Sunday, October 18, 2015


I have only had 2 dreams about Barack Obama. I have had two visions that were associated with his presidency. I have had two visions of Obama.

I am unable to locate the two dreams at this time so I will not post them.

In 2008, it was revealed to me by the Lord that Barack Obama would be our next president.  Shortly after the election, I had the second vision.

Vision: I saw a coin that looked as though it were wrapped in some type of paper. I saw the coin ascend toward the sky but I did not see how high it went. I saw the coin descend but it did not hit the ground.
Interpretation:  The coin looking as though it is wrapped in paper symbolizes the facade we live in regarding the actual money the nation has. This vision is about the economy while Obama will be president. The coin ascending but it not going far up means our economy will improve but not a great deal. The coin descending but not hitting the ground means our economy will suffer but it will not utterly collapse.

The second vision I had was in 2009. It was about the healthcare bill. It had not yet passed.

Vision:I saw a friend of mine, a community organizer who works to help people get affordable healthcare in our state, fall to the ground. Flames surrounded her. The flames began to burn her. I also heard these words: THE RIGHT WILL STRIKE HARD.'
Interpretation:  This vision  shows that whether the healthcare bill passed or not there would be a great conflict regarding the Affordable Healthcare Act/Obamacare which would result in it being ineffective and further dividing our nation. The words I heard mean that the right wing politicians will strike hard against this bill for they disagree with it. The problems America has with the sick and having access to affordable and good health care will continue to be a serious problem. end

I have never been told that President Barack Obama is evil, a Muslim nor that he is the or an antiChrist. I was shown that Obama had a caring heart for people.

The actual visions I've had with Obama in them occurred in 2009-2013.

Recurring Vision:  I see Obama and he is sad, troubled and unhappy. At one time, I question the Lord. 'I don't see that this man is experiencing this.' He said, 'It is early yet.'

Vision 2013:  I saw a time when America is not suffering so greatly as I believed it would be. I asked the Lord, 'But you have shown me the president with great sorrow. How is it that the times I see in this vision are not darker?'  The Lord said to me, 'It is early yet.'

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