Sunday, October 25, 2015

God's Instruction as The Darkness Comes

Here is what God has shown me to do and to share with others to do as the darkness continues to come over the world. Many think the 'take over' has happened already, but not quite. The dark leader has not come yet. A one world order has not happened yet. The great persecution of Christians and those who defend the poor has not come yet. Our technology, resources and money are not yet fully in the hands of the evil; serving a god but not THE God, Jehovah Yaweh (whom we know by our faith in Christ Jesus, His Son). 

God has shown me the focus is not to be on the things of the world. For the things of the world will not save you in any way. Just as God fed the Hebrews in the desert with manna and gave them water from the rock and just as God fed hopeless Elijah by ravens, He will provide for His children, who hear His voice. Yes, food, clothing and shelter are important but in the future a time will come when we will have to choose between God and these things. Seek first the Kingdom of God. . . 

So, God has shown me that we must prepare SPIRITUALLY for He will provide what we will need PHYSICALLY.

(develop relationship with him so we are near Him- we must know the Shepherd's voice) 

2. STAY IN THE WORD (I've been told that the word of God will 'literally' save our lives at some point)

3. TRUST GOD (God's angels are more numerous than the human population and they are an army that is on our side. The Holy Spirit is also with us, thanks to the work of Christ Jesus and He will not abandon His people. Miracles, supply and safety are promises of God) 

4. TAKE COMMUNION (this is the one physical command that Christ gave us to do-involving the tangible, physical elements. It's not hokey. This is something Christ did and He commanded us to do this in rememberance of Him. This is also something Christ told me would 'literally' save our lives at some point) 


If we do these things, we will have  endured and fought the good fight. Will all the things I've seen in visions and dreams happen in my life time? I don't know. I only know that they will happen. So, let's be ready. And if a day comes generations from now, where life and death choices are facing them, regarding their faith in Christ vrs. faith in their god, I PRAY THESE WORDS WILL FIND THEM

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