Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Visions: A Shift in the U.S./ Pharaoh Living Again

July 12, 2015

As I prayed for the lost, the Lord showed me the following:

'A shift is happening now. A great shift is happening. With this shift will come more visible signs in Heaven and Earth. A stronger demonic power is being unleashed and given more power than it had before,' says God.

I then see a dark sky and the moon. I cannot tell if it is a full moon or a new moon or anything in between. I see the dark sky. I do see some stars.

I see a map of the United States. It is a view of my country at night. I see about 1/3 of the lights go out so that portion of the U.S. is in complete darkness. It looks as though a massive black out has occurred. I see more darkness out west more than any other region. I see darkness in areas of central U.S. and some areas are in the south eastern states.

I see the Egyptian that arose from death again. I saw this in a vision about 10 years ago. It is an ancient Egyptian king that is resurrected.

I realize for the first time that this is the same Egyptian I see in the vision of a creature with an arm in every nation. I see the letters that curl on its chest. I cannot read nor do I have any understanding about this writing/symbolism on its chest. Three curls do make me think of 666 but I can't say that is true by God; only in my thoughts.

I see the creature with the straight black hair cut straight above the shoulders and combed out of its face. It bears evil eyes but its teeth are like metal and it bites with great strength and force. I remember when I saw this before, I heard a voice tell me 'It will crush the bones of Christians into powder!'

I feel weak and a great heaviness comes upon me.

I hear the Lord say, 'I hardened the heart of Pharaoh and delivered my people. I hardened his heart, yes. Yes, the Pharaohs are dead from ancient Egypt. But I bring back one whose heart I have also hardened. This is what was dead but is alive again that you see. It is a great leader with a hardened heart. I bring this back.'

I see the creature that looks robotic. The Lord has given me a comparison of the creature with hands/feet in every nation with Jesus' teaching of the vine and the branches. This creature is clearly an antichrist. This robotic and metal picture God shows me of this power is technological. This living demon operates (that I saw rise up out of a pit) through technology and it gains power in every nation because of this technology.

The Lord speaks, 'This shift is a shift into deeper darkness (evil). Now things will happen that just seem impossible and unexplained. Even human behavior will seem unusual and illogical. And you will see that division of sheep from goat becoming more prevalent. It will be more obvious now. More seen than felt (for it was mostly felt before). Seek and trust in Me. Stay in My Word and in My Presence so you will not be deceived. What will happen in America will be beyond what anyone could conceive or imagine. But I AM in charge. I AM powerful. My angels are in the Earth. Do not despair or let fear take your heart. I AM YOUR GOD. And I will not forsake you.'

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