Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Bride: Shaking Off Ornaments of The World

April 15, 2010

The Bride in Sack Cloth
The Lord says:

"I'm shaking off the ornaments, the jewelry, the scarves and the decorative clothing.  All the pretty things that are for pleasure but do not warm or serve a purpose I am removing.  I'm stripping down my bride.  I'm taking away all the that has to do with the world.  She will feel bare, ugly and pale.  She will feel plain and unattractive.  But I am taking away all the things she dresses herself with.  She will be left wearing a sack cloth but it will be white.  And it will please me.  So, Kim, your words will not be like precious gems, colorful scarves or lovely shades.  You words will not always be decorative or pretty.
When I speak through you, she will feel ugly, unattractive and pale because my words will not decorate or add color.  Nor will it tolerate such things.  She will feel robbed and accuse me of being the thief taking treasures from her.  She will falsely accuse you of many things.  But I am not the thief.  I take away what was never hers to wear!  I did not give her those ornaments!  She put them on and took pride in her beauty proclaiming, 'The Lord gave them to me.'

I did not.  She took them from the world.  And I am removing them with hard words.  But I will praise her when she is pale, wearing the sack cloth and has stopped being proud.  Her beauty will be the most beautiful gem in the world for she will be made Holy."

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