Friday, November 20, 2015

Dream: Animals/Nations Fighting

In 2013 I had a very unusual dream. Syria and Egypt were on my mind and in my prayers at the time. So many things were going there at the time.

In the dream, there was a massive sinkhole. As I looked upon it, I began to notice different animals fighting within the sinkhole.

I saw a lion with no mane and it had the face of a human man. I saw a well groomed black dog with a red bow about its neck. I saw a hippopotamus. I saw a large brown bear. I also saw a panda bear.

They fought intensely, though I saw no blood.

I went into my home and I saw the animals again. The lion did not fight but all other animals did.

I believe these animals represent nations. The brown bear represents Russia, the panda China. I believe the lion represents the U.S. and the black dog, England. The hippo is a mystery to me but I have thought it represents Africa and perhaps more specifically Egypt.

This dream could have been about what was going on in late summer 2013. But I have not been given full interpretation for the dream. I believe I am supposed to post this at this time. I believe it will have further meaning. end

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