Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sorrow is Fuel for Prayer

I've felt such a sorrow and heaviness for days now. Some of this has to do with personal stresses. Some has to do with sorrow about things I've seen in the spiritual. I've really been hurt with a recent altercation with a close friend. My heightened skepticism and discernment isn't something that is easy for others to always handle.

I was praying. I repented for my sin and the wrong I've been doing in every are of my life. I prayed God would cleanse me from all of my unrighteousness. I began then to praise the Lord. I was 'MOVED' to praise God profoundly for some time.

I began to feel the sorrows within; the heaviness and pain regarding our world. I asked the Lord to speak to me and show me what to do. I felt Jesus come very close to me. I immediately felt the comfort of His presence. I then felt the joy that is also with/in His presence. I said, 'I feel so sad. The sorrow is so heavy.'

He said, 'I know. I know.' And the scripture came to my mind 'a man of many sorrows'
He said, 'It's ok. It's ok.' He smiled. I could feel His immense joy. But I just felt this heavy sorrow in me.

He said, 'The sorrow is fuel for prayer. It is energy for you for prayer. Pray. It's ok. It's ok.' He smiles and I begin to pray and I begin to feel this sorrow rising up from within. I prayed in the spirit and in English. And I feel the heaviness getting lighter.

There is also a power in praise. When I am 'MOVED' into praise, it is by the Spirit of God for I know of no joy like it. It is not something I feel in and of myself to worship God in such a way. It is the spirit man that has been raised; that belongs with God and longs for God. Praise tears down darkness. It is a weapon of great power.

For those who are afraid of the last days, if you know the Lord Jesus, know this; when you praise Him, you tear down darkness and it is a weapon. When you pray, it is a weapon that cannot be taken from you for you can pray under your breath. If you belong to God, He is the miracle worker and He is able to show you and to do amazing things.

Do not fear. Trust in God.

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