Saturday, November 14, 2015

France and the New Testament Prophet

I haven't posted in a while. But what has happened in Paris has me thinking in several directions. So, I'm posting.

If there's something I've learned in the 25 years of having dreams, visions and words from God, it is that no human being is perfect. This seems blatantly obvious. But when it comes to people who are prophets and prophetesses, people believe this myth that these specific people are not capable of being wrong. Especially in what they hear from God and share as from God.

It's a big responsibility, in my opinion to assign God's voice to what we hear, dream or experience. This is something that has never changed through the years. I have a healthy fear about being right or wrong about what I am hearing in my spiritual life. At times, the fear has been so strong that I keep much to myself, remaining the intense skeptic I truly am. Recently, I came to a deeper understanding about the relationship a child of God has with God, their Father. This helped me but if that fear of assigning dreams, visions and experiences to God leaves me, then I pray God will make me mute, deaf and take away the use of my hands.

Over the last 12 years, I finally opened up publicly, sharing what was in my journal. It was a big step but it felt right. I've prayed and always pray about what to share, where to share and to whom to share what I believe God has shown me. In taking this step, I came to know a great many who have also had prophetic experiences. There are more out there than people probably realize. Not many have 'followings'. But there were a few I did find that had many followers. I came to know some pretty amazing people. Christians from all over the world. I also came to know some religious and insane people. These were at times amusing, I will admit. Most likely these had unknown psychiatric and physical diagnoses. Yet, I loved them all.

Two prophets stood out to me. These two were those who had great followings. One was from Canada and the other is a Mexican man who lives in California. Were these guys perfect? No. And it goes deeper than just every day living. No one is perfect. But, even in some of the things they shared, I was not or am not certain that they came in line with the Word of God. The American (like 99% of prophets I've encountered in America) was influenced by his political views. Sadly, Satan has successfully found a way to knit together political views and spirituality together. This is a big problem for Americans. I even had to do deep self examination about myself regarding my own political views 'influencing' my interpretation of what I see, hear, dream. We can be wrong in this. We can affect what we experience with God with our own views. Therefore, what we share isn't always pure. Was it from God? In my experience, yes. But it may not be pure.

I think the problem people have when they view prophets and prophetesses, is they revert back to the Old Testament prophets. Those guys could not be wrong. If they were found wrong in anything they prophesied, they were killed. Even prophets who were correct like Isaiah and Zechariah were killed and labeled false prophets by religious people (not spiritual). John The Baptist is the first prophet killed in the New Testament. But I want to talk a moment about Old Testament prophets. It is hard for many Christians to make the distinctions between God in the Old Testament and people living under the Law and God in the New Testament, people living under Grace. Prophecy is not going to be the same now. We are under a different covenant. Grace. We are saved by grace and not by our obedience. We are now viewed as children of God, through the pure blood of Christ Jesus (God in the flesh). Joel prophesied of this as well as David, Isaiah, Daniel and others. God's Spirit now resides within us, following conversion. The Holy Spirit of God in the Old Testament is something very different and very hard for people of this day and time to fathom. The presence of God, the Spirit of God worked in different parameters, based on some elements of the Abrahamic covenant as well as the Law, given to Moses. All of the operations of believers now exist only within the knowledge and faith of Christ and His sacrifice. He gave us the Holy Spirit. And throughout the book of John, we are told the purpose of the Holy Spirit.

'We know in part so we prophesy in part' said the Apostle Paul. This is a very revealing scripture. Even as we prophesy, we are always going to be limited by our knowledge (which can only be the sum of our experiences which means in one life time, we come to know a very small percentage of all there is to know). I began to see that one of the more popular prophets I came to know was correct in many aspects. There are other things that I am undecided on and then others that I basically discount as being from God. I can't be the black and white thinker following the Law of Moses in the Old Testament and all the guidelines given regarding prophets. God can use people in amazing ways. I rarely completely count someone as a false prophet. Perhaps they have false prophesies. But I also find they have true prophesies.

As I've taken in and read many dreams, visions and experiences from many people through the years, many of them have stayed with me, heavily. I don't have a good memory in general. I have a great memory when it comes to things I've experienced spiritually myself and others' too.

When this happened in Paris, it came fully back to my mind what this strange man in California had seen on several occasions. It was about Paris burning and France experiencing great turmoil and evil. I couldn't help but wonder, 'has this come to pass finally?' I hope this is the end of it. I hope there will not be more horror in France.

I'm not really a strong person. I've learned this about myself. I am overly sensitive to suffering and horrors that go on in the world. I don't watch the news. For the most part, I've stopped reading prophecies and dreams of others. Darkness being reported by media makes me physically sick, weak and really depressed. I have come to find most American prophecy to be biased and based often in their political views so that just brings me down. But there is another reason I put myself in greater seclusion. That reason is that I don't want my own experiences to be affected and be biased. I want what God is showing me to come to me as pure as possible. If I want to know about something going on in the world, I can look it up. The same goes with 'prophets' and 'prophetesses.'

I've been shown so many horrible things to come in this world. It is an interesting thing. I am not a strong person. Maybe this is why He shows me terrible things. In my weakness, His strength is made perfect.

So many things have happened that God said would happen. And many things have happened that others' have shared would happen. There is more to come. I have no timelines or dates. I have become more a scribe; just writing it down as it comes to me, without thinking much about it and then praying about it.

I am extremely sad most of the time. It is all too easy to focus on the darkness and the pain that comes with evil things coming to pass. With every thing that happens, I am faced with the reality that if these things have happened, then most likely, all other things will happen too. In my generation or the next or so on.

I try to find my joy. The world is full of God's joy, love and hope. Some times are harder than others. But I do find joy. There are many dark chapters in the book of time, from beginning to end. Equally, there is great joy, freedom and victory. It's not fairy tale. It is reality that can have a happily ever after. That comes if we will give our lives to Christ and live for Him.

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