me, would be worse sin than the lost for we, The Church, have the power of the Holy Spirit and the knowledge and ability to overcome sin, to do good works and bring others to this knowledge, power and doing.

What is happening and will come of this nation has to do with what we cannot know or fathom. There is a greater plan. There are things God's mind knows and understands. It pains me to say it but America will fall and we must trust in God through the process. He is doing a great work. I do believe we will see the greatest harvest of souls soon. But it will come at a time of great darkness and pain.

Republican Party (Breaking 3rd Commandment)/Ill Elephants

My heart is heavy. It's a sorrow that is hard to explain. It leads to prayer. Election years are just hard. I try to avoid the news. I also try to avoid posting things that reveal my personal views (on Facebook) but I have failed. My personal views mean nothing, ultimately. And I try very hard to keep this in perspective. In election years, it is harder. I have to pray harder and be sure I'm hearing God. People can easily assign their views to God. And they tend to do just that. I see it everywhere. 

Election years are hard because I do see a lot of political things. And as I live in the Bible Belt and in a state where the majority of people are Republican and/or conservatives, what I see about the Republican party is not well liked. But I will say here that what I see does not bring me any joy or comfort in any way. For me, this is not about my views. I am a moderate. I don't like most candidates whether Democratic or Republican. 

The Republican party has gotten on God's bad side, though. And it is not by doing anything drastically new that would upset God. YOU CANNOT TAKE GOD'S NAME IN VAIN AND THINK GOD IS OK WITH THIS. Many politicians have done this for many years. 




My husband had a dream years ago. It was from the Lord. Our entire family in a dry river bed, in a valley. There were two elephants. They had large bites taken out of their flesh. This troubled us terribly. We saw these wolf creatures and they were vicious. We knew they were biting the elephants.  
Several friends of mine who have visions and dreams have seen elephants who were thin, sick or frail. I believe these elephants represent the Republican party. 

The wolf creatures represent the demonic realm and its attacks. 


Interpretation: Winged Creature

I got the interpretation of the Robotic Creature and I have the interpretation of the Winged Creature also. The Winged Creature is ISIS. ISIS is an evil that is fierce and causing horror. But the Winged Creature is more evil. It is seductive. It is an antichrist worse than ISIS. The Lord has shown me that the deception of this leader is so great that many of the strongest believers are going to believe he is 'Godly'. In fact, one of the first visions God gave me of this man, I believed he was. Then the Lord began to reveal the truth to me. He showed this to me in this way so that I would see the level of deceptive power this leader would use. 'Even the very elect will be deceived'. These words from Christ in Matthew 24 echo through my mind as I consider this level of deception.

I think Christians think of Muslims or people of other religions or non Christians as antichrists. But, the worst and most accurate antichrist is one who says they are a Christian. And these are the ones Jesus warns us about.

This leader is coming very soon. And he will stand firm against Muslims and VERY FIRM WITH Israel, the nation. He professes to be a very devout Christian. He will be affiliated with Christian groups that most Christians agree with and may be a part of, especially the most successful churches in America. And yes, he is American. He will be rising up at the same time the robotic creature is rising up (ISIS).

But there is such an emptiness in this man. He is void of Christ. He is void of compassion. His ideals and his agenda is not known to many at all. And when he begins to do what he is going to do, those who supported him and voted for him are going to be surprised.

It is in this time, WE MUST remember the power of God. We must remember the WORD OF GOD. We must not despair. No matter what we see happening. We must remember what God has done for those who have trusted and believed in him. He fed the children in the wilderness. WE CANNOT FORGET ELIJAH WHEN HE WANTED TO DIE AND WAS FED BY THE RAVENS AND GOD SENT HIM TO FACE HIS ENEMIES AND GOD USED HIM. We cannot forget OUR GOD WHO IS ABLE TO CAUSE EARTHQUAKES TO OPEN PRISON DOORS for his people! OUR GOD WHO DID NOT ALLOW JOHN THE APOSTLE TO DIE DESPITE MULTIPLE EFFORTS OF POISONINGS.

