Friday, November 20, 2015

"It is early yet."

I believe it was just after Obama was elected president for a second term when I was praying and I had a vision and various spiritual experiences. In them I saw a sadness and stress; concern in Obama's eyes. I had not seen this in him before. An angel was there and I remember making a remark about how Obama did not look sorrowful and the angel responded saying, 'IT IS EARLY YET.'

As time has passed, I still had not seen this troubling look. Here it is nearly the end of 2015 and now I see problems in the world that are more complex than I can recall ever seeing. But it isn't only these problems that have me concerned. The world climate is different. 

Will we be able to find good answers to solve the problems our world faces? Where will refugees go? Can ISIS and other terrorist groups be stopped? Will there be another world war? Are we already in another world war without calling it that?  Muslim extremist groups like ISIS and IS fight for religious reasons. It is a religious war for them. Will Christians extremists rise up and fight Muslims?

Dear God, what is to come? Will Christians fight against Christians? Will an evil man rise up and become a leader over the entire northern hemisphere; possibly the world?

I think Obama will be wearing that look that I could not imagine him wearing. To be honest, I couldn't imagine a scenario being that difficult. I can't explain what I felt in the vision I suppose. Perhaps, I didn't WANT to imagine such a scenario. 

All the things I've been shown. . . they begin to flow together like waters gathering for a great river. The water moves rapidly over rocks and eventually free falls and crashes down violently. There is fear but it does not over power me. It is mild. I trust my life in God's hands. I have faith in Him.

We cannot allow the great sadness turn us to depression. We cannot despair. The sadness must be a fuel to pray and to love others as much as possible.

We cannot allow injustice to cause us to strike out in criminal rage. Let our anger drive us to serve the poor and rejected. Let our anger become our fuel to defy evil. And if the day comes when it is criminal to refuse doing evil, then let us become criminals by doing good. What men think doesn't matter. What God thinks does.

We must continue to be light. We must continue to be good. We must always pray, read and know the gospel. We must remain humble and serve others. We can't let anything extinguish our kindness, hope and love. 

Most big problems in the world don't need many big answers. They simply need all these small ones. We must endure. Love God. Love our neighbor. 

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