Saturday, July 11, 2015

Visions 7/10 and 7/11


While praying for the lost, I began to see a state (of the U.S.A) covered in water. It wasn't real deep but it covered the entire state and possibly parts of surrounding states.

In a past dream, I saw the state of Michigan flooded. In that dream, me and a few other Christians traveled to Michigan for we knew something important was in a  barn/storage area in that state. The water had receded and was not quite knee high. The sky was very blue and to all of us it was very celebrated. The sky had not been clear or blue for a very long time. (I will find the dream and list the date I had it)

After I had this vision, I went into the hall where I have a map of the U.S.A hanging. I am certain the state in my vision is Michigan. The other states affected were Ohio, Illinois, northern Indiana and Western Wisconsin.

I had not considered this when I had the dream but later, I realized that flooding could easily happen in this area due to the Great Lakes in the region.

I don't know what causes the flooding. end

7/11/15 (Vision of the dark leader)

While praying for the lost, I saw the 'dark' leader smiling. He is always smiling. I see his coarse black hair with some grey in it. I see him as a snake; as a serpent.

At one point I see him wearing the blue color (like in my vision of the winged creature). He could be wearing a U.N. hardhat/helmet.

Then I see him sitting on a throne. The throne feels vile and evil.

I see that he has masses of Christians killed. end

7/11/15 (Vision of young people)

I see a great number of young people praising God. They are true Christians. They are the army of the Lord led by Joshua. They will shout and the walls of their enemies will fall. This is an army of obedience to God. end

7/11/15 (Passion for outreach)

The Lord suddenly gave me a deeper passion  for outreach ministry. I was filled with joy and energy. It reminded me of how I felt when I first gave my life to Christ. I'm very excited. I will be praying what type or kind of outreach ministry God wants me to do.

I see the faces of two female friends. I pray concerning all I have seen. end

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