OUR GOD IS ABLE. HE WILL SUSTAIN HIS PEOPLE. HE CAN FEED 4000 WITH A FEW FISH AND LOAVES OF BREAD. We must never forget GOD NEVER CHANGES. He will be with his people; those who believe in his son, Jesus Christ who was crucified and died for our sins. He was buried and was raised to life on the third day by God.


God showed me the terrible leader would rise up out of the Republican party. God showed me that the Republican party would kill itself by its own hand. When the Lord showed me the dark leader, who is and is affiliated by the winged creature, he said, 'Out of their DESPERATION they will choose a leader that they would not otherwise have chosen and found acceptable.' And they have suffered.

I see the struggle of the Republican party and it seems to only be increasing as the moderate voters are showing greater frustration since the party's elected leaders announced that they would not show support to the president as he nominates a judge for the vacant Supreme Court.

I believe this dark leader will be the next and probably last Republican president. That isn't something God has shown me. But it is what I think will happen.

NOVEMBER 3, 2004

Vision of a Winged Creature

I see a demon that looks much like a sting ray in the sky hovering over and flying to and fro over USA. It is looking for a place to land. I move closer to it. It has the face of an angel. It looks like many angels I have seen. Identical. Then it looks over to me and its face is suddenly changed into a very distorted and demonic face. It's skin is darker and it has gnashing teeth. It screeches horribly. I have never heard this kind of sound before. Its face turns back to a handsome, angelic face again. I ask the Lord, 'What is this?' Then I hear a voice say, 'It is the face of a new nation.' I see it landing. When I see it land, it turns into a statue. I sense that people adore it and revere it as they do the Statue of Liberty or the American flag. It seems to be a patriotic symbol that is somewhat 'worshiped'.

I see the face again and the creature spreads out its long dark wings. I ask, 'What are you going to do?'

It says, 'Rule'
I ask, 'Where?'
It says, 'America.'
I ask, 'Only America?' because I am wondering where it comes from.

Then it spreads its wings and I see it fly over Europe and all the way to the end of Asia. As it stops on Japan, I see myself looking down on Japan and I feel a stab in my spirit. I nearly lose my breath. Either there is something important here about Japan or simply that this creature will rule the entire Northern Hemisphere.

I see the creature looking at me. It looks Greek or Roman to me now. Then I see colors of pale blue in its wings a light color blue keeps flashing before me and a bleak gray color also.

'What is your name?' I ask.
'I am all nations.' it says.

Note:  The blue color is the same as the blue on the helmets of those working in the United Nations (U.N.). It is the closest thing I've seen to this blue color other than the Korean flag. But let us not forget it is not the only color. There is the gray color also.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fear and Requirement

As I'm seeing so many things unfolding, I've been brought to an ugly truth about myself. I don't believe all of it is really true. Because, believing it is true would frighten me. If ALL this that God has been showing me in dreams and visions is really 'God' showing me and is REAL, not only does it terrify me but it also requires much more of me.

I have thought my skepticism was about my ego, lack of faith, or that I was just wrong. But I think I've gotten to the core of it all. FEAR and REQUIREMENT.

I choose to accept this now as God; as truth. It will be the only way I can grow in faith and grow out of fear. 

I am also making the decision to seek God and His Word on a deeper level. I am going to get honest with myself. As I look at his commandments, I want to stop all sinful ways. I want to lean on God fully. I want to move into a place of greater REQUIREMENT. I want to be what God wants me to be in every way.

I asked God, 'What do I do?' And His answer is the answer is the answer that He always gives me to share with others. How humbling a moment for me from my merciful and loving Father.


Thursday, February 11, 2016

U.S. Church Problems Explained III/Facts Mean Nothing

This is my final blog entry on this topic. This, like the things in the other 2 posts, deeply trouble me. These things are symptomatic of some serious problems coming to the U.S. It takes no prophet or pixie dust to see these things either. Just observation. As a Christian, my main concern will always be God's people. Though, I've never had very many people listen to me, I share and I always pray. And I always will. And God has shown me things about America and the world at times. I will and always will pray about these things also. I share here on my very dull looking blog, where so few read. But it is here. It is in cyberspace.

