Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Vision: Jesus' Golden Sash

As I was praying this morning I had this experience.

I was praying and weeping in thanks for all of His goodness to me. I was praying that He would show me His will concerning some things for I had strayed from His will, though He had protected me from any real harm.

As I prayed, I began to feel the Lord just drenching my spirit with life. As this experience came, I could only praise Him. This experience is not uncommon for many Christians. Father God is my source of life, deep rest and hope. Also when this happens, I am moved to speak in a spiritual language or in tongues. Usually, I interpret what I am saying and most of the time it is praise to God.

This was happening when I began to see above me Christ dressed in white and a golden sash across the front of His waist. It was not fastened around His back but extended out to His left and His right. I could see angels to the left and to the right of Him.  I often begin to see spiritual things when I am worshiping God. I wanted to continue basking in this very intimate time with Father God so I focused on this. But soon the Father made it clear He wanted me to focus on what was manifesting above and before me with Christ. So, I did.

The sash was like a pure golden ribbon and it began to extend further and further out from the east to the west. I began to understand as the words 'east to west' entered my mind this was likely regarding the second coming of Christ. I continued to pray in tongues but my language changed twice. One language that is for the lost, specifically and another language that I only speak when I have been in the presence of God for a long period of time and pray for the needs of other Christians.

As the ribbon/sash continued to extend, I began to feel Christ further above me and the length of the sash being astronomically long. Soon I was brought up into the stars and saw Earth, Christ and the angels. The sash of bright gold now surrounded the Earth.

For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.-Matthew 24:27

This scripture came to mind and I was certain this is what I was being shown. I then asked God, 'Why are you showing me this?'

I then saw a trumpet. Then again, I saw the  beauty of space and Earth and Christ, the sash and the angels. To the left of the planet I heard and 'felt' the voice of God.


I don't think I can explain that experience in words. Everything vibrated. The entire earth shook. Everything shook. I shook. My body felt the vibration. I lost my bearings for a moment. This was the might of the Living God.

Then He softly said, 'The world is full of sin and my people are full of error.'

The vision ended and I was trembling and weeping. I was so humbled I just knelt for a while praising God. I cannot say that I was 'afraid'. But I can say that I felt and knew that God is mighty and powerful and I will revere Him. I will obey His command.

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