Friday, November 20, 2015

Dominionism/End of Time Transfer of Wealth

Some evangelical Christian churches began talking about an 'end time transfer of wealth' to Christians (as spoken in a proverb in Proverbs). They began talking about man taking Dominion (as God spoke to Adam and Eve). And this is all supposed to usher in the return of Christ. Because the wealth will help rebuild the temple. 

1. Money doesn't build the temple; the decision to does. 
2. We cannot do ANYTHING to 'usher' in the return of Christ. If we could, then we would be God. 

So, this view is antiChrist. Rafael Cruz (father of presidential candidate Ted Cruz) and many other spirit filled, evangelical church pastors believe this, preach this and teach this. They are responsible also for bringing Christianity into the Republican party.


Read Matthew 24 if you want to understand things about the end times. It will give you insight. 

I have said for a long time, based on the things God has shown me, that I do believe that at some point, true Christians will no longer be a part of the 'organized' church. Perhaps it will be for a time. Or perhaps it will precede the coming of Christ.

After reading the intentions and goals of the New Apostolic Reformation, I am beginning to see that the danger and the deception of antiChrist is going to truly be in the places we least expect to see it. In the kind of church I go to.  Yes, evangelical, charismatic churches is where this NAS' agenda exists. Things are making so much more sense and many pieces are coming together quickly for me now. 

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