America is heading for trouble. I have no doubt about this when I see the symptoms I see in the American church. The conservative Christian 'problems' are very serious. Most probably don't see them. Especially conservative Christians. And if/when they do, it may be too late. Not for their hearts, thank God. So many good hearted conservative Christians I know. They will see. I believe that.I pray and have always prayed, sooner than later, they see.  My heart hurts for them. It hurts for the church as a whole.


This is very troublesome. It's rather hard to fathom. On several occasions Christians have learned of terrible stories (often involving abortion) and were outraged and heart broken. But upon learning that the stories WERE NOT TRUE UPON EXTENSIVE INVESTIGATION (with lawsuits, arrests, etc following), a multitude of conservative Christians DID NOT BELIEVE IT and a good portion still do not.  

I'm not sure how to express HOW SERIOUS this is. I'll just be very frank here. The level of brain washing that has gone on is astonishing. If such a large number of people will believe lies that can so easily and readily be proven to be lies, WHAT WON'T THEY BELIEVE? What are they ready to receive? It is not so unlike many factors of WWI Germany. Before Germany even realized what was really happening by WWII, it was too late. Will America share a similar fate? Yes. America is different. Her 'family values' candidate will profess to be Christian, unlike Hitler.

FACTS MEAN NOTHING. The 'agenda' means EVERYTHING. What is the agenda? I have no name for it other than SATAN.

This nation is very ready for an antichrist. A great leader who comes in the name of Christ but has a satanic agenda.

To some this would sound comical. God showed me years ago that Dick Cheney was like an anti-John the Baptist; making the way for a coming antichrist. I have no idea what Cheney has done or how involved with things he has been (specifically). But as I see so many things falling into place and so many interpretations of dreams and visions coming NOW so quickly, more and more is making sense. Even such a strange visual as this of Dick Cheney.

Jesus only warned us against those who would come in HIS NAME. Matthew 24. Know this chapter like the back of your hand. PRAY. FAST. INTERCEDE. KNOW THE WORD. IT WILL SUSTAIN YOU.

U.S. Church Problems Explained II/'The Weapon'

As I've gone about my day, in the back of my mind, several other thoughts have come to mind regarding my former post regarding the church's decent into pride, callousness and confusion.

The first thought that came to my mind has been coined as a 'social issue'. In Jesus' day there were 'social issues' but Jesus didn't address them as such. He addressed them as issues of righteousness. He addressed issues of the time based on the Word; the statutes that so easily got blanketed and mired under the arguments and terms that 'social issues' layered on them. He set the record straight. He usually didn't agree with anyone, which was a good indicator. People want to be right. They want their agenda to be 'approved'. Whether they want to try to make a fool out of God or they want to get God to say they are 'good', its all about them. But Jesus was fully sacrificial. His will was the Father's will. That's what mattered. And as Christians, the temple of the Holy Spirit, that should be the same.

Recently, I was reading about a young man and how he forced his way into a school and killed 26 people within 5 minutes. He did so with specific types of weapons that obviously work very fast and are very effective. The security protocols placed at the school were of little use since the weapons were so powerful. Those who made attempts to stop the killer suffered injury or were killed.

The incident I'm sharing is true and is one of the most controversial hot topics in American society today. People argue at great lengths about these weapons. It is a 'social issue'. One side argues that these weapons are powerful and do a severe amount of damage in a short amount of time so something should be done by law to make it harder, in some way, to do so much damage. The other side of the argument believes this idea infringes on their rights and to do anything will only threaten their right to own such weapons.

No matter what people want to add, this IS the argument of both sides. One voices concerns about the problem. One voices concern about their rights.

I can't say that I've heard every argument on both sides. I've heard some on both sides. I am not interested in making this a post about a 'SOCIAL ISSUE'. This is a post about problems in the church.

