Saturday, August 1, 2015

Strong Word from God 7/24/15

 Apocalypse means unveiling.

And unveiling is happening now. An apocalypse is happening now. People are having epiphanies. Those who seek me with fasting and daily prayer have experienced the veil of the liar being removed. They are seeing the depth of evil and the LACK of sacrifice that plagues the churches. They are now able to see the needed selflessness and commitment that hardly exists in My people. These who have sought me can see and they weep and repent.

The lost (whom I love) are living in great darkness. My people who wear the veil  walk about in great light.  They can see very little through this veil. They are full of selfish desires and are drawn to the great FATNESS that exists in the sinful world. They don't want to see the truth.

Come out from among them and be UNVEILED! Those who have the Light, shut it out as though it is a nuisance to them. They take the Light for granted. They say in their heart, 'oh, it will always be here,' and 'if I want to see by it or use it, it is there,' and 'Well, I'm glad it is here in case I ever need it.'

They take My Son for granted. They sin willingly and ask forgiveness BUT THEY DO NOT REPENT.

They fellowship with those who live and walk in darkness rather than shine the Light to unveil those living in darkness so that they may see the truth of the condition of their soul and their need for Me

My people have become ungrateful, apathetic, complacent and lazy. They lay in their comfort and enjoy worldly items in excess. I ask:


Where are those who will carry the light into darkness, themselves unveiled by My power; ready and willing to lose their reputation and title? Ready and willing to be spit upon, rejected, called vile names? Ready and willing to be made fun of? Ready and willing to be beaten and killed as they boldly share the gospel?


Fear and pride and the love of comfort and self abound in My people. And if they will not commit, sacrifice and expose evil, then the lost (whom I love and mourn over) will remain lost.

Many of My people will be cast away from Me for they are a branch that will not reproduce or aid in nourishing other branches. I will cast them into the fire just as My Son said (John 15). Many of My people I will spew out of My mouth because they are lukewarm. And they will no longer be called My people for they are NOT My people. My people seek me first, obey my commandments for they love Me. They are willing to allow me to remove the veil from their eyes to see the truth!!

My sorrow is great and it becomes a powerful raging sea.

Hear Me. Repent of sin and fruitless endeavors. Seek me. So that you may see the truth of the depth of evil around you; in the congregations; within you. COMMIT to me. Become SELFLESS. SACRIFICE everything for the Kingdom of God. Carry the Light into darkness so the lost (whom I love) may see their need for Me and will repent and become saved. end

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