Friday, July 3, 2015

Taking Religious Freedom for Granted

Only true freedom comes from God. In this world, freedom comes in moments, decades and perhaps centuries at a time. But it comes to an end. DO NOT CONFUSE GOD'S FREEDOM WITH THE WORLD'S FREEDOM.

I am an American and I have been extremely blessed to be born here. I am thankful for this. God has been so good to me and my family. But there is a truth about 'freedom' that is found in the world that must be looked at. Freedom in this world is always temporary. Most often, because of the sinful nature in man. Due to the fall of the first Adam, it becomes a prison.  If anyone can see that this is truth, it would be an American. We have religious freedom, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, etc. We can say what we want about ANYONE. There is no governmental consequence. We can worship Jehovah, Jesus, Allah, Satan, even Micky Mouse if we want and there is no governmental consequence. But more and more, our own freedoms are becoming prisons in America.

I see those with religious freedom taking it for granted. Those with religious freedom are 'claiming' their religious freedom is being taken away from them. I beg to differ. Can you not still assemble together to worship? Do you still have a Bible? Do preachers still preach the gospel several days of the week without the cops coming to arrest them?

People with religious freedom here in the U.S. also 'claim' they experience persecution. The mere fact that they can SAY PUBLICLY that they are being persecuted shows they are not being persecuted. Now, I know we do suffer mild forms of persecution. I know I've been called the antichrist, Satan's helper, false prophetess and was even told I get an F in Christianity. So, yeah, that happens. That type of persecution is just a scrape. You haven't been beaten because you are a Christian. You haven't had all your money and home taken from you because you are a Christian. No one has demanded to that all Bibles be burned. You haven't been put into a prison, starved or had your children taken from you and killed. You are living. You can get on your own rooftop and proclaim that Jesus is alive. Someone might think you are crazy. But this is not illegal and you are not suffering. If you think you are suffering, I'd like to see how you will do when true persecution comes.

I say all of this to show that our freedom becomes our own prison. WE TAKE OUR FREEDOMS FOR GRANTED. Many American Christians whine like babies. People shout, 'I'VE BEEN PERSECUTED. MY FREEDOMS HAVE BEEN TAKEN FROM ME.' And many of these very people haven't read a bible verse, helped the poor, attended church or even prayed the day they stated it. And at a time of such urgency, who actually fasts? We are like spoiled brats. We live in a nation with all these rights and freedoms and we don't utilize them, appreciate them and operate in them to the best of our ability. God has done this wonderful thing and given us such a nation with freedoms and what have we done with them? We have neglected and abused our rights and freedoms. Apathy and ingratitude is turning our freedom into prison.

As for freedom of press, I could say the same thing as I say regarding religious freedom. To me, it doesn't seem nearly as free as it once was (television news). However, you can put news on YouTube. You can say ANYTHING has happened and post it in social media and people can read it whether it is true or not. But I want to get to the more serious point about our media.

The media has become a competitive enterprise wrapped up in a prison of ratings and money. In our country telling the truth on the news isn't as important as ratings (money). The most conflicting and outrageous will be shared. News stations do not share what is of highest priority morally. And you have the left wing news and you have the right wing news. And they are pitting American against American; Christian against Christian. They are creating division. This division is a serious thing. Christ said, 'A kingdom divided cannot stand.' Whether you are a Christian or not, you probably agree with this. Where does that leave America? Our freedom is becoming our prison, our neighbor is becoming our enemy and we are facing civil war.

Because we live in a fallen world,we cannot have true freedom apart from Christ. True freedom comes only from one Kingdom. The Kingdom of God. Jesus sets us free from all the things that would destroy us.  And it is true freedom. It is an eternal freedom. It may sound like a fairy tale, but it isn't. God was here before fairy tales started being written. So fairy tales come from that need within people to find God, who has all freedom and safety. Do not believe the lie that God was created by man to fill some void or to try to explain creation. God was, is and will be before all fantasies and all other religions. The egg did not make the chicken. The chicken produced the egg.

The freedoms we have in this nation will most likely be taken from us or simply fail us. But not by some outside enemy. We will imprison ourselves by them and then all things will change. We will lose what we have not been a good steward of. By Christian and non Christian Americans.

If people will put down their protest signs about abortion and gay marriage and pick up their Bible and share Christ with others, we will really be doing the work God has called us to do. If we would turn off the news, stop ranting about politicians and start holding bible studies, going to church and taking Communion together, perhaps we could build unity as Christians and slow down this horrible division that has taken hold of America. Most of all, if Christians would just FAST AND PRAY AND SEEK THE LORD with ALL OUR MIGHT, we will have brought a great number to salvation and safety before the nation has finally fallen.

If we would just stop complaining about how we have lost freedom in America and start proclaiming the freedom that is eternal and found in Christ Jesus, America would have more hope. As Christians, we must ask ourselves, 'What are we willing to do?' and 'How committed am I to God?'

We need to figure this out NOW and if we are willing to do anything and everything God wants us to do, then revival will come and our consciences will be clearer. Yes, perhaps if we decide to follow God completely, we will have fewer regrets as a nation that had freedom religion and other freedoms.

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