Now, it has become clear to me that those who argue for their rights tend to be conservatives and a very large portion of them are Christians. To me, this speaks to the sickness that pervades the church. Here is why.

As Christians, we are called to forfeit our rights, as Christ did IN EVERY WAY. Protecting something for ourselves is not in the Christian equation in ANY way. It is give all and surrender all. I've been told, 'Well, you are taking that too literal.' I've also been told, 'That's radical.' Well, the Word of God is to be taken literal and if you've accepted Christ, you ARE  radical. If you aren't radical, then you probably aren't a Christian. You're probably lukewarm. Not a good thing to be in the mouth of God.

So, either just stop being a Christian and choose to hold onto your rights (til they pull them out of your cold, dead hands, perhaps) or become a Christian and give up ALL RIGHTS. Scripturally, this is what Jesus would tell you to do. Not so different as he told the rich young ruler. It's a matter of the heart. Get rid of the pride. This is making you sick. As a consequence, it is making the church sick.

I hear people say, 'I want to protect myself.' Personally, this doesn't bother me. It probably doesn't bother God. As long as your heart is right. As long as you always know God is your greatest protector. As long as you know the Word of God and your greater weapons of warfare are not carnal. As long as you are not living in fear. What is in your heart? Fear? What are you scared of? Why? Only you can answer the question, 'Do I trust this physical weapon more than I trust God? Is this weapon an idol?'


Love waxing cold. Underneath the weight of personal agendas of 'rights' and 'protection' and the lack of surrendering of fears, Christians are saying very often that these weapons (like the ones that killed 26 people in 5 minutes-21 were young children) are no more dangerous than any others. 'Anything can be a weapon'.  It's a frightening phenomenon to me. One of several I've picked up on among Christians in this nation. It speaks volumes. One might think it is denial. I've asked myself, 'Do these people REALLY believe that these weapons are not as dangerous as they are? That other weapons are more dangerous or are AS dangerous? Do they truly believe these statistics they have pulled together from websites that are completely fictionalized?' The University of my EYEBALLS can tell you that no other weapon (except God) can kill 26 people in 5 minutes except for a specific type! And statistics of trusted institutions validate this. AS IF IT NEEDS TO BE SAID! Yet, it does. STOP TURNING DEATH INTO AN ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.


It is a symptom of love waxing cold. When it becomes more important to deny the reality of a danger than to admit to it and that danger involves deaths of people; children and people continue to deny or lie or commit themselves to an argument that a type of weapon is not so dangerous, this means the rights and agendas of people have become more important than the lives of others. This IS THE TRUTH of the matter. And most don't want to hear it. They will argue and become furious at the thought of it. But it is extremely symptomatic of the problems in the church. The lost? Oh, I expect them to behave this way. THEY ARE LOST!!!! Christians? No. I don't. Such pride and personal agendas need to be repented of and abandoned. Does this mean get rid of your weapons? No. It means get rid of the pride. Get rid of the sin. Get rid of what is making you sick and the church sick. That is all that means.

Fear. On the other side of the argument. As Christians, if we fear physical weapons more than we trust in God, then we need to also check our hearts. Why do we have such deep fear? Why don't we trust in God? And if people are going so far in their argument to dedicate time and energy toward eliminating these weapons totally, then have you made this agenda your idol? What should your agenda be? ALL CHRISTIANS SHOULD HAVE THE SAME AGENDA--THE GREAT COMMISSION. FULL SUBMISSION, FULL SACRIFICE. FULL SERVICE.

I think it wouldn't be hard to see what Jesus' answers would be on all of this. He'd come at it from the Word of God. He'd go straight to our hearts. What's in our hearts? He'd call us all to repent, forfeit our rights, trust in Him and to serve.


