Saturday, August 1, 2015

NYC/East Coast Disaster to Come

Though, I have learned that God's timing is very hard to know, I feel an urgency to post what the Lord has been showing me this week regarding the East Coast and NYC. Though this feels as though it will happen tomorrow, it may not happen for some time. I hope we have a lot of time before this happens so that we can evangelize and turn many to Jesus before this comes. We also will have more time to pray.

The Lord has been showing me a deep sorrow and His face is turned to the East. His eyes are looking at the East Coast. He is saying what He said before 9/11 happened 'THE WORLD IS FULL OF SIN AND MY PEOPLE ARE FULL OF ERROR.'

For days, this is what I hear and feel from the Lord. I have seen the Brooklyn bridge several times and a messenger spoke of the twin towers so I'm certain NYC will be affected by a natural disaster involving water, though God has not told me anything specific of what kind of disaster it is.

I have seen a massive wave of water. I have seen many dead bodies floating in water. I have seen also dead bodies piled. I have heard the Lord say, 'I WILL WASH AWAY MUCH SORROW.'

My mind says that this would be a tsunami. But I have not gotten confirmation from the Lord regarding this.

PRAY. PRAY. PRAY. An angel of the Lord told me, 'PRAY!'

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