Monday, August 17, 2015

Christian Persecution

I don't think I can write things here as I'd like to. I'm not feeling well. It isn't just Fibromyalgia and arthritis. Emotionally, I am suffering. It is not depression. It is weight and pain of things God is showing me. He has been taking me into the future and He has me pray. For several nights I am taken to places where an evil ruler of the Western Hemisphere persecutes the Church (Christians). He has also taken me to see the Queen who 'kills Christians in God's name'. It has been very difficult for me.

But I pray and I speak scriptures. I know I'm not time traveling. But God is able to bring us to a time and allow us to see what He wants us to see for the purpose of prayers and warfare. It has been more intense than usual. At times like this I wonder what prophets meant when they say 'I was carried away in the Spirit' and 'I was astonished'. Words of Ezekiel come to me. And I think of Daniel who spoke of feeling faint when he saw certain things.

The purpose of feeling what I feel and seeing what I see is primarily for the purpose of prayer. Prayer 'there' and then to share and ask for others to pray. I pray and speak 'THE GATES OF HELL SHALL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST THE CHURCH'. These powerful words of Christ will be of immense value as dark times come for it is a promise the Bride is going to have to hold onto, speak out and trust in.

One night God did show me (through my body and mind) the Church being 'killed' but He also brought HER BACK TO LIFE. I rejoiced in this painful then beautiful experience. I prayed and I praised!

The Lord told me last night, 'Things will happen faster than people even imagine. They will be taken by surprise.'

I don't know any sequence of events that are to come. God simply gives me visions, dreams and intercessory experiences for the purpose of prayer and warning.

Christian persecution is something that will happen world wide. We MUST pray. We MUST seek God. We MUST NOT TAKE OUR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM FOR GRANTED. Why aren't God's people reading the Bible more in America?! Why aren't they praying? Do they not know these blessings will be removed? And they will be removed sooner than imagined.

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