U.S. Church Problems Explained

There is an 'attitude'; a 'spirit' I have identified in the modern church of America. It is often proud, intolerant of the poor and broken, although in word and 'ideal', it often speaks to and for the broken and poor. But close up, this 'ideal' fades into frustration and begins to fall into a myriad of confusion in how to truly help people one on one who are broken and poor. Close up and one on one the ideal fades to intolerant behaviors toward the broken and poor including frustration, lack of patience, poor communication or worst of all, total rejection.

What is happening is what Christ told us would happen in Matthew 24. 'The love of many will wax cold.' We don't think of it happening in the church but this is precisely where we should expect to see it most. After all, Christ didn't warn us about following Muslims or pagans or Wiccans. He warned us about following those who come in HIS NAME.

What has happened in our country has been a slow but deliberate effort by the enemy to bring as many Christians as possible to a place of pride and do it in the NAME of Christianity. I was once one of these type of Christians so I have some experience here.

Remember Rush Limbaugh? Though he didn't have a Christian show he drew in and DISEASED Christians all over America with his evil spirit, lies; his rage, hate; his disgust for the poor and lack of compassion for the oppressed. He drew the Republicans like white on rice! And the Republicans had pretty well established themselves at this time as THE CHRISTIAN PARTY. They had conservative values because they didn't believe in abortion and they believed in the 'family'.

My husband worked for American Family Radio during this time and we were pretty dedicated to American Family Association. For those who don't know about this group's views, quotes and deeds, it's worth looking at. Very cold. They were actually successful in causing a lot of people to lose jobs because they boycotted businesses that were affiliated or had businesses that sold pornography or supported gays in some way or were pro life. There was no sympathy or thought for the families of those who lost jobs due to this. And many who lost jobs had nothing to do with pornography, pro choice views, etc.


I mention Rush Limbaugh and AFA and the Republican party becoming the 'Christian party' because it is important to see what has happened here. There has been an adoption of pride, hate, a waging of war IN THE FLESH rather in the spiritual (as the Word tells us it can only be done and won). And most Christians don't even realize they have become a part of something that is affecting them and putting them in confusion that is demonic and not Biblical.

I have to be specific here regarding Rush and AFA as well as bringing in FOX News Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck, you will see a very sarcastic, proud and even angry disposition. They show disgust toward the poor. You tend to see the belief that 'people are where they are because they aren't trying.' You tend to see the belief government programs are designed to help people be lazy and do nothing to better themselves. I've literally heard Republican conservative Christian politicians actually say, 'if a person if having hard financial times, why don't they just go to their parents for help?' The possibility that this person has either family that has no resources to help them or that they have no family has not crossed the mind of the politician. I bring this specific up because COMPASSION DOESN'T THINK SO NARROWLY. And I've seen so many of this group make fun of those who help the poor. I've experienced it myself. And it is no fun when you bring a friend to church who has PTSD and her issues are snubbed. And she wanted to get baptized too.


THAT'S WHAT THIS IS!!!!!!!! LOVE WAXING COLD, PEOPLE!!!! What else can you call it?????

There is only one Christian party and that is the party of Christ. The political parties of the earth; of America are earthly so when they start taking on the name of Christ, they become THE PARTY OF ANTICHRIST. The meaning of anitchrist is simply- saying it is of Christ but it is not.

The spirit of confusion is operating in the American church because its leaders are predominantly following the 'spirit'/attitudes/views of the pride and disgust and even hate WHILE SEEKING TO FOLLOW THE TEACHINGS OF CHRIST. You cannot do both. They do not work together. They are completely different. And this is the problem in the American church right now. Leaders are operating in confusion and its congregations are either operating comfortably in their pride OR they are in confusion also. And those who are confused are often finding themselves feeling alone while in a church. It often feels the same as if they were not in a church. In ways, it feels worse because the element of confusion is greater while attending church. And this is worse for the Christian who is poor and/or sick but truly seeking God and doing their best.

And though the Republican party would almost have seemed to have died, it lingers on and as it strives to live on, in its desperation, some of the darkest characters are being embraced by the party.

