Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Demon with an Arm in Every Nation

I will warn you. This is one of the most difficult, frightening and dark things God has shown me. I actually try not to think about it. The important thing when we hear such words is to ALWAYS remember that GOD IS GREATER and if we seek the Kingdom of God first, ALL OUR NEEDS WILL BE PROVIDED and God is our refuge and strength. This I MUST emphasize. GOD IS MOST POWERFUL. Nothing that happens in the Earth surprises Him. And HE IS FAITHFUL TO HIS PEOPLE (read John 14 and 15). In John 15, you will read Jesus talking about how He is THE Vine. God has shown me that this demon is a false vine and anti-Christ.

OCTOBER 19, 2004

The Demon with Arms Reaching Into Every Nation

I see politicians who are conversing and have wicked smiles. Then I sense a presence that chills me. I turn around (in the spirit) and see a creature. It almost looks metal and robotic at first. Its eyes roll around looking every way. I notice it is very slender. Its arms are outstretched very far. I see its legs are like a grasshopper. It has long straight hair that is all the same length and rests just below its shoulders. There is some kind of design on its torso but it is not intricate. Its arms stretch out like tree branches and there are branches on them that extend out. I see a branch in nearly every nation on the earth. It has some kind of power or connection to all nations. It has a long thick tail much like a dragon or some reptiles. My attention is drawn away to its teeth. They are vicious and sharp and numerous. I hear a voice behind me say, 'They can crush iron to powder.' I see the powerful jaws begin to move almost mechanically and viciously and dreadfully. I hear the voice again, 'It will crush the Christians bones to powder.' I see another vision of the creature coming out of a pit. It looks much more fleshy here. I discern that it is a demon coming out of the pit. I am chilled and grieved as I watch this thing. Something about it seems of Ancient Egypt.

I look around to the angel who has been speaking to me.'Who is this?' I ask.

'It will have rule over the men of the world. It will harm mankind,' the angel says.

'Who does it work through?' I ask.

'A certain American politician's demons prepare its way,' the angel says, 'This is his task. He is very controlled.' 

'Will the church still be here?' I ask.

'There will be believers on the earth.Many will suffer death at the creature's hands.' it says.

'And no other leader?' I ask almost perplexed. I see Putin's face suddenly.

I say to the angel, 'But I see Putin!' Then I saw Putin's eyes grow very dark and sinister and he snaps with a vicious mouth one time like a wolf. I sense great rage.

'What has this to do with the creature?' I ask.

'His rage makes the walls of America fall. She will no longer stand. Although Russia will have a rule it will not be a rule that is of the creature.' the angel says.

I cry, 'God help us!' 

I turn my head to see heaven. I see a band of saints walking and Jesus emerges out from among them. He is shimmering and sparkling. It is hard to describe. He smiles at me full of love. I feel his love and goodness. 'Oh, Lord. I love you so much!' His love is rich and permeates me through and through.

'Kim, you will endure. You will be fine. Just remember my words.' He says.

Notes:  I do not remember the symbol on the creature's chest so I cannot draw it or explain it nor do I know its meaning. If God wants me to know it, then He will show me.

This creature, in it's mechanical form is about technology. Technology is the thing that is different at this time in history. Christ is coming. The end is near.

This technology has been around longer than we realize and is being used. GPS, OnStarr, cell phones, the internet and the use of computers and satellites to locate people and even know what we buy and sell (Craig's list, EBay AND local grocery and department stores). So far, it has not really been used 'against' us but a time will come when a very evil leader will seize the opportunity to use it in order to have rule over nations. We will not be able to hide from this evil in our own strength. Only God can and HE WILL protect His children. HAVE FAITH.

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