This isn't a Repbulican bash. This is a REPUBLICAN CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN bash. When a party tries to put MY GOD'S name on its ticket OVER AND OVER again and horribly desecrate it and it diseases THE CHURCH in my country, I WILL NOT BE QUIET.

My prayer is that people will begin to see the true monsters. And they begin to see how thrilled the enemy is with all of this. PRAY. SEEK GOD. ASK FOR DISCERNMENT. READ THE WORD.

I pray that God will show others what He so kindly and graciously showed me and Randy years ago about all of this. It changed our lives. And I don't believe it was simply for us. It is to help others.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

God Pours Curses Back Out on America

Though I feel I know more about who the 'Winged Creature' is, I'm still not certain. There is something I haven't heard yet from the Lord and I cannot release the information fully. When I pray, I feel there is something I don't know yet. There is a missing piece. I do get a strong feeling that it has to do with some major event that is going to happen. It is going to affect a lot of things. But there are no specifics to share. I know that Ted Cruz is either the Winged Creature or very involved with the Winged Creature. I've had visions of two figures for a few years and one was very flamboyant and noticeable and took attention away from the one behind it. But the one in front was not nearly as evil as the one behind. Recently, I interpreted this as Donald Trump being the one in front and Ted Cruz, the one behind.


Why do I say so much about Ted Cruz? Why do feel he is a part of the picture that involves the Winged Creature and the dark leader?

When I started having the visions around 8 years ago and getting the information, this is what I was told:

*  He will be a true foreigner. (He was born in Canada)
*  He is not 'on the scene yet' but he has connections with Cheney and fellow politicians. (He worked in Texas with the Bush family. He became a senator in 2013, when he 'came on the scene')
*  He will be connected with a light blue color (one of the first things I noticed is how often he wears a light blue neck tie, thought this isn't quite enough to have too much meaning for me. I believe the meaning has not yet been revealed. There is also a gray color with the blue)
*  He will be very dedicated to the cause of Israel (He has made it very clear that he supports Israel, even to the point of sharing non Christian beliefs stating they have automatic salvation among other views)
* He will openly say he is a Christian but will openly share non Christian views (He has done this on many occasions especially in the company of Jews)
*  He has dark features; Mediterranean or Hispanic (His is half Cuban and does have such features)
*  He will be a Republican politician
*  He will be endorsed as a presidential candidate
*  He is calm, intelligent (Close friends and family share is stays very calm and is highly intelligent)
*  He is involved in a non Christian agenda that is believed to be Christian- antichrist; cult (7 Cultural Mountains, New Apostolic Reformation, Dominion Theology)
*  He will claim he is of the lineage of King David or that he is an Israeli King. (His father-and recently Kenneth Copeland- anointed him as president of the U.S and in Dominionist theology is the belief of kingship/lordship over the wealth of the earth)

This will make some people angry because they will think this is something being said in favor of Obama and not in favor of God. The wise and discerning will read that God speaks and moves on matters regarding truth and righteousness. The foolish will immediately get caught up in their emotions and make a judgement about me; assuming I support Obama and that I believe God is defending Obama, a mere man rather than God and His statutes.

One night while praying God showed me the apostle John leaning over heaven with a large vase. He poured out curses over the U.S. God said, 'Because people have taken my name in vain, I will pour out the curses they have spoken back on them. Every word they have spoken I will pour back out on them. I will give them a true foreigner, who will do the things they have accused their president of doing. I will pour out their curses back on them because they speak curses and they take my name in vain; they lie and use my name for their purposes of their own and for their own agendas. They do not serve me. They serve themselves, yet they use my name. Every evil accusation and lie they have made and said against Obama will be poured back out on them and they will be humbled. They will be given opportunity to see the depth of their sin and to repent or continue in pride and vanity.'

Interpretation: The Robotic Creature (ISIS)

I had a vision in 2004. I called it 'The Robotic Creature'

I saw a creature in its demonic form. It brings about great death. It's appearance is clearly ancient Egyptian. On its chest is written something I cannot read. It looks like a different alphabet. Letters with curls. Perhaps a symbol. I am not certain.

I saw the creature in its other form which is technological. It has teeth of iron that clamp down and is crushing bones into dust. Its eyes are open and looking back and forth and do not close. It has many arms and they arms extend into every nation.

An angel told me it will crush the bones of the Christians into powder.

Several years ago, as I was praying about this vision, God began to show me that this evil was about the use of technology by a very evil person. It became clear to me that ridding ourselves of technology was useless, really. Because our battle is spiritual, anyway. So, I chose not to give up internet and stop shopping at Kroger. I did, however, come to realize how many ways technology can be used to find us and know us. It was a bit startling. OnStar, cell phones, GPS, internet, purchases at most stores. We do live in a time that IS different than others in ONE WAY- TECHNOLOGY.

I avoid news. I have the political seasons. I try not to pay much attention. Especially since I have these dreams and visions and with them, comes a weight and sorrow that is difficult for me. But it seems when I do take notice of something, it tends to have meaning. I can't say it is the Holy Spirit. Maybe it is. I do feel drawn to certain articles or stories at times, though.

I was drawn to read about the leader of ISIS in Time magazine. My husband keeps up with politics and reads magazines. I usually hear things from him first. He shared that the 2nd 'person of the year' according to Time magazine was the leader of ISIS. This disgusted both of us but I suppose Time magazine is being objective. I decided to read what the short article said.

I don't recall the long name of the man. But as I read, I learned that he is leading this terrorist group through cyberspace. And he has been very successful. He is being very successful. He now has 9 territories he has taken over as he has recruited and continues to recruit thousands (dare I say tens of thousands). The more successful the group is in its attacks, the more recruits they get from all over the world. He is successful financially also, bringing in under 50 million a MONTH to fund ISIS.

After I read this, I realize the robotic creature is ISIS.
Why it looked like an ancient Egyptian simply has to do with the name. Though ISIS is an acronym (of some sort), Isis was an ancient Egyptian goddess.

1990 Dream Interpreted (Muslims Persecuting Americans)

I had a dream in 1990 that me and several family members were being nailed to the wall of our home. We were posed, as crucified with hands nailed, spread out to the wall. Two of us were Christians and the other a very vocal atheist who refused to consent to the status quo. In the dream, it seemed we were being crucified by Muslim extremists. But we learned, to our shock, that we had been lied to and that all were being fed and were believing a lie. The extremist Muslims were not the ones responsible. They were being used and our own government (yet it seemed more than our government- like a government formed of several nations but led by America) were the ones making the calls.

I had this dream 26 years ago. At that time, I did not have the meaning to the dream. Since I had the dreams and visions of George W. Bush being assassinated, I started getting the meaning and now I am certain of the meaning of the 1990 dream as well as the meaning of the many dreams and visions of the assassination of George W. Bush.

The meaning of the dream is simply what it appears to mean. Though extremist Muslims are attacking and they are evil. There are evil minds at work of first world nations, America being one, that have decidedly made a tool of the nature of the extremist Muslim and will continue to do so for their own agenda. To me, the evil of of extremist Muslim is not nearly as great as the American and other leaders (some holding great portions of the world's wealth) is.

As for the assassination of George W. Bush, I was told in visions and dreams that he would be killed by one of his own. In the visions and dreams, I saw him killed in the White House, which symbolized this strongly. No, this president was and is not going to be killed. Several others had visions and dreams of his assassination also. And because he was not killed, we have been written off as false prophets. Those who have written us off lack patience and discernment. Will people see only with their eyes or will they see with their spirit? Jesus told the Jews that they 'seek a sign'. He said this as an insult. People want a sign and signs are always given but you CANNOT and WILL NOT see the sign if you are not truly looking for it. Why are you looking for it? This is the question you must ask yourself? Where is your heart? What do you want to see? This is why Christ spoke in parables and His explanation to his disciples as to why he spoke in parables gives deep meaning and insight into understanding, discerning and 'seeing' the things of God.

Bush's assassination represents the Republican party being brought down by it's own hand. And we have only seen the beginnings of this. I can't remember the year, I do believe it was 2007 when I began seeing all the magazine titles (Time, Newsweek, etc) that said something like 'Can the Republican party be resurrected?' and/or 'Has the Republican party died?' This is when I first began to understand the meaning of this. But that was just the beginning. The tea party has brought divisions with consequences that has brought about difficulty for the Republican party like a horrible wound.

Now, we see the candidates of the coming election and it is frightening to some of my most conservative friends. And as God showed me over 10 years ago, 'they will choose a leader they would not normally endorse out of DESPERATION' makes more and more sense to me.

I was going to share two more interpretations in this post but it is long enough.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Crowns, Star of David, Falling Fortified Wall

I was praying and I had the following vision:

I see King Jesus as he is described by John in Revelation. Vivid colors of white and gold. He is so bright and beautiful and his power and majesty is so mighty.
I see Ted Cruz, his father and several other men in suits, sitting around a table. They are wearing crowns with stars on them. The crowns are made of metal and the stars are also. The metal is dull and is not precious metal. There are no gems in the crowns. They are crowned as though kings and as though anointed. Some have cigars. On the center of the table I see a calf prepared to eat but the calf has an apple in its mouth as though it is a pig. On each jacket of each man is a single red rose. It is pinned on the lapel. I see the star of David flash before my eyes. I look behind these men and I see a large banner or flag with the star of David on it. It is blue so I believe it is the flag of Israel. I then see Greek letters here. I believe the letters are Alpha Epsilon. I know what Alpha means but not Epsilon. I will ask my husband who has studied Greek.

I see the star of David and the flag of Israel. I again see the Greek letters Alpha and Epsilon. I see a large throne among other seats that are smaller. The throne is not decorated and the wood has not been treated in any way. The room is empty and dimly lit. I believe this is in Israel, the earthly nation.

I see the soldiers putting sand bags against an extremely fortified wall. I've seen this several times in a series of visions since 2013. This wall should be impenetrable. Strong waters are moving against it. And now, water is coming through. It is here where I have seen four different angels. It is also here where I have seen Ted Cruz and an agenda of darkness that appears as light.

I am seeing the wall, the water and the soldiers and the sandbags again now. And as I pray, I am certain that something very disastrous is going to happen around the time of the 2016 election. Before or after. It could be a natural disaster that would involve water. On this, I am not sure. That is just a guess. But a disaster is coming. end

O'Malley, the democratic candidate- some negative information is going to come out that will affect his campaign.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Iowa Caucus

If I could settle myself down and write all the things God has shown me through the years about Ted Cruz and the Antichrist agenda that is within him, surrounding him and supporting him, perhaps I could properly express the shock and sickness I feel in learning that Ted Cruz won the state of Iowa tonight (as the Republican candidate). I listened to his speech and could feel that light that is not THE light; a godliness that is not of GOD.

I feared he would run for president. I was told by many that he would not do well. But he is doing well. Trump has been large and loud and Cruz has almost seemed quiet, in light of that. It causes one to wonder if this was not arranged. I doubt Trump knows of the arrangement. Perhaps Cruz does.

I believe he will be our next president. And I believe in a short time, Christian persecution will begin. And Christians will be persecuting Christians. Or rather, an Antichrist will lead Christian persecution in the guise as a Christian. And he will send out Christians to persecute Christians as he convinces them that 'they' are NOT true Christians.

I want to be wrong about ALL of this. Going into a deep time of prayer tonight. Perhaps God will show me something different. Perhaps I have heard wrong. Perhaps He has changed His mind.


There was a little boy missing recently in our area. I took time to pray on the third night he was missing. The Lord showed me that this little boy was not a victim of foul play and that he was not going to survive. I told only a few of my children and my husband. When I heard they had found his body, I broke down and wept. He died of hypothermia. He was only 2 years old. I also spent more time in prayer